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Title  Pit Fiends, by the book
Author  Gorfimbor
Submitted / Updated  06-23-2003 / 06-24-2003
Category  Outsider (Evil)
Properties  as per official D&D 3.0 and D&D 3.5 rules (some exceptions)
Levels  13 Outsider (3.0) and 18 Outsider (3.5)
Level1  01
AC  30 (3.0) and 40 (3.5)
Race  Other
NPC  Yes
Attacks  as per official D&D 3.0 and D&D 3.5 rules
HD / HP  13HD, 123hp (3.0) and 18HD, 255hp (3.5)
Damage  as per official D&D 3.0 and D&D 3.5 rules
Feats  as per official D&D 3.0 and D&D 3.5 rules (some exceptions)
Scripts Included?  No
Dialog Included?  No
Gender  Male
Abilities  as per official D&D 3.0 and D&D 3.5 rules
Initiative  as per official D&D 3.0 and D&D 3.5 rules
Skills  as per official D&D 3.0 and D&D 3.5 rules
Size  Large
Alignment  Lawful Evil
I really hate it when a movie strays terribly far from the book it was based; or a game for that matter!. NWN:OC and SOU are in many ways different from the pnp rules of D&D3e. One of things Bioware did was not remain consistent with monster abilities, stats, etc. Instead they tried to use the NWN's flawed CR system as a basis for making monsters. As it is the CR system in 'pnp D&D 3.0' is 'off' for many creatures. Enclosed are my renditions of two official Pit Fiends, one of which follows D&D 3.0 rules and the other following the new D&D 3.5 revised rules. All skills and stats are exact. Feats and abilities are exact to a point. This is not a custom skin but an adjustment to correct the Pit Fiend so it more closely follows each D&D rule set. Hardcore pnp players enjoy!


Submitted: 06-23-2003 / Last Updated: 06-23-2003
2 votes
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Comments (13):

Posted by The Liche at 2009-01-03 02:49:17    Voted 10.00 on 01/03/09
This is exactly what we need: true PnP monsters.

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2004-09-08 17:17:00    
Ionly have one thing to say about this... FAB-U-LUS!

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2004-05-27 14:11:00    
Balors are 1HD stronger than Pit Fiends... Generaly Pit Fiends are not very strong ... Especially compared to Balors !
Dont Forget that the official CRs are ment for 3-4 Characters of about the same level as the CR

Nwn i suppose is using CR based on the fact that you dont have 4 characters ! :p

Take it easy with the stats ...

Posted by Old_Scores_Transfered at 2004-02-20 10:33:03    Voted 9.00 on 02/20/04
This is a compilation of the old system into a single score. There were 6 that made this score of 9.33 then rounded to 9.

Posted by Feanor ( ) at 2003-12-15 12:57:00    

Posted by Feanor ( ) at 2003-12-15 12:57:00    

Posted by Khara ( ) at 2003-12-12 22:59:00    
*sigh* found the Pit Fiends in the book under devil (go figure). I was right though, they nerfed them quite a bit.

Posted by Khara ( ) at 2003-12-12 22:58:00    
SemajArchMage, first a Pit Fiend is very powerful. (Personaly anyone below 15th should have problems...)
Secondly I know this is the wrong eddition but still:

"Pit Feinds are able to prefrom the following magical abilities, once per ROUND at WILL: advanced illusion, animate dead, charm person, infravision, know alignment (always active, suggestion, teleport without error, detect magic, detect invisibility, fireball, hold person, improved invisibility, polymorph self, produce flame, pyrotechnics, and wall of fire. Once per year it can cast a wish spell, and may always gate in two lesser or one greater baaatezu with a 100% chance of success performing this action once per round...

Hey, Gorfimbor is it possable to add that feature to the pit fiend or did they remove the once a round summoning from Pit Feinds in 3rd/3.5 (only has the 3.0 monster manual and notices it mentions nothing about pit feinds Balors yes, but no pit feinds...) Though I noticed the Balor was spiced up a bit...

Posted by Nugget ( ) at 2003-10-18 15:59:00    
The stats are a little high.But when Bioware designed the Balor demon,they made him too strong.In AD&D,Balors are only 7 hit dice.
Pit Fiends,on the other hand,are about 13 hit dice.They are the personal body guards of the Arch-devils.
I gave the Pit Fiend a boost in hit dice,some more special abilities and changed their proporties a bit.They should be able to MOP THE FLOOR with a Balrog!
Good job though......

Posted by SemajArchMage ( ) at 2003-06-25 08:06:00    
Although I am aware there is a 3.5 edition, what in the Nine Hells made Pit Fiends double hit points and boost up Hit Dice??? There some new creature ability or Constitution rule?

Lord Semaj

Posted by Yoshiko Washima ( ) at 2003-06-24 18:18:00    

Open the toolset, select the creature wizard, select standard, planar, fiendish, there you go...

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2003-06-24 12:57:00    
probably the new pit fiend from the 1.30 patch.

Posted by Franz_uk ( ) at 2003-06-24 11:40:00    
What does it look like ingame?

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