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NWN2 Technical Support (Self-Help) Starts Here

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NWN2 Technical Support (Self-Help) Starts Here


 Selene Moonsong

Post 1

This  forum is for  the discussion of NWN 2 technical problems with fellow players for both the PC and Mac versions.

Please post your system information when when requesting assistance to help others to be better able to help you, in the format shown below:


Game VersionNWN 2 1.00 (also include exspansions installed)

Game Language: English

Retail or Digital: Retail CD / Retail DVD / Direct 2 Drive

Processor Manufacturer: AMD / Intel

Processor Type: Athlon 64 / Pentium / dual core, Pentium D (2 CPUs), i7 Quad Core, etc.

Processor Speed: 2.0 GHz

Operating System / Service Pack: Such as WindowsXP/SP2, Windows Vista/SP1, etc.

System RAM: 2 gigs

Video Card Manufacturer: Such as ATI, NVIDIA, Intel, etc.

Video Card Model: Radeon x1300 / Geforce 7900

Video Card RAM: 256 megs

Video Card Driver Version: Catalyst 6.10 / 91.47 (use numbers, not the word latest)

Sound Card Manufacturer: Creative Labs of whatever make or brand

Sound Card Model: SB XFi or whatever applies for your sound card

Sound Card Driver Version: 4.34 (again, numbers please)

CD/ROM Type: (CD/ROM or CD/RW, SCSI IDE, etc)

DVD Type: (DVD/ROM or DVD/RW, SCSI IDE, etc.)

Hard Drive Type: (SCSI, IDE, SATA)

Free Disk Space:  C/15GB (Indicate additional drive letters and amount of free space where game and saved files are located if you have multiple or partitioned drives).

Power Supply:  (include wattage rating of the power supply and amperage on the 12-volt rail for PCs). This information is usually available on a label on the power supply.

Description: Describe your technical problem as best as you can 

~Selene Moonsong



 Selene Moonsong

Post 2

System Requirements

From the original post at Tech Support (Self-Help) Starts Here... on the BioBoards:

Hardware Specifications Updated to reflect NWN 2, MoTB, and SoZ:

NWN 2 and MoTB


Recommended System Configuration

Processor: 3.0 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent

Memory: 1 GB System RAM

Video Card: ATI Radeon X800 series, NVIDIA GeForce 6800 series or higher video card

Minimum Required System Configuration

Operating System: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista

Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent processor

Memory: 512 MB RAM

Hard Disk Space: 6.5 GB free hard disk space

DVD-ROM Drive: 6X speed or faster

Video: ATI Radeon 9800 or NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or higher                  

Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card

DirectX: DirectX version 9.0c (included) or higher

NWN 2: SoZ


Recommended System Configuration

Processor: 2.6 GHz Intel Pentium D 805 or AMD X2 +3800 or faster

Memory: 2 GB System RAM

Video Card: ATI Radeon X1950 512MB series, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 512MB series, or higher


Minimum Required System Configuration

Operating System: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista

Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent processor

Memory: 1 GB RAM

Hard Disk Space: 8 GB free hard disk space

DVD-ROM Drive: 6X speed or faster

Video: ATI Radeon X700 or NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or higher    

Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card

DirectX: or higher DirectX version 9.0c (included) 

The amount of free disk space available after game installation is important. I recommend 15 GB free disk space for NWN 2 (with or without MoTB), and 20-25 GB free disk space if you have all three games installed (NWN 2 + MoTB + SoZ).



 Selene Moonsong

Post 3

Is Your Video Card Supported?

Reposted here from the Legacy BioBoards NWN 2: Tech Support (Self-Help) Starts Here sticky topic:  


II. Laptop/Notebook Video and Audio Chipsets

Integrated laptop video chipsets are not officially supported for several reasons:

* Laptop/Notebook video chipsets generally provide very limited or no DirectDraw or DirectSound acceleration.

