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Title  Chaggrin
Author  Merle
Submitted / Updated  03-19-2003 / 03-21-2003
Category  Elemental (Earth)
Class3  Fighter /
Class2  Fighter /
Class1  Fighter / 01
Challenge Rating  04
Level1  01
Race  Other
NPC  Yes
Scripts Included?  Yes
Dialog Included?  No
Gender  Other
Abilities  Disrupts earth-based magic
Size  Small
Alignment  Neutral Evil
The chaggrin is an elemental grue from the plane of earth. It often takes the appearance of a large yellowish hedgehog with a skull-like head. It has damaging quills and claws, and no earth-based magic will work in its presence. I tried to get this creature to match fairly close to the entry in Monster Manual II, but it isn't perfect. The most obvious change is the lack of the chaggrin's cling attack. Also, the only spells in NWN that can be considered earth-based are Stoneskin and Greater Stoneskin. This will change with the release of the expansion packs as new spells are added. The ERF file contains the modified On Heartbeat script and the new creature items.


Submitted: 03-19-2003 / Last Updated: 03-19-2003
1 votes
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Comments (5):

Posted by Old_Scores_Transfered at 2004-02-20 10:33:02    Voted 5.00 on 02/20/04
This is a compilation of the old system into a single score. There were 1 that made this score of 5 then rounded to 5.

Posted by BigfootNZ ( ) at 2003-06-25 21:12:00    
Not sure if your a same guy I was talking to about the grue auras but you dont mind if i take apart your heartbeat script and modifiey it since im working on a grue hakpak for all the 4 elements (got all them modeled just animateing them now.

I think you are the guy i was talking to since he said he was using the badger model for it :)...

Posted by Jspeed ( ) at 2003-03-26 07:40:00    
Sorry, too much time with rolemaster. too little with AD&D.

Posted by Merle ( ) at 2003-03-23 20:12:00    
Jspeed, the spells specifically listed affect only the earth, and aren't just spells that fall under an earth-based domain. The spells listed as affected in Monster Manual II are: Earthquake, Dig, Glassee, Statue, Stone Shape, Passwall, Move Earth, Glassteel, Transmute Rock to Mud, Wall of Stone, and Stone to Flesh. Of all of the spells in NWN, I only found Stoneskin and Greater Stoneskin to really fit.

Posted by Jspeed ( ) at 2003-03-23 08:08:00    
The only earth based spells? hardly. Now these may fall into diferent Clerical spheres or mage schools, but there are many spells that are undeniably connected to the plane of earth. MOST plant spells. Find/remove traps, blade barrier. I dont relly know though, I last played Pnp when 2nd edition was new. But I can tell you that if you use your imagination and logic, you will find many spoells that in somwe way draw off of the plane of earth. Assuming, of course, that you want to ;)

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