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Title  Midnight
Author  Rick Burton
Submitted / Updated  11-29-2003 / 01-21-2004
Category  Module Specific
Expansions  SOU-1.61
4th of 4 required HAKs for Midnight. version 1.3


Submitted: 11-29-2003 / Last Updated: 01-15-2004
3 votes
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Comments (28):

Posted by carole ( ) at 2006-04-18 11:01:50    
Great. Thanks!

Posted by Steve_Savicki at 2005-03-15 13:28:23    Voted 10.00 on 03/15/05
If it's part of a module I've played, you better believe it deserves a vote. As a Macintosh user who knows nothing about the toolset, scripting, or programming, the score is 10 on default. :)
Steve's Characters - please don't forget to vote on them if you play them.


Posted by Helios Necross ( ) at 2005-01-10 19:48:00    
Are you still working on Dawn or what?

Posted by Helios Necross ( ) at 2005-01-10 19:48:00    
Are you still working on Dawn or what?

Posted by SamStickman at 2004-10-07 15:31:00    
go check the module page again. You'll find that all four required hakpacks are listed in the appropriate spot.Burn all, burn everything. Fire is bright, and fire is clean.

Posted by Blind Pierre ( ) at 2004-09-27 20:59:00    
Only 2 HAK packs are listed for this mod. Where do I get the other 2?

Posted by TrevorHelp ( ) at 2004-08-28 03:16:00    
I downloaded the Midnight hak and it will not let me open it. It says it is invalid or corrupted. I tried to download it a couple of times.

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2004-05-20 08:28:00    
Saved in the first hut you get into, where you get your gear. After reload, cutscene after talking to tassy "freezes". Esc brings me back to before cutscene. Seems no way around it, that savegame is hosed.

Posted by londerwost at 2004-05-07 18:46:00    Voted 7.00 on 05/07/04
Hey Rick!
What a great triligy you are working on. I want to start with positive stuff first.
Your cutscreens are amazing. I can't believe how much you can do with this game when you have this level of programing skills. Also, the plot really drives the story and I can see that you not only spent time on this but have a nak for it as well.

Now for the bad news. I could not finish Midnight because I became too frustrated with glitchs. For example:

-------------SPOILERS!!----------------- the Sands quest, Pirotase was in the starewell, fighting. I didn't notice this when I went to the Tomb. I clicked on it and a conversation started. Unfortunately there was no option to select and it was obvious it was waiting for Pirotase. She was stuck on the stairs. I couldn't get her to get unstuck and I couldn't break conversation. When I broke it, it knocked down a whole butch of quest scripts. I couldn't click on any of the items that would normally start a conversation script. Reloading only added to the frustration because playing through the second time, I neglected to get one of the pillars, yup, the one that got blown up. Man that was frustrating.

--------------END SPOILER-------------------------

Please don't let it dampen your spirit, for I'm just being honest about my experience which I think is what you want to hear. I truly cannot wait to play the third installment.

Keep up the great work!

Posted by londerwost at 2004-05-07 18:34:56    Voted 7.00 on 05/07/04
The cut screens for this game are the best I've ever seen. The writing and story are obviously from a professional, and I truly enjoyed this aspect of the game.
Unfortunately, there are some extremely frustating glitchs in the game that I'm not sure can be fixed. It is possible this game has too much scripting which is why I encountered problems so much. When you play a game for more than a few hours and save a lot, to find out that a glitch has prevented you from completing a quest, and no way to correct it, it puts a damper on playing it, again. Especially having to replay it a couple times.
If it weren't for this I'd give it a 10 and nominate it for the Hall of Fame.

Posted by TuhansWeb at 2004-04-18 02:41:21    Voted 10.00 on 04/18/04
Excellent , good story and many great moments , loved it .

Posted by Cyador at 2004-04-15 12:45:00    
GetRight is the software you want, if like me you have a 56k modem and you want to dl a large file.

Posted by Rick_Burton at 2004-03-19 10:14:00    
The hak should be good for 1.61 and all versions there after. The mod definitely works for 1.61 and so far, I have not heard any problems that are specific to the 1.62 patch. Now when 1.63 comes around...

Posted by juventas at 2004-03-18 18:36:00    
Hahaha, you shouldn't even think about scripting around it since this is a paladin mod after all. You said so yourself :) You know I'm just playing around with it anyway. By the way, Midnight is better than Twilight already. I feel sorry that Jessex couldn't make it this far. I will space out my playing so that just as I finish Midnight, Dawn will be ready (hehehe)

question: Will this hak work for 1.62? Or rather, should I ask, will the module work for 1.62?

