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Title  The Eternal Blood Drow - Amended Version (with apologies)
Author  Cybercruise
Submitted / Updated  07-31-2006 / 08-03-2006
Category  Drow
Properties  Various - Highly customised, based on individual abilities
Levels  Various - Highly customised
Challenge Rating  Various
AC  Various - Highly customised, based on individual abilities/Items
Race  Various
Guild  N/A
Attacks  Various - Highly customised, based on individual abilities/Items
HD / HP  Various - Highly customised
Damage  Various - Highly customised, based on individual abilities/Items
Feats  Various - Highly customised, based on individual abilities
Scripts Included?  No
Dialog Included?  No
Guild Rank  N/A
Gender  Various
Abilities  Gifted Blood Water powers: The following powers are gained by any being who consumes the blood water for more than 6 months: Blood Frenzy 1/day, Darkvision, and a complete immunity to all forms of Darkness, magical or otherwise. These powers are always in addition to all other natural drow elven/racial abilities.
Initiative  Various - Highly customised
Skills  Various - Highly customised
Size  Various
Alignment  Lawful Evil
The Eternal Blood Drow

The Exile of ‘the First and the Four’

The Blood Drow of Ankara are the remnants of four Menzoberren Houses believed to have been destroyed during the Nasadren Wars against the founder city of Ched Nasad. Formally of a house called Thaeyalla, Ankara was the first true daughter and only royal survivor of Tae’yel; Matron Mother and Ruler of ‘the First and the Four’ (the First being Thaeyalla, and the four being Thaeyalla, Masq'il'yr, Uusralla, Tucheth.)

As mentioned above, three other houses were believed to have been destroyed during the wars with Ched Nasad. These Royal Houses were Masq'il'yr, Uusralla and Tucheth. But, as Thaeyalla (being the only ruling house with any remaining royalty) cast the final Bloodspell, (See below) the other three houses swiftly felt its call and joined forces with Thaeyalla in a friendly, yet desperate hope of increasing their chance for survival.

But the fight across the Underdark, and the Wars against the Nasad had surely taken their toll, not only were the lives of many drow destroyed, but the laws and the wealth of a thousand years were also lost to the fires and trials of retribution. All now looked to Ankara for guidance, and as the last and noblest ruler of House Thaeyalla many believed that Lolth had finally chosen the final path, and that ‘through her’ they would find its wayward trail beyond the walls of darkness; but many still believed that the ancient home of Menzoberrenzan had finally fallen to Nasad, and that the only way forward was in death…

The Flight of Thaeyalla

Ankara, first daughter of Thaeyalla was born during a time of great upheaval and conflict between her people. But it was at a fateful time when the savage war with Ched Nasad was finally ending that she was to forge her fate as ruler for the remnants of ‘the First and the Four.’ But it would be by the skill of a Mage Lord and the mind of an Illithid - her mother’s two closest advisors that would finally save the day and burn her path to glory…

And so, as the final fires of Housewar rained down upon the drow of House Thaeyalla, Masq'il'yr, Uusralla and Tucheth; it was Kalexuss - Illithid Master, and keeper of the Lolths lore that called forth the mighty ‘Blood-Bond,’ an ancient, epic spell that had been placed upon ‘the First and the Four’ by the mighty Lolth herself in her foresight at the founding of all prayer in Menzoberrenzan. Never before had such a spell been invoked. A spell so terrifying that it could level a kingdom within its unholy wake, but Kalexuss knew it’s deadly cost, and knew also that it was the only way to save the last of Lolth’s royal bloodline…

A few moments past before they finally heard the screams. Fell demonic voices mixed with the smoke of burning houses rent the air beyond the walls of House Thaeyalla. Kalexuss lowered his tentacled head as he heard the destruction of the city, almost every single drow, be them friend or foe were dying! Some despotic evil was flaying its hellish way through the burning streets, and like the reapers corn in the field his bloodied scythe was cutting its deadly way before his final harvest!

But all around him he could hear that the Spell of Blood was working…

Suddenly and out of nowhere, many drow bearing the house insignias of Masq'il'yr, Uusralla and Tucheth began to appear within the Thaeyallan courtyard. Bewildered, blood-spattered and dazed, over ten score drow swiftly began to draw weapons and stare at the battered assemblage about them, when suddenly, Ankara, First-daughter of Tae’yel called them forth to order!

