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Unlock camera in SoZ overland map

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Unlock camera in SoZ overland map

Ages ago I remember having either a custom script or the name of a internal script that would allow you to unlock the camera in the SoZ overland map.  IIRC the person who figured it out did so because a caravan was damaged and stuck too close to a town, could not click on it.  But unlocking the camera helped.. It also just makes alot of other things easier.. like when an encounter spawns and you get a msg, but it off the screen..

If anybody knows how to do this, please let me know. 



Doh!  After I typed this I decided to google  'nwn2 caravan stuck' instead of all the various 'overland camera' 'OLMAP camera' etc..

Turns out the answer was not here but on a different forum.. it is not a script, it is a DEBUG command 'toggleoverlandcamera' 

OMFSM.. glad I tried that.

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