Posted by Rick_Burton at 2004-03-17 18:48:00    
Yep. There is no way of scripting a way to tell if a memorized spell(such as Bull's Strength) is a Paladin spell or a Wizard spell. Did the best I could do under the circumstances.

I think I have heard of applications that can assist 56kers download large files easier. I'm not very familiar with the software, but I think I remember reading that it can automatically attempt to retry disconnected downloads and resume them from the break point (instead of starting over). I wish I knew more about the software, but I think that you might be able to Google search to find it or maybe locate info on it from the Bioware NWN message board with a forum search. I hope this helps.

Posted by goblin_of_the_great_white_north at 2004-03-17 14:15:00    
Just here to vent briefly,

Rick, I'm still really looking forward to playing this mod....

I've been trying to download the haks (I'm on dial-up) and I've had one download successfully. the others ivariably have stopped, quit, server reset or whatever so many times that I am going to bash myself in the head soon.
There is nothing like sitting at you computer watching it take a hour to download something, get about 50% through and the just stop. and I mean stop for no reason, my connection still works, the download box is still active the process has just plain stopped.
Ain't it fun. Is there any way to get these haks another way?

Posted by juventas at 2004-03-17 08:24:00    
***Spoilerish but not really if you've played Twilight***

You know how I was testing Twilight for bugs for mages? I found a bug for spellcasters in this mod. It seems that since you are a fallen paladin, you lose 0th and 2nd level spells. I guess this corresponds with losing all the equivalent-level paladin abilities.


Posted by goblin_of_the_great_white_north at 2004-03-12 14:23:00    
Thanks Rick,

Very prompt of you.

Posted by Rick_Burton at 2004-03-12 14:19:00    
If you go back to the Midnight(mod) download page, there are links to all 4 haks.

Posted by goblin_of_the_great_white_north at 2004-03-12 14:16:00    
Let's see if i get it right this time.....

I just downloaded Midnight and it says i'm missing a hak.
I hope this is it. By the way Twilight was fantastic! I was almost late for work last night finishing it.

Looking forward to Midnight

Posted by Decker12 ( ) at 2004-02-13 13:10:00    
I agree with all the other posters. I actually stopped playing SoU and started this mod, and am nearly finished with it and haven't touched SoU since. The puzzles are challenging, the sidekick I genuinely feel for, and the pleasant interruptions from the Dungeon Master-esque "Knightmayor" and "Thinking to yourself" add that extra level of detail.

I think the storyline and quests and pacing is superior to Bioware's official expansions. Levels and cash and new items come at exactly the right times.

Plus, it's hard - but not impossibly challenging. It's good to reload save games and try different strategies.. reminds me of the best encounters in Planescape and BG2.

I am actually about to enter the end of the module, but I'm out of cash and out of healing potions. Looks like I have some difficult buying and selling choices ahead of me!

My only minor gripe: Would be nice to see a Bioware-ish [Success] or [Failure] when doing the multiple Persuade or Taunt checks. I was never sure if I was putting enough points into those skills because I was unable to gauge how successfully I was using them.

Posted by Gamer1043935 ( ) at 2004-01-29 13:17:00    
Hey, Rick. This is absolutely the best mod ever. It truly is a masterpiece comparable to that of what Bioware would release itself, if not better.

Anyway, I've completed all the quests that I know of. I've been through all the demensions in Midnight and solved most of the sidequests (some I couldn't due to not being able to get back to the underdark/dimensions). And I've just completed Slayn's Tests where I find out his location. Seems I gotta take a boat to get to his port, so I check out the harbormaster, but he just tells me to make way for the dock workers.

I'm at a point where no more quests are available, so I assume I'm very close to the end of Midnight so...Where is that stinkin' GM to tell me I'm through? Where would he show up in the game? It leaves me sorta stuck and any light shed on it would help me greatly...

Posted by Rick_Burton at 2004-01-15 07:05:00    
Version 1.3 uploaded. Fixes 2da issue with Divine Might.

Posted by Rick_Burton at 2004-01-01 15:26:00    
Verson 1.2 uploaded. It fixes a small mistake in 1.1.

Posted by Rick_Burton at 2003-12-30 18:53:00    
Uploaded version 1.1. All changes dealt with HoTU compatability.

Posted by spacerat ( ) at 2003-12-07 00:00:00    
when i try to dl it it acts like the file is incomplete on the it just me or anyone else had the problem?

Posted by BlackHeart ( ) at 2003-11-30 19:41:00    
Cool Thanks I had missed it! It is now in "My Topics" :-)

Posted by BlackHeart ( ) at 2003-11-30 17:36:00    
Hmmm..... If this is the 4th, where are the other 3. And oh yeah what about the mod itself? :-)

At least this means you are working on it. :-)

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