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NWN2 Patcher by tnt220

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This patcher will let you patch you NWN2 commpletely offline as long as you have downloaded one or more of the patches beforehand.

Additionally it will:

*Let you decide where to take the temp space needed for patches.
*Tell you how much temp space is needed.
*Let you apply more than one patch at a time by queuing patches.
*Undo patching should you regret applying a patch. (might require much space)

Further instructions available in the supplied nwn2patcher,txt file.


NWN2Patcher by tnt220

This patcher will let you patch you NWN2 completely offline as
long as you have downloaded one or more of the patches beforehand.

Offline patches are hosted by the NeverinterVault at:

How to use
Make sure that NWN2 is not running before proceeding...

Download one of the patches normally used with the built in
nwupdate.exe usually called something like

Unzip the file into the nwn2 installation directory, the above
shown file will likely contain a file called
nwn2_pc_english_from100788_to102809.rtp . I would advice to place
the .rtp file in the nwn2 installation directory, but have managed
to patch my NWN2 with the .rtp file located elsewhere.

As with the nwupdate.exe you will still need up to 6GB (or more)
of free space to patch, but should with this patcher be able to
choose where to take it from (and not just the drive where NWN2 is
installed as nwupdate does). Version 2.17 and forward on
NWN2Patcher will, if applying one patch at a time tell you
approximately how much temp space is needed for a given patch.

Select a patch file and optional temp directory with lots of free
space, 6 GB or more is required for the larger patches (the
program defaults to the root of the drive with the most free
space) and then press Patch to start patching.

With version 2.15 another patching option has been added making it
possible to apply several patches in one go by queuing them. To
use this feature press the Queue button and add patches to the
queue (Be carefull to add them in the correct order or you may
harm your installation). Once you have added patches to the queue
press the close button and press the Patch button to start
patching from the queue.

If a CRC error or out of space error is encountered when using
queued patching, the patch engine will as with normal patching
roll back to latest successfully applied patch.

When using the queue option it is not possible to use the ignore
missing files, verify only or undo patch options. This is
naturally because ignored ignored bad files should not be taken
lightly. As for the Verify only option... Since it does not write
files to disk and patches often add new files, patching of those
not written files by a later patch is deemed to fail.

A new feature in version 2.25 is the undo patch feature which is
available when applying a single patch (not using queued
patching). The undo patch feature will let you choose a directory
where the patcher will create a "undo_fromxxx_toXXX" (X being
version numbers) subdirectory into which the files modified by the
selected patch will be copied prior to patching your installation.
Additionally NWN2Patcher will create an undo_patch.bat file which
when executed will first delete any new files added byt the patch
and the copy back the affected files before finally set the
version in your windows registry to the one it was prior to

NOTE that the backup taken by the undo patch feature is not
compressed, and can take up several GB of space. It will tell you
how much space is needed before backing up. When using the undo
patch feature the copying of files to backup before patching may
also take some time.

NOTE also that any savegames made while the patch to be undone was
applied may or may not be corrupt after undoing the patch. This is
due to the way the savegames are structured, so the safest would
be to revert to an earlier savegame.

Running undo_patch.bat while nwn2 is running will fail, shutting
nwn2 down and rerunning undo_patch.bat should work.

It may take some time to apply the patch(es) depending on your
system, but you can follow the progress on the progress indicators
and will also be notified upon success or failure by a messagebox.
The file progress indicator might seem to be at 100% for a long
time with some files (usually the large ones), this I believe is
caused by the overhead time used to write the patched file to the
harddisk before starting on the next file.

If you reapply a patch, the file progress indicator will only
change when a file is actually modified. The total progress
indicator will count normally.

If you wish to verify that you can patch without getting CRC
errors simply check the "Validate install only" checkbox and a
quick simulated patch will happen listing any errors. Note that
real patching will perform rollback if errors happen so this
feature is merely for those wanting to quickly check the state of
their installation. Temp space for patching will NOT be verified
as it depends on the patch,.

From version 2.10 it is possible to force the patch engine to
ignore files that are missing or the patchengine believes are
incorrect. This was implemented to allow those who modify the
original campaign (or otherwise customise the original NWN2 files)
to update their game. This MUST be used with caution as it can
cause unforseen results (reinstalling game, ruining savegames
etc.) When/if using this option please check the listbox to verify
that only the files you had modified were bypassed.

After having used the Ignore files option you should NOT contact
Obsidian support for help with any problems with the game or
savegames from a game where the "Ignore Files" option was used.

If you get crc errors with nwupdate.exe, my patch program is
likely to fail also.

You MUST KNOW which version of NWN2 you have and use the correct
patch file for your version of NWN2 (you can see it in
the launch window of NWN2 and also when my patcher starts). You
should choose an .rtp file where the number after from in the .rtp
filename matches your version (ignore the . when comparing i.e.
100788 equals 1.00.788).

Patching with the wrong RTP file may damage your NNW2 installation
and a reinstall could be required.

I am NOT responsible if you have to reinstall NWN2 after using
this (I always update my NWN2 with this utility and had no
problems with it)

In case of error check the listbox for more specific error
messages. I however cannot help you with errors reported in the
listbox as they originate directly from the patchw32.dll file.


Changes for version 2.27
Fixed a bug which would make the queue loop if one of the patches
failed. Thanks to Shewth for the help in pinpointing it.

Changes for version 2.26
Changed the undo_patch.bat file to use relative path making the
backup moveable.

Changes for version 2.25
Added an undo patch functionality and general cleanup.
Fixed a bug, which if both verify and ignore were used would say
that verify succeded and not the correct one that it might have
succeded and to check the listbox for possible errors.

Changes for version 2.17
Cleaned up the GUI and added a statusbar for displaying
information about queue and version.
Added display of available free space on drive where temp
directory is located.
Set the program to automatically select the root of the drive with
the most space as temp dir for patching.

Changes for version 2.15
Added a patch queue option making it possible to apply more than
one patch in one go. Thanks to GrieverFX and Turbo Talicska for
the suggestion.

Changes for version 2.11
Added the option to check the NWN2 installation for CRC errors
against a specified patch so that one can, relatively quickly,
check if the patching will fail. Thanks to Mara Brian for the idea
and for allowing me to use it.

Changes for version 2.10
Added the option to ignore files that the patchengine believe
are incorrect or missing. This was done to allow those who modify
the original NWN2 files to update the game and NOT to bypass CRC
errors. Thanks to Jacky for the suggestion.

Changes for version 2.01
A rather embarrasing mistake concerning the tempdir was corrected.

Changes for version 2.00
Almost a complete rewrite of most of the patching code.

New features:
* A listbox showing the files processed.
* A per file progress indicator.
* A total patch progress indicator.
* Current NWN2 version displayed before and after patch.

Additionally it should be possible to run the program from
anywhere as it will try to locate the patchw32.dll from the
registry settings made when NWN2 was installed. If this fails the
program must be placed in the same directory as patchw32.dll (the
Neverwinter Nights 2 directory).

Changes for version 1.11
Apparently I made a mistake which meant that the temp storage
location could not contain spaces meaning that selecting i.e.
d:\nwn 2 would give a patch failed, whereas d:\nwn2 would succeed.
My apologies for that stupid mistake and thanks to grantnwn for
noticing this.

Changes for version 1.10

Fixed it so that the Patch button is disabled while patching
is being done. (Thanks to Maileen for pointing this out)

Added a "Please Wait .. Patching" message to the dialog to show
that patching has started.