“Hold thy weapons my children! Fear not! For the will of Araushnee is with thee!” Still shocked and bemused, the gathered drow began to listen…

“The swords of Ched Nasad are failing, but the might of their city cannot be assuaged! Only ‘the First and the Four’ have the might and the sight to withstand their will! Be it known that Lolth’s Champion now fights beyond the walls to protect us; our way through the dark has been foreseen… So stand with me now as my children, and I shall call forth the path to victory!” A few expectant cheers rent the gathering, and with an imperious nod of her perfect brow, she signalled for her consort (Lord Phaegen) to begin his only sorcery; and by shaping the energies of the blood spell Lord Phaegen began to call forth a shinning, glistening Portal!

Many of the drow stepped back in utter amazement! For it had been well known to all that the summoning of a portals had been nigh on impossible during the assaults by Ched Nasad, But to Ankara and the gathering drow its glimmering aura brought hope. Hope in the fact that not all was truly lost, and that perhaps the chosen of Lolth could finally save the day for her children!

It was then that Ankara gradually rose from her mothers throne and spoke to them saying, “Go my eternal children! Flee into the dark and the deep! Stand together as one, or fall before the ruin of us all!” She could see that many of the drow still hesitated, and were afraid…

“Do I see you doubting? Fear not my brethren, for you are the chosen of all Lolths mighty children! As one you must be, and doubt me you must not! And to show you all is well, and that the path be true and clear, it is ‘I’ that shall lead you before the mode!” And pulling forth her sword in a gesture of salute and defiance, Ankara, Queen Matron of the House of Thaeyalla ran down the marble stairs of her throne and leapt beyond the gateway…

The Founding of Akraaka’char

In the language of the ancient drow Akraaka’char means ‘Burning Gift’. It was the place that the exiles of the Menzoberrenzan (or rather those being of ‘the First and the Four’) had fled to during the final ‘perceived’ hours of its war with Ched Nasad. But the drow that fled that day had no idea that the war had reached a lethal zenith and that the warlords on both sides had stalled their deadly conquest.

Ankara however, was aware of only one thing as she tumbled down the tunnels beyond the magic doorway - her faith. Faith in the power of Lolth, and in the soaring strength its living guidance would bring her. But when Ankara was thrown clear beyond the glittering portal, all she could ‘feel’ was heat! A burning, blistering furnace had suddenly begun to engulf the world around her! And seeing that it threatened to scorch the very flesh from her bones, she quickly began a prayer to ward both her ‘and’ the spinning souls that would surely come behind her. But, just as she was about to complete the final word of guarding the roaring towers of flame suddenly rolled back and were repelled, as if quenched by the touch of some mighty churning wave! Once extinguished, buffeting clouds of sulphurous ash welled up from the stones around her, and then settled to begin oozing this way and that like tiny rivulets of ichor in their efforts to find a drain point. But as they slowly did so gushing steaming plumes of fetid gas and sulphur burst up from beneath the bedrock, the very ground itself was suddenly bursting to life! Throwing rock and muck in all directions, the land began to buck and flail at Ankara madly! Elsewhere time itself had seemed to be standing still, and as the very ground itself took form and molten substance, Ankara could see that strange grottos had begun to form in the basalt; fresh tunnels and troughs had also begun their thrust from the earth like the arms of a monstrous beast, flapping madly in its effort to couple with a some lonely cave or distant outcropping. Suddenly the ground beneath her began to quake and split with anger, and Ankara, unable to stand there any further was thrown to the ground beneath her, and now, filled with an insane desire for self preservation Ankara screamed whilst scrambling for the relative safety of a jagged new rock nearby. Seconds later the ground both ahead and behind her suddenly burst asunder! As two pinnacles of stone thrust upwards, towering toward the heavens, sending a shower of whirling rocks and mineral dust crashing down towards Ankara!

