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Title  Level 40 cap
Author  Rikan
Submitted / Updated  08-18-2002 / 08-18-2002
Category  Code Modifications
Expansions  NWN - 1.29 or lower
A set of .2da files providing an experience progression table up to level 40 as well as spell progression tables.


Submitted: 08-18-2002 / Last Updated: 08-18-2002
Submitted: 08-18-2002 / Last Updated: 08-18-2002
1 votes
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Comments (95):

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Posted by Z ( ) at 2002-08-28 10:49:00    
The most beholders I remember facing in BG2 was 3 at
once.... One Elder and two smaller ones.

Posted by Julian ( ) at 2002-08-28 04:40:00    
Ben: that is one of the main reasons I never got the
Forgotten Realms books, I thought they were rediculous as
far as the number of high levels.

Andrei: 6 hours fighting one overpowered creature sounds
pretty boring to me, but to each their own. And by the
way, there is no need to be derogatory, we can disagree
without being rude and childish.

Thank you all for the input, I can't say I understand the
appeal any better but that doesn't make it any less valid
for those to whom it does appeal.

Posted by Ben ( ) at 2002-08-27 15:18:00    
Anyone who has even bothered to glance through any of the
books for D&D knows that the rules allow for characters of
ass high a level as they want. Go to a bookstore and go to
the role playing section and look at the Forgotten Realms
campaign setting book and count the number of charater
that are above level 20.

Posted by Andrei ( ) at 2002-08-27 13:24:00    
+blocked+ you people are crazy with your stupid D&D rules, like
same people complaining against my dragon neing too
powerful, but you muppets, download one of them hard
modules, yes teh one like Spwan of Hell gates, or something
like that, eth one the Master is a dragon, teh one I played
for 6 hours with 20 players and we couldn't beat, the
monster the guy put some crazy scripts on him, you get him
to half damage, if you are lucky after 6 hours and then
once he gets there he summons some monsters you have no

Then you'll see what you need level 40 for... OK????

I think you people have no life, to stick by the rules.
Oh you can't do that it's not in teh rules, hey years ago
if you told someone men would fly they would burn you to a
stick... and look now!

So stop it you backwards monkeys!

Posted by Aliester ( ) at 2002-08-27 07:58:00    
The reason there is a cap is so you will buy the expansion
lifts the level cap and add on the prestige classes.

Posted by Alexiss21 ( ) at 2002-08-25 13:31:00    
To Julian, in response to: "I guess overall I just don't
understand the point of playing high level games. I have a
character that is 16th level, highest level I have ever
gotten in a D&D game and already I seem to powerful. I can
face 2 fire giants at once and come away with 90% of my hit
points left."

2 Fire Giants at one time is not at all a challenge at
level 16. Judging by how a DM can summon 3 Fire Giants and
3 Fire Elementals for a level 15 Ranger with worse
equipment than you and the ranger can easily defeat the

You also stated "NWN lacks the high level monsters to be a
challenge for someone over level 20 that I imagine are
included in the high level book(s)."

Wrong once again. Monsters go up to level 40 in NWN. The
game came with the Aurora Toolset for a reason, to advance
as far as you like, and in the fashion you like. So if
someone can remove the level 20 level limit than someone
else will make the modules needed to challenge players past
the level 20 limit.
If there are still challenges in the game past level 20 and
even to level 40 then I don't see how your character is
unstoppable in any sense.

Removing the level 20 limit will only lengthen the list of
possible advancements for your character. It's a great idea.

Posted by Julian ( ) at 2002-08-25 05:33:00    
I have never played the BG series but I have heard it
throws silly things like 10+ beholders at you at once. As
far as PnP I have been playing for 22 years, I started
with the basic set. Maybe I just played with people who
have a different appraoch but no one I know has ever had a
character above level 18, when characters reached those
levels they were retired. I can understand when you
mention BG though as I did play EQ and remember alot of
people complaqining about the level 50 cap. It is a video
gamer mentality, not an old school PnP mentality.

Posted by Donalvain ( ) at 2002-08-24 00:11:00    
the cap has to be removed. It is just stupit that you can
create weapons and armor that your PC can not even uses. If
any of you have beating NWN you know how bad it is when you
are handed a bad +blocked+ amulet and you can not even use it;
because you max out at 20, and the required level for the
amulet is 26.