* Laptop/Notebook vendors, such as Dell or Gateway, do not typically test their systems for game compatibility.

* Laptop/Notebook device drivers are not as frequently updated to address graphical and/or game-specific issues compared to desktop video cards. In addition, device drivers are usually tailored specifically to a particular laptop/notebook by the manufacturer working closely with the chip maker compared to desktop video card device drivers being created for the chip itself.

* Laptop/Notebook graphics chipsets are designed for low power consumption and generally use a small amount of embedded RAM, using system RAM to make up any differences. Comparatively, desktop video cards in general have a larger amount of embedded RAM and do not resort to using system RAM.

* With some exceptions, such as the Radeon Mobility 9200 or GeForce FX Go 5200, notebook "3D" graphics chips do not support the advanced OpenGL and Direct3D features that have become standard on desktop 3D video cards.

* The simplistic audio chip in notebooks is designed for basic multimedia functions like playing music CDs or business presentations. The standard audio for games is Microsoft DirectSound. DirectSound requires a high-performance sound architecture that is able to do real-time mixing of multiple sound samples.

However, all of this aside, here are some laptop/notebook video chipsets that should work with titles requiring a 128MB Hardware T&L video card or higher:

ATI Mobility Radeon 9600

ATI Mobility Radeon 9700

ATI Mobility Radeon 9800

ATI Mobility Radeon x600

ATI Mobility Radeon x700

ATI Mobility Radeon x800

ATI Mobility Radeon x1400

ATI Mobility Radeon x1600

ATI Mobility Radeon x1800

Nvidia GeForce Go 6400

Nvidia GeForce Go 6600

Nvidia GeForce Go 6800

Nvidia GeForce Go 6800 Ultra

Nvidia GeForce Go 7300

Nvidia GeForce Go 7400

Nvidia GeForce Go 7600

Nvidia GeForce Go 7800

Nvidia GeForce Go 7800 GTX

Nvidia GeForce Go 7900 GS

Nvidia GeForce Go 7900 GTX

IV. Supported Video cards

As is noted in the minimum requirements not all video cards have hardware vertex and pixel shader support even though they have the required video memory available. Here is a non-exhaustive list of video cards that we have tested and are supported:

ATI Radeon 9500 Pro

ATI Radeon 9600 Pro and XT

ATI Radeon 9700 Pro

ATI Radeon 9800 Pro and XT

ATI Radeon X600 series

ATI Radeon X700 series

ATI Radeon X800 series

ATI Radeon X1600 series

ATI Radeon X1800 series

ATI Radeon X1900 series

Nvidia GeForce 6600 series

Nvidia GeForce 6800 series

Nvidia GeForce 7600 series

Nvidia GeForce 7800 series

Nvidia GeForce 7900 series

Note that this information was released in 2006. It should also be noted that SoZ has a higher minimum requirement than NWN 2 and MoTB has, as is dicussed in the System Requirements post above.

In addition, when Obsidian says something should work it does not mean that it necessarily will work in your system, and does not suggest that something is officially supported.

Video Drivers

Some versions of video drivers may affect NWN 2 adversely, creating unusual bugs. Such was the issue with recent drivers from NVIDIA for the 8800 through 400 series graphics cards. The only thing I can suggest on this is to roll drivers back to an earlier known working version of drivers, or to check the appropriate manufacturer site for possible beta drivers that may resolve the issue.



 Selene Moonsong

Post 4

Installing NWN 2 

Before installing, I would highly recommend installing the latest version of DirecX 9.0c (Redistributable), whether or not you have an older version of DX 9 installed. Despite popular beliefs, DX 10 and DX 11 are not fully backward compatible with games and other applications designed for DX 9.0c, such as NWN 2. So, even if you have Vista or Win 7 with DX 10 or higher, you will still need to install DX 9.0c (Redistributable). Note that DX 9 will co-exist with the later versions, it will not overwrite them, nor will the later versions overwrite DX 9. 