Dust and acrid smoke billowed out across the floor still being battered by the various impacts of stone and scattered minerals, and Ankara, almost buried to hip in silt and glowing pumice slowly pulled herself free to survey herself for injuries. When all of a sudden Ankara became acutely aware that the cave itself was slowly becoming brighter, and that everything in general was gradually starting to quieten down. Dust was beginning to settle and the ground no longer shook, but in the distance (some one or two miles away) Ankara’s’ keen eyes could faintly make out an eerie red glow that appeared to be extending from the ground, possibly from within a cave mouth or deeply rent depression. She could also make out what appeared to be a curiously funnel-shaped thrust of rock, itself illuminated by the gleams from the nearby fissure. Feeling a little less dazed and confused, but, acutely aware that no one was coming to follow her, Ankara, daughter and Matron of House Thaeyalla slowly rose to her feet, and after brushing away the filth from her robes she began the long and arduous trek towards the gleaming show of rock…

(Well, of my flowery writing anyway…)

And so, Ankara found the Blood Well… It would seem that Lolth had frozen time within the conduit of the portal allowing just enough time for Ankara to fathom the secrets of the Blood Well. It would also be safe to assume that Ankara would have had ample time to survey the vast network of tunnels, caves, and parapets within the lofty cavern; and after discovering that it was conveniently clean of any and all higher life forms, it appeared to be just about ready for the exiled drow to colonise, All Ankara had to do was figure out what to do next? A relatively simple task for a women of her stature, considering the fact that by the age of puberty she was commanding an army of ten thousand warriors as she fought for glory of her House in the Battles against the enemies of Menzoberrenzan!

Its probably best to note that the Caverns’ actual location can be anywhere, but if your campaign is based in Faerun, I suggest that you make its location in the east, perhaps beneath the kingdoms of Kara-tur or Mulhorand. This would limit the possibility of her people encountering the wayward drow of different cities, especially those of Ched Nasad or Menzoberrenzan. Politics and neighbouring trade will also play a major part in limiting these social or extraneous encounters, as both the surface nations of Kara-tur ‘and’ Mulhorand are a little more than preoccupied in keeping their own nations encounters to a minimum.

It must also be noted that the Blood drow of Akraaka’char are not quite as militant or as hell-bent on conquest as their western or southern counterparts. This is partly due to the persuasive controls of the ‘Blood Water’ (See below) which in turn has also made them less aggressive, and, therefore, more accepting in general of strangers. Whilst this in itself makes the blood drow more approachable, it’s their ‘All for one, and One for all’ mentality that makes an outsiders life around the blood drow a little more tolerable!

Society, The Blood Well and the Blood Water

Once Ankara had surveyed the confines of the cavern and had born witness to the mysteries of the Blood Well, Lolth then decided to allow only those that had followed Ankara both loyally and dutifully to enter the confines of the cavern along with her – killing all else that had dared to enter the dark portal prior to the destruction of House Thaeyalla. But, even then, in the beginning, mighty Lolth only permitted the Lords Phaegen, Master Kalexuss and Princess Atraeya to enter the new world with their matron and bear witness to the wonders of Akraaka’char. They appeared nearby to the glowing fissure that Ankara had recently discovered, and upon spying her they could that she had indeed been changed…

Unbeknownst to her Advisors Ankara’s exposure to the source of the Blood Well had indeed forever transformed her permanently, it had granted her a complete mastery over the matter of her form, Eternal youth, and the unquestionable ability to command all she would call her subject, (hence Ankara’s incredibly high Charisma of 50! And her ability to Shapechange her at will.) These gifts however had come at a great price to Ankara. As long as the Blood Well flowed her powers would always be with her, She was to build a great shrine around the wells funnel and channel its waters with tubing in similar fashion to the silken strands of a massive spiders web, allowing its crimson water to extend to every corner of the newly made cavern. This water was to be a gift to all of Lolths children (Ankara’s loyal subjects) granting them extended life, great courage, and the ability to feel love for ones partner without the need for jealousy, mistrust or embarrassment. But Ankara knew that there was more to this liquid than met the eye, and seeing her doubt Lolth indeed told her saying,