Posted by Julian ( ) at 2002-08-22 20:40:00    
*Skin turns green amd warty and a strong desire to live in
a swamp and avoid acid develops*

This is meant in all seroiusness, what is the point to
this? At level 20 there are still things that are a
challenge and it seems to me that this would remove any
challenge from the game. Yes, I know there is a high level
rules book out for PnP D&D, and no, I have not looked at
it, but I highly doubt this matches the progression nor
the available feats. NWN lacks the high level monsters to
be a challenge for someone over level 20 that I imagine
are included in the high level book(s).

I guess overall I just don't understand the point of
playing high level games. I have a character that is 16th
level, highest level I have ever gotten in a D&D game and
already I seem to powerful. I have +1 fullplate, +2
bastard sword, +1 tower shield, +2 ring (whatever the one
is that gives universal save modifier), +2 ring of
protection, +2 nymph cloak, belt of guiding light, +2
amulet of natural armour, and +2 bracers of armour and the
character feels way too powerful. I can face 2 fire giants
at once and come away with 90% of my hit points left.

I can't even imagine what it would be like if those items
were +3 to +5 range items. In all seriousness, can anyone
explain the appeal to playing an unstoppable character to
which there are no challenges?

Posted by MeLuSh ( ) at 2002-08-21 11:26:00    
does someone know the offsets for NWN version 1.11 or where
can i find that info?


Posted by Mystoffelees ( ) at 2002-08-21 10:21:00    
Hi, Mike..I know you have directed folks to your
yahoogroup, and the 2Da files are there... another poster
has given the offsets for version 1.22...assuming those are
correct, are the data fields to be changed in the original
forum thread from NWN forums the same in those new offsets,
or have they changed as well?

..BTW, I have downloaded the enhancements, and they work

..I just need some help with the hexedit, as I am sure a
few other folks here do as well. I am not very experienced
with AXE as yet.

..any assistance with that specifically, would be
appreciated. ( if this thread is not a good place, pls use
my email if you would prefer. it is included above.)

Thanx again!

Posted by MeLuSh ( ) at 2002-08-21 09:07:00    
I' had downloaded the enhanced EnhancedNWN's, but i don't
know how to edit the nwnmain.exe

Posted by MeLuSh ( ) at 2002-08-21 07:31:00    
I'm a NWN player, but i have no idea how script files. Is
there anyway to play till level 40 or 60 without such
difficult thing? I mean, just downloading the proper files
and replacing in the original NWN folder. Which are the
modified files, where can i download them from and where
must I replace them?.

Thanks in advance.

Posted by Sillstryparn ( ) at 2002-08-21 00:14:00    
Ok thanks alot :)

Posted by Zena ( ) at 2002-08-20 06:47:00    
it dose not work at all

i put in ovrride still stuck in lvl 20 only!!!

nice but...... it should work (duh)

Posted by Neela ( ) at 2002-08-20 03:11:00    
Hmm btw I think the offsets for v1.22 are


But I havn't tested it yet.

Posted by Neela ( ) at 2002-08-20 03:06:00    
Hmm Your Yahoo link dosn't work for me, or am I supposed to
join the group for downloading the files ?

Posted by Mystic_Nexus ( ) at 2002-08-20 02:52:00    
Mprilla OK, OK, I will give it a shot... But I have a hex
editing phobia of .exe's I have tried in the past to hex
edit executables, and miserably failed numerous times ! But
if you insist, I might as well try again huh ?

By the way, thanks for the info...

Posted by Mystic_Nexus ( ) at 2002-08-20 01:40:00    
Well said Infonaut... And Rikan, all I have to say is your
Level 40 cap is a HUGE dissapointment ! Please consider
actually trying to hex edit the .exe next time ! I was so
excited thinking the cap had actually been broken to find
this worthless download sitting here... So like at least
try next time ok.

Please... For The Love Of God... Someone Break The Cap, and
let Epic levels become a reality !

...End Of Rant

Posted by Wolfmoon ( ) at 2002-08-19 16:43:00    
Try reading what Mike has posted ppl you MUST hex edit the
EXE to remove the cap this dl is fething useless unless
you edit the EXE

Posted by Dalmerion ( ) at 2002-08-19 16:06:00    
I support Infonaut on that.
I plan on doing lots of changes on the 3rd Edition ruleset
and all those players that will be in my modules should'nt
be compatible with other modules. It's like in board games,
you don't move around your players from a DM to an other DM
(unless in special circumstances). I've never seen a DM do
his thing the same way than the other. Personally i plan to
do things that only me as a DM will use. The way i see it
there are 2 main course of thoughts : The old pen and paper
and the "Diablo" (best approximation) players. Well the pen
and paper guys are used to custom set of rules that are
exitent only with that DM. And the Diablo players, I.E. the
online players want to be able to bring their players from
games to game. Diablo players will want play an few hours
on one module , but the pen and paper may want to play 1
module for 1 year and in other modules, develop new players
istead of reusing their player.
my 2 cents...

