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server staging: sourcesafe.xml downloaded but not verified?

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server staging: sourcesafe.xml downloaded but not verified?

Hi all,

I am running a MP server on Windows (Server 2008). I have the server running, the client files staged and available via a local webserver. The clients are able to connect and download the majority of the game files. However I am running into a constant error on the client:

"sourcesafe.xml was downloaded succesfully but can not be verified"

It then stops downloading any other files and does not allow the client to connect.

I have confirmed that sourcesafe.xml.lzma exists on the server, and opens normally (via 7zip) and contains a basic XML file. I have also confirmed the client has downloaded sourcesafe.xml.lzma. The client is unable to open the file automatically. However I can manually open that file (via 7zip) and it contains the same XML file as on the server.

It seems like the NWN2 client cannot open this one .lzma file itself. Even if I manually unzip it and leave it in the campaigns folder (next to the other successfully downloaded files) the client gives the same error. It appears to look for sourcesafe.xml.lzma, can not find it, deletes sourcesafe.xml, re-downloads sourcesafe.xml.lzma but cannot open or verify the new file.

The client successfully downloads and unpacks 133 other files from the server, but always fails on this one file. 

Has anyone else encountered a similar problem? I am unable to host a server with "require clients to download and synchronize" enabled until I can fix this.
PS: If anyone wants to test I can share the IP and password of the server via private message 
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