‘The water is indeed my gift to you Ankara! And when you drink of its molten glory you drink of me! But know that in order for your people to maintain their sacred gifts ‘it in itself’ must be fed! Fed with the blood of your enemies! But fear not! For this is also a gift in part, the gift of sacred Vengeance that I promised you. It will serve you as a constant reminder to your duty! Your duty being to me, and to the people of Menzoberrenzan! For one day you shall return as the Chosen First House of my resolve and will lead my people to victory! Be it known also that if the need is great and our children face great peril, you may call upon the Wells eternal champions, the blessed Blood Pack – for they are masters of the hunt and will bring swift death to all who scorn my holiest of holies. And finally to the one I name to you as Akraaka, his might is the very soul of the Well, and powers are vast and unearthly, think well before you summon him, for if you chose poorly he will demand the swiftest sacrifice, not only from you but from strongest of our people. Farewell, and know that I am with thee, and that I love thee…’

These immortal words have stayed with Ankara throughout her reign as monarch to the blood drow, and never once has her loyalty been broken or the faith in her patron been wavered. She not only admires her children greatly, but also adores her patron deity and would, if tested to the end, immediately give her life for their greater glory. As such, this eternal commitment to Lolths splendour has seen her cities’ populace grow beyond reckoning.

The power of the blood water enriches the daily life of all drow, giving them the strength to fight off adversity and challenge the daily chores of adult drowish life. Ritual now plays a massive part of any blood drow’s existence. Nothing is more sacred than the blood bond to a brother or spouse, except perhaps the blood oath of duty to Ankara, the Queen of the Blood throne herself. It is this oath of friendship (brought on the power of the Blood Water) that has allowed the blood drows’ culture to blossom throughout their region of Underdark, and as such has slowly shifted their racial alignment in this region to Lawful evil, with many (especially traders) exhibiting individual Neutral tendencies. Humans and orcs for example, or those that have willingly partaken in the blood oath fight side by side for the benefit of the group, but due to the evil nature of the drow themselves this benefit does not extend toward their many enemies, who they capture with impunity and sacrifice to the blood well if they are unwilling to drink the blood water. All blood brothers of the blood drow treat (even their inferiors) with respect; this respect is in turn returned in kind with either dutiful service or even open gratitude; and on high days the sick are truly healed by the priesthood, or the dead are brought to life if the sacrifice they made for the group was honourable, or to the eventual benefit of all.

This almost drone-like service to the queen and her followers makes the blood drow a formidable opponent. Even though they possess no hive mind, any slight to a brother of the blood by an outsider will always demand some restitution. Be it an apology, financial restitution or a Blood Duel, either way, to a blood drow, the end will always justify the means, regardless of its final outcome. If such offence affects the royal family or damages drow society as a whole the queen may take a final action by summoning the champions of the blood well in order to punish these foolish perpetrators. But such an action is rarely necessary, as slights are often solved individually, unless it affects the blood drow in general.

Anyway I think that’s about enough from me… Hope you enjoy the fateful Blood drow! Just a few final words on a couple of things I’ve previously but not gone over well enough:

Blood drow Longevity: Due to the power of the blood water an average Blood drow’s lifespan appears to have doubled in length since the earliest inception of the liquid. Humans and other races seem to benefit in every other (vitality, powers etc) way but do not bonuses to their lifespan…

Childhood: 1 - 49 years
Adolescence: 50 - 79 years
Adulthood: 80 - 279 years
Middle Age: 280 - 379 years
Old: 190 - 380 years
Venerable: 381+ years
Maximum Age +6d100 years

The Blood Oath: A willing oath taken by all who wish to embrace the culture of the blood drow, and always accompanied with great celebration, the consumption of copious amounts of the blood water. Often seen as a rite of passage for the newborn in embracing the wisdom of Lolth.

Suggestions: “Thou shalt not kill thy Blood brother.
Hallowed be the Blood Well…”

“Thou shalt not spill the Blood Water.
Hallowed be the Blood Well…”

“Thou wilt not stand for one false god!
Blessed be the Blood Water…’

Etc, Etc I think you’ll have fun with this one?!

The Blood-bonded: Any living being that partaken of the blood oath, and now requires a daily consumption of the Blood water to survive.

The Blood Water: An Addictive narcotic that issues from the source of the Blood Well. After initial exposure it must be consumed on a daily basis, in a similar fashion to that of normal water. The blood-bonded them selves have no further need for natural water, as the waters of the blood well provide any and all the of liquid sustenance their bodies naturally require. It is often said by the blood-bonded that the blood water tastes of purest cherry, and on high days its flavour subtly changes to that of peaches or finest strawberries!

