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Title  Equine Pak Expansion for SoU: Pegasus
Author  Nitocris
Submitted / Updated  11-06-2003 / 11-06-2003
Category  Creatures
Expansions  SOU-1.32
This hak is an expansion for the Equine Pak v2.0 (Full) and will not function properly without it. To install, place this hak above the equinev2 hak in module properties. This creature will not work properly without SoU to my knowledge. The Pegasus is currently in Beta stage as I understand there are still problems with the equine animations. Please report any bugs via email. No erf has been included for the pegasus so it will be necessary to associate the 'Pegasus' appearance when creating creatures in the toolset.


Submitted: 11-06-2003 / Last Updated:
External Website Beyond Our Control
Submitted: 11-06-2003 / Last Updated: 11-06-2003
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Comments (9):

Posted by Moondrake ( ) at 2003-11-21 10:09:00    
I have a horse included in my hak pack that has a great death animation. I just figured all the equine haks were based on that same model with texture and scaling changes. Apparently this isn't true if the Equine Pak for this expansion doesn't have death animations for any of the models. Is too bad... it makes this model unuseable for me since I use a lootable corpse routine and I simply can't have Pegasi standing around grazing after they've been killed.

Posted by Moondrake ( ) at 2003-11-08 19:45:00    
Ok... this is very nice... except

There isn't any death animation so when the pegasus dies, it just stands there and grazes, which is a peculiar activity for a dead animal, even if it is magical.

Posted by Nitocris ( ) at 2003-11-07 17:09:00    
Nope, as long as there's a texture for the horse's body in this hak, the model is there. The wings use a default SoU texture. That's why this is SoU only.

Posted by Moondrake ( ) at 2003-11-07 13:43:00    
If the only reason the Equine Pack is needed is because of the appearances.2da file, then everything is simple, thanks. I was concerned that it would be necessary to hunt through the Equine Pack to find other elements of this model, such as the model and/or texture for the horse.

Posted by Nitocris ( ) at 2003-11-07 12:57:00    
@Moondrake: You're welcome to alter the 2da, then. Simply take the last line out of the appearance.2da in this hak and put it in whichever other 2da you'd prefer.

I merely wanted to make the 70 horse pack SoU compatible at the same time. It does however rely on the white horse texture, which may not be in this hak. I may decide to make a stand-alone version later, though with the amount of people who combo out haks no doubt you'll see the pegasus available with something smaller than 16MB of other horse models sooner or later.

Posted by Nitocris ( ) at 2003-11-07 12:53:00    
Yes, I was considering revamping the texture and making it look a little more.. distinctive when I update it next. The model isn't fantastic, but I figured it was better than nothing. The wings unfortunately are the same geometry shape, so the animations for those aren't really that in depth. Though the flex does make them move well enough on its own.

Posted by Moondrake ( ) at 2003-11-07 09:04:00    
This looks great and I'm very excited about it. I've been waiting for a long time for a Pegasus. However, this REALLY needs to be separated from the Equine Pack. Requiring people to include a hak of 70 horses in order to have access to this single creature just doesn't seem appropriate. I certainly won't use it like that.

Posted by Adrian ( ) at 2003-11-07 01:59:00    
Nice texture for the wings. Pitty about the original horse texture though. It is a bit bland isn't it. I presume that is the texture used in the original horse pack hak.

Posted by Hydromancerx ( ) at 2003-11-07 00:59:00    
Yay more horseys, but what about the pega-quagga? :P

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