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Mis-Merged content for NWMax 0.8c

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Mis-Merged content for NWMax 0.8c

There was a merge completed by one of the admins here that should not have been.

The migration wizard had correctly imported nwmax 0.8b22, that file was created entirely by Joco, from DLA, and was the last original release by him.  It contained 3 different files if I remember correctly,  1 for gmax, 1 for 3dsmax, and one that was scripts only.  Primarily of note is the VERSION number of 0.8b22  That series of files contained files which are NOT included in the version that I uploaded and are thus completely missing from the site now.


I uploaded a NEW version, that should no longer be directly connected to or on the same page as the version by Joco.  The version I uploaded is version 0.8c00 which admittedly is a BAD version number, and will be changed when i get it finished on my end.  My point though, is that the two versions by two different people were merged into the version associated with Joco, and handled by the migration wizard, which has broken the download links and my ability to track the version that I am modifiying.

What we have ended up with is this merged link below.


I would like to request that my version be split back off and tied directly to my nick instead please.  I thought we had covered all of this back when the merges were coming in, but apparently there was still some misunderstandings that I didn't know were still mis-understood.


If you need the physical files that were created by joco, I only have 2 of the 3 that were released by him.  I do NOT have the gmax version at all.

The two ORIGINAL files that I have are:  "NWmax-3ds6-v0_8setup.exe" and "NWmax-scriptsonly-v0_8setup.exe" 

I also have a file called "" which has demonstration files for Gmax and some documentation files that might help new users, but it does NOT have any of the files necessary for a Gmax install, IE no scripts or exe's etc.

I was pretty sure that there was a separate install file for gmax only users, but that file has apparentlly been lost due to this mis-merge of the content.

The versioins by Joco worked with Gmax if that was the file you downloaded OR 3dsmax up to version 3dsmax 8.   but no longer worked with anything later than 8 without modifications.


Anyway, easiest solution would be to re-attach the version linked above directly to my nick, and re-upload/re-migrate the original files from Joco under his nic or under DLA nick, including all the links that were there on the old vault, excluding of course the dead links that pointed directly to DLA website.  As I have said, I do NOT have any of the Gmax related files that are required to get the version linked above to work with gmax, most particularly the listener that Joco had modified to work directly with his version of NWmax.


Let mw know what you wish me to do, and what you plan on doing so that I can adjust documentation as needed please.


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it looks like you've got things covered, but i've got the following files i can upload if that'd be useful :

total 3256
1  1878539 Feb 28  2008 NWmax-3ds6-v0_8setup.exe
1  1453648 Feb 28  2008 NWmax-gmax-v0_8setup.exe
1 19156628 Jul 22 20:40
1       0 Aug 26 13:34 documentation
1       0 Aug 26 13:34 samples

total 396
1 342833 Oct 24  2003 Gmax MDL Tool Users Guide.pdf
1  10710 Dec 18  2012 NWMax_tutorial__creating_new_items.rtf
1  47225 Sep 19  2003 mdl-quick-ref.pdf

total 1240
1 185856 Oct  7  2003 gmax-danglymesh.gmax
1 235008 Oct  8  2003 gmax-emitterfountain.gmax
1 186368 Oct  9  2003 gmax-emitterp2pv4.gmax
1 121344 Oct 17  2003 gmax-microtiletest.gmax
1 159744 Oct 10  2003 gmax-skinmeshv3.gmax
1 196744 Oct 10  2003 grit.tga
1  10358 Oct 13  2003 mapper.jpg
1 138240 Oct 13  2003 orientation_cone.gmax
1  16464 Oct 15  2003 tds01_water01.tga

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