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Changing Weapon Skins

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Changing Weapon Skins
I would like to exchange some of the Greatsword skins to some of the skins covered in this mod:
However, I'm not actually too sure how to do this. It doesn't say in the mod description how to install this - does anyone else know, or have they done something similar? If so, could they please provide steps on how to do it?
I've tried using Charlie's Appearence Changer mod, along with it's extension patch but I'm not sure how to get it working. I tried to manually change some files but all I managed to change was the model of the Greatsword, however it has no texture/colour and is just a plain model.
Any ideas would be great!
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Actually there is an installation helper in every .rar file I checked, 'called something around:

Readme - Adonnays Elven Weaponry.txt

So far, I would just drop everything (once unrared indeed) in the override folder myself, a foolish and unreasonnable mods installation style I've been using a lot since the first day I began playing my first game, an easygoing style which never failed me all my life... almost, 'keeping in mind the only right way to do well anything foolish is to do it right. 

I suppose the only one choice for you to make is between the replace or not options, up to you to decide, replacing existing ones (those the author call "stock weapons") or not, I suppose. 

The .hak version should only be left alone for serious modders and their toolset, those brained wizards our fun relies on. The upper class gamers. Don't touch anything you're not equiped or authorized to access to, as I wouldn't. 

Now, I'm not sure what to do with that "subdued_tints" file, but again, I would simply drop everything that comes out of it within my override folder as well, after due label identification as always for easy yet desperate removal, and just see how it fares... 

Just my two cents, as I'm fairly new to NWN2 mods myself, and you should probably wait for some professionnal advice here... or not. 

And just play. 

Your call.
Enjoy yourself as much as you ought to to yourself. 

(If anyone could ever write this last one in proper english, I'd be forever greatful... for I wrote it uglier than it deserves. )


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adonnay's replacement version replaces these stock weapons:

Elven style:
- Scimitars
- Katana
- Falchions

Medieval style:
- Bastard Swords
- Long Swords
- Greatswords
- Short Swords
- Longbows

that is, if you have that pack in player-override, whenever you see one of those stock weapons it should appear with its Adonnay model. However, if you want the full range of his weaponry, you'd use the full version of the pack and console in whichever item you want.

extract it to player-override, then enter the game (right-click the character who should receive the item, iirc) and open the console:

debugmode 1
giveitem ad_bsword01
debugmode 0

this should create "ad_bsword01" in the character's inventory. Now, just what "ad_bsword01" is ... i'd guess it's a bastard sword (you'd basically need to look at things in the toolset to browse them). The possibilities are the .UTI files that are in the package -- in game terms, .UTI means "item".

note: I wouldn't unzip both packs to /Override at once, the replacement and the full, since they likely duplicate texture files. Not that that'd be a big problem ... in this case ... i figur.

re. Subdued tints. To use them, i imagine, simply unzip them into the other (unzipped) pack and overwrite. The idea being to replace the original .DDS texture-files with less glaringly tinted .DDS files. (probly a good idea, i've seen/used some rather deco axes & what not)

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