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Title  Artemis Entreri
Author  Ben
Submitted / Updated  01-10-2004 / 01-23-2004
Category  Humanoid
Class3  Other / 02
Class2  Fighter / 12
Class1  Rogue / 04
Challenge Rating  18
Level1  04
Level2  12
Race  Human
NPC  Yes
HD / HP  121
Scripts Included?  No
Level3  02
Dialog Included?  No
Type  18
Gender  Male
Size  Medium
Artemis Entreri is the deadly assassin from R.A. Salvatore's novels. This is the erf of Artemis before he aquires Charon's Claw.


Submitted: 01-10-2004 / Last Updated: 01-09-2004
1 votes
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Comments (14):

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2006-06-03 11:39:24    
no he dosent use any assan skills but he should have more rogue lvls at lest 5 hes now a shade it says so in promise of the witch-king i just read the book 2 day so i know its in there hes also goet some overly powreful toys now well just a dragon statue thing that use dragon breth of any type its a trap but he has used it as a wepon in the book and omfg thish is new compered the the others

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2004-07-08 19:52:00    
Typo,..Spellfire 1988

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2004-07-08 19:50:00    
Realms of Valor,the first of the "Realms books came out in 1993,..years after Streams of Silver which came in 1989.Streams was one of the original Forgotten Realms Books that came out of a series known as the Icewind Dale trilogy.Others that came out around then were the Avatar trilogy also starting 1989.Spellfire preceeded those was out in 1987,.....and finally Darkwalker on Moonshae preceeded all cause it was out in 1987

Posted by locoguano ( ) at 2004-07-07 22:00:00    
The Icewind Dale Trilogy was Drizzt's first appearence. Unless I'm mistaken, it was the third trilogy set in the forgotten realms, long before the "Realms of..." books. The only reason those books sold as well as they did is because of the R.A.S. stories in them.

Posted by Tormys ( ) at 2004-02-24 13:41:00    
godbreakers I think that the crystal shard was drizzt's first official appearance. Those other books all came after. Even though they discuss and flesh out his origins.

Posted by Old_Scores_Transfered at 2004-02-20 10:33:04    Voted 3.00 on 02/20/04
This is a compilation of the old system into a single score. There were 2 that made this score of 2.50 then rounded to 3.

Posted by BenGW at 2004-01-19 07:31:00    
Ahh, I had forgotten Realms of Shadow. I have indeed read that one but have since forgotten most of it. Yes, yes I know there are many other wonderful authors out there such as Elain Cunningham or Ed Greenwood, and if Weiss and Hickman ever did an FR...but I would have to say Salvatore captures the essence of what I call "male romance novels", or what other people might call "Westerns". You see, you have a bad-+blocked+ evil enemy, then this badder-+blocked+ lone hero who whupps em all with barely a scratch. You'll notice all of Salvatore's heroes and heroines are stoic (his favourite word), cause they're all really Clint Eastwood.

Posted by godbreakers at 2004-01-15 15:49:00    
Ummmmmmmmm, before Salvatore had his own books, he wrote shorts within many realms books. Drizzt started in a realms book long before he acquired his own, as did artemis. So you should read some of those forgotten realms books, aptly called Realms of valor, Mystery, magic, etc. One of the NEWEST is called relams of shadow which deal with all things netherese from before Mystrul's death to current faerun CURRENT faerun time, the now returned shades are seeking all things netherese including Charon's Claw.

Again the book is called Realm of shadows and the story is called "That curious sword". Try to remember that salvatore is only one of the writers of forgotten realm, not the ONLY writer. I pride myself on trying to post accurate information for those who might not be as knowledgable and possibly might want to delve into the books and chars themselves........drizzt is one of my fav chars but he is by far not the only popular one. Hope you enjoy the story when you do read it, its pretty good........and there's a even newer story out with artemis and jarlaxle.

Posted by BenGW at 2004-01-15 07:10:00    
Actually, Charon's Claw is a sword Artemis aquires in "Servant of the Shard." I don't know what the heck you're talking about with Artemis absorbing a Shadovar's essence. I've read every Salvatore book and haven't seen anything to back that up.

Posted by godbreakers at 2004-01-13 18:20:00    
He did say these stats were before artemis acquired the life-draining dagger. If you wish to use a more current artemis then I would suggest adding classes to assasin and fighter and possibly rogue.

reasons being, these stats are before his various battles with drizzt which pushed him beyond his current skill.

His time training with jaraxle in menzenborran as one of his mercenary band and the time as actual head of thieves guild in calimshan.

For past couple of years to current faerun time 1372 he has been traveling with jaraxle as a for hire thief/hero and just recently has absorbed the essence of a these certainly have increased his stats.

Oh by the way, he will probably absorb several more shadovar before his end due to the fact that Charon's Claw is a netherese weapon desired by shade.

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2004-01-12 13:05:00    
Wow, that surprises me!

I know the levels in fighter make him dangerous but only 4 in rogue would seem to make his stealth skills not as good as they seem to appear in some novels.

Anyway... it was interesting to learn that, thanks for the info!

Posted by Qlippoth at 2004-01-12 02:13:00    
Nope, he's correct:

Rogue 4
Ranger 1
Fighter 12
Assassin 1

While he is KNOWN as an "assassin", he only has 1 level in the prestige class of that name. He IS very dangerous, no?

An assassin is simply anyone who kills for money, a professional killer:

Word History: At first glance, one would be hard-pressed to find a link between pleasure and the acts of assassins. Such was not the case, however, with those who gave us the word assassin. They were members of a secret Islamic order originating in the 11th century who believed it was a religious duty to harass and murder their enemies. The most important members of the order were those who actually did the killing. Having been promised paradise in return for dying in action, the killers, it is said, were made to yearn for paradise by being given a life of pleasure that included the use of hashish. From this came the name for the secret order as a whole, an, “hashish users.” After passing through French or Italian, the word came into English and is recorded in 1603 with reference to the Muslim Assassins.

- Qlippoth

Posted by Drakewind ( ) at 2004-01-11 10:16:00    
Those are his stats according to the forgotten realms campaign setting for 3E.

Posted by Anonymous ( ) at 2004-01-11 10:04:00    
No offense, but shouldn't he have quite a few levels in assassin?

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