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2002-08-19 15:43:00    
+blocked+ man we need to send BW little springy snake packages
with notes inside saying "RAISE THE LEVEL CAP ABOVE 20

we should keep doing that until at least ONE office worker
has a mild heart attack.

Posted by I'm Mr. Dave ( ) at 2002-08-19 13:06:00    
Infonaut, you have missed our point. All of us know the
rules of the game are just a guideline. I dare anyone here
to say they have never changed a rule to suit a game.
My personal point is that the official campaign is maxed
difficulty for level 20, making this hak equal Doom's IDKFA
in the first room. The elc won't recognize this hak either.
So, what good is a lvl 40 ch if the only place you can
enjoy it is your own little mod, by yourself, forever.
I personally feel the 20th lvl cap is evil. Nowhere in
any set of rules except NWN does this exist and it
shouldn't exist in NWN. Especially considering the game
gives you items that are lvl req 24, 26, etc.

Posted by MageThief ( ) at 2002-08-19 10:22:00    
Well I just say, rock on,,, lets get the high level axes in
swinging :)

tnx 4 this mod

Posted by infonaut ( ) at 2002-08-19 10:08:00    
I love the way all the hardcore D&D freaks throw a wobbly
every time someone alters their precious rules. It's like
telling them you are doing your Masters Thesis on why God
doesn't exist, and you have conclusive proof to back it up.

Get a life guys, it's a game, not a lifestyle choice. If
you don't don't like this guy's modified rule set DON'T
FRIGGIN USE IT. See how simple that is?

As a point of interest, when Gary Gygax ( I think that's
the right spelling ) did the First Edition AD&D, right near
the front of the DMG he had a blurb about how the rules
contained within where NOT set in stone. He went on to say
that a good DM would use them as guidelines, discarding or
modifying them if need be in order to ensure the ENJOYMENT
of the game for Players and DM alike.

The point being that D&D, unlike chess, ISN'T about the
ruleset, it's about the roleplaying. And the roleplaying is
about opening up your imagination, and exploring outside
your day to day mind frame.

Anyway, if some guy wants to play as a level 40 demigod so
what? Busting his chops about it cause it's not what you
expected just makes you all look a little limited.

As a point of interest, I think it really doesn't matter
what level you are, because the great stuff in D&D or any
roleplaying game is the story. And that has the same base
structure whether you're level 1 or level 40, it's just the
monsters that change in order to offer a sideline challenge.

Posted by Draggor ( ) at 2002-08-19 07:53:00    
Theres also the fact that you're messing with the
fundamental D&D mechanics, ie epic levels work differently
than normal levels. No DM with any brains would let you
bring such a character into his mod, even if it did work.
I'm sure Bioware will add epic levels and prestige classes
and do them properly. As has been said, level 40 is
pointless in the game as it currently stands.

Posted by Jugalator ( ) at 2002-08-19 07:36:00    
It doesn't work, and yet this is rated 10!!?
For christ sake, whoever that voted...

Posted by Vivian ( ) at 2002-08-19 03:01:00    
Yes, there would be no fun or point to play such high level
character in NWN. In Throne of Bhaal, my lvl 40 fighter
could easily tear down Demogorgon, Ancient Red Dragons, and
even greater enemies without help of her group.

- What's the fun in such?

Of course, if you are going to make campaing of war against
god's or such.

But yeah, anyway, don't post anything here that doesn't
work, as people already have told you.

Posted by -=Trigger=- ( ) at 2002-08-19 02:58:00    
About Mr. Dave's comment:
Well yes, ur right about that but you could set the
difficulty.. on.. difficult.. or something.. Dont know what
the names where anymore :| But yes ur right about the
Multiplayer part. and ur right about the campaign so what
am I talking about =/
Oh well :D I got a question ;) Is it hard to build a mod..
where they change/add spells and armor and stuff like that?
And maybe its no trouble inserting it in their custom
module but.. would they work with the official campaign?
That was my question, have a nice day ;)

Posted by 22 SAS ( ) at 2002-08-19 02:51:00    
I don't see the point to this, as you can't go beyond lvl
20 in any one class in 3rd Edition anyway. All levels
beyond that are EPIC levels and are treated differently. If
you want to make a new level hak, make an epic lvl one!

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