Packaged Blood water: When the blood-bonded are forced to travel they always take provision of the blood water. But after travelling beyond the confines of Akraaka’char its power to convert outsiders is always completely corrupted, as it requires a nearby connection to the blood well in order to master an outsider to the blood oath. In other words its power to convert the unbeliever will only function from within the mighty walls of Akraaka’char.

Suggestion: A Blood Spring? Works like a magical node or conduit perhaps? But I would say that the ability to make or maintain one would be extremely difficult. As this in itself could pose a threat to freewill within the Underdark, and therefore open up a whole can of worms for everyone! Sounds like fun though!!

The Blood duel: A sacred contest of physical skill, strength, or will power. Often adjudicated by the priesthood. Blood duels are never called between blood brothers; only against outsiders, whose treachery is often commonplace. Blood duels can sometimes be ceremonial, especially on high days when plays of elder days are often re-enacted (Especially Wars against Ched Nasad, etc.)

The Crimson Shrine: The Palace of Ankara, and the royal entourage. Also houses the sacred blood well, which is often open to all. It is also a place of contemplation, adjudication or celebration, especially on high days. Blessed be the Blood Water!

Anyway can’t think of anything else to scribble right now! But I’m sure that you’ll come up with loads of stuff on your own. Please don’t forget to drop me a comment or two on the download or check out my other stuff if you’re truly bored if you like my ideas.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this, hope you enjoyed it! Blessed be the blood Water!


Submitted: 07-31-2006 / Last Updated: 08-04-2006
The Blood Drow - Contains everything you need to get started..
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Ankara - Queen of the Blood Drow

The mighty Blood Pack

Akraaka - Servant of the Blood Well

Atraeya - First Daughter of Ankara

Lord Phaegen - The Blood Seer

Lord Kalexuss - Master of the Blood Well

A Blood Drow Warrior

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Comments (7):

Posted by Nidal Telin at 2008-07-27 10:24:04    
Where in my NWN directory am i supposed to place it?

Posted by Avengingangel36 at 2006-09-15 15:19:31    Voted 10.00 on 09/15/06
Just a quick note ...Love the work keep it dm uses these guys and they rock..great job..tops..

Posted by azak30 at 2006-08-10 15:02:19    Voted 10.00 on 08/10/06
very nice

Posted by azak30 at 2006-08-10 15:01:54    Voted 10.00 on 08/10/06
very nice, nice story as well as all around interesting ceration here
much kudos to ya

Posted by cybercruiseone at 2006-08-03 18:48:24    
Extreme Apologies to everyone whose given my creatures a download! Forgot to include a few things (a few key character abilities, Akraaka's Phylactery, Alignment issues and stuff) Big sorry to everyone thats taken the time to view this! Hope it hasn't destroyed your plans for world domination to much! Really appreciate your comments Laughing One, but unfortunately I'm quite new to scripting and haven't got the skills required to do what you ask! Anyone out there is more than welcome to have a go, or drop me a line at this comment section regarding questions about the concept - Would love to hear what you think! Thanks again for your comments - Cybercruise
May The First protect thee...

Posted by RivikOfFire at 2006-08-03 14:45:33    Voted 9.75 on 08/03/06
This is really good. I agree with TheLaughingOne, you should make a mod with these and have a quest to learn about the Blood Drow.
[size=3]Look at me. I'm special.[/size]

Posted by TheLaughingOne at 2006-08-02 04:28:01    Voted 9.50 on 08/02/06

Pretty good background story n history ya got goin' here; ALWAYS a plus IMhO ;)

I also think your NPCs are visually pleasing; not TOO many cosmetic changes to appease my own visual tastes.

It's pretty cool that you designed an entire party/theme/what-have-you here. I personally haven't seen much of that on the vault and am glad that you decided to share it w/ the community.

I'd like to see a possible DEMO mod w/ your erf's in their environment, so-to-speak; a visual of the tile(s) you "set" them in. Perhaps others would as well.!?

Anyway... sorry so long-winded. Thanks for contributing, and keep up the great work(s).
"From down here we can make the whole wall collapse."

"Uh... yeah, boss. But how do WE get out?"

- Goblin Digging Team

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