Also, .NET Frameworks should be updated to at least version 3.5. DX 9.0c and .Net Frameworks can be obtained from Microsoft's download site; make sure you download and install the correct version for your operating system.

Installation in a Nutshell

1. Disable anti virus/malware applications and software-based firewalls (including Windows Firewall). If re-installing, make sure there are no folders or files left from a previous installation of NWN 2 and the related expansions.

2. Install NWN 2 (OC); DO NOT update when the installer asks you to, simply exit the install program. Launch NWN 2 after completing the install and play through the first conversation, then exit the game (required for those using digital download versions, recommended for everyone). If not installing the expansions, start NWN 2 and select Update from the menu option.

3. Install MoTB: DO NOT update when the installer asks you to, simply exit the install program. If not installing SoZ, start NWN 2 and select Update from the menu option.

4. Install SoZ: DO NOT update when the installer asks you to, simply exit the install program. Start NWN 2 and select Update from the menu option.

Note: The preferred and recommended method of updating NWN 2 is by use of NWUpdate, which is accessed from the NWN 2 Start Up menu. NWUpdate will automatically download and install the appropriate updates for NWN 2, even from a fresh or new install.



 Selene Moonsong

Post 5

On Removing NWN 2...

In some cases, a fresh install may be needed to correct problems you may run into, such as accidental program file deletions, the corruption of program files, or whatever the case may be. However, you cannot simply install NWN 2 on top of itself as there are no repair functions built into the NWN 2 installer, nor are there any 'Critical Updates' provided that can repair NWN 2.

The below instructions are provided to help you ensure a complete removal of NWN 2 so that you can do a clean installation of NWN 2.

Before removing NWN 2:

Copy your My Documents > Neverwinter Nights 2 folder to a non-NWN 2 folder for safe keeping to preserve any saved games, custom content, etc, you wish to keep. I would also recommend you copy your nwncdkey.ini file from the install directory; C: > Program Files > Atari > Neverwinter Nights 2 to a safe place as well for reference as it contains your CD Key information. 

To Remove NWN 2 

1. From the Control Panel, run the Add or Remove Programs utility and remove Neverwinter Nights 2.

2. After removing Neverwinter Nights 2, delete the folders (in bold) if they remain:

2a. My Documents (or Dicuments) > Neverwinter Nights 2

2b. C: > Program Files > Atari > Neverwinter Nights 2

3. Restart the computer

4. Prior to re-installing NWN 2 this would be a great time to clean up and defragment your hard drive and is highly recommended.

To install NWN 2 again, see the previous post titled Installing NWN 2 

Patches for manual installation can be found at the  Neverwinter Nights 2 Vault


Having Problems Uninstalling? 

Try this trick from fellow Community Member Alasaari:


1. Delete the installation folder ('C: > Program Files > Atari > Neverwinter Nights 2').

2. Backup your saves from 'C: > Documents and Settings > USER NAME > My Documents > Neverwinter Nights 2'.

3. When you have backupped, delete the 'Neverwinter Nights 2' folder.

4. Browse to 'C: > Program Files > InstallShield Installation Information' and delete the following folder: '{F20C1251-1D0A-4944-B2AE-678581B33B19}'.

5. Now try reinstalling



 Selene Moonsong

Post 6

Characters Won't Follow

I don't know why, nor can I reproduce the bug at will, but in some cases Companions simply seem to stop following automatically. 

There are some instances where the Companions are given a 'Stand your Ground' command, such as at the Sunken Flagon, and others where a player may accidentally disable the AI functions. However, there are a couple of things you can try to get the Companions moving again...

AI Inactive:

Check to see if the AI icon, the smallish and right most icon attached to the large Options icon in the bottom left of of your screen, has a blue or red background. If it is blue, it means that AI is active. If it is red, it means the AI is turned off. Left-click on it to change the setting to blue (AI On).

