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Send me your players!

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time bandit
Send me your players!
Shouldn´t we spread some propaganda and try to get some joung blood in? Look, i roamed a very well known video platform lateley, he-he, it was not YP, and searched for NWN videos/playerworlds. The result was, polite said, not very convincing. Ok,ok the most vids are years old, this might be an excuse, but to be honest, under these circumstances, no one will come. Empty maps, no lights, standard monsters, lousy music. I´d never dare to call it "trash", because these people putted work in, no doubt, but it doesn´t look spectacular. And that´s dumb, because the vault is full of extremly well made tilesets! NO. Let´s use the NWN vanilla rural from 1999! I had in mind to do some screenies, fumble them together so that we get some kind of slideshow, and add sad, depressing music (Lisa Gerrard) and a fancy title. "The man who betrayed the world", "Last man on earth" or so. Every month a video, err i mean slideshow, on YouTube, that should be a piece of cake. Players/DM´s could also send in their best screenies. Sorted by type we could make a gallery of it. Show us how your server looks like. The cubs could sniff around a little bit and hopefully, that´s what we want, stay. So. What do you say?
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