Puppet Mode: 

In the character sheets for your Companions, select the "Behavior" tab and see if the companions are in Puppet mode. Turn Puppet Mode off if it is on.

Restarting AI:

Broadcast Commands:

You can use broadcast commands to tell your party or individual Companions to take limited actions, such as Attack, Follow, or Halt.

To give commands to a single party member: 

Right-click on the character's portrait (or the character) until the menu pops up. From that menu select the broadcast command option, then select the 'Follow me' option.

To broadcast commands to all Companions at once:

The Voice Chat (Emote) menu also contains broadcast commands, which are indicated by an asterisk (*). To activate the menu, press the letter v as you would any other mapped key function. When the menu opens, you will see various selectable options identified by a letter, each having a sub-menu of actions available. The options can be selected by using typing the letters in sequence or left-clicking on them with the mouse.

You can drill through the menus with the mouse, press the appropriate letter sequence to issue a broadcast command, or you can drag and drop the voice command icon into a quick slot for easy access.

To issue commands via keystroke, simply tap the letter v so that Voice Command (Emotes) menu appears. The three broadcast commands that I use most when I want to handle the whole party to do something as a group are:

Halt (Stand your ground): v w x

Follow me: v e e

Attack: v w e

Re-select Your Party

One thing that sometimes works, when other options, fail is to remove all of the Companions as is possible from your party and transition to another area, such as is possible from the Sunken Flagon when you exit there and are given the option to change party members. Return to the area that gives you the option to change your characters and select the party members you wish to have with you and transition again, then see if the Companions follow properly.



 Selene Moonsong

Post 7

Multiplayer Login Tutorial

By: Grinning Fool 

Connecting to a PW/Multiplayer Server

1. Launch Neverwinter Nights 2 

2. On the main menu, choose Multiplayer 

3. If you have not logged in before, choose "Create New Account" and fill out the form. The "Bioware Community Name" that you choose will also create an account for you in the NWN2 forums. Click OK when done.

4. If you have already created an account, enter your username and password. Click "Sign In" when done.

5. Click "Join Internet Game" 

6. Browse through the servers by choosing different Game Types. Make sure to wait a second or two after you choose a different game type, so that the list has time to load. 

7. Click on a server that interests you. You can sort by any field listed by clicking on its name. For example, to sort by # of players online, click "Players" up top. 

8. Download the required files for the server that interests you. Details on how to do this are below. 

9. Click "Connect" 

10. Make your character, and start playing!

Downloading Required Files

Before you can play on the server, you must first download the files that server requires. Please be aware that some servers do have automatic installers and other solutions for properly installing the needed files. If a web site provides you with specific instructions for installing or setting up, always follow those instructions instead of these. 

Note: This is now automated on most PWs: in such cases the automatic downloads will install in the correct locations for you.

To do this: 

1. Click the button labeled "Server Details" and find the address in one of three places: 

a) Check first in the "PWC Download" field. If an address is present, you can click on it to receive the information you need for file downloads. (Not all servers have this information.)

B) If you there is no address in the "PWC Download" field, look next in "Module Website" 

c) Finally, if neither of the above fields are filled, look at the Server Description field for a web site address. 

2. Go to the web site listed. From there, you will usually find a clearly identified link for required downloads. 

3. Download any needed files. They will typically be presented as a list of files. Note that some servers will require you to register at their web site before providing you with the needed files. 

4. Extract the files. Most places will provide the files to you in a compressed format, so that they can be downloaded faster. For files ending in ".7z" or ".rar", or ".tar.gz", you can extract them using WinRar. If the file ends in .zip, or if Windows lists it as a "Compressed Folder", you can open it directly without installing anything else. Some servers do not give files in compressed format. . If the file does not end in ".rar", ".7z", ".zip" or ".tar.gz", then it has not been compressed. You can proceed directly to the next step without worrying about extracting the files first. 

5. Install the needed files. Here is a general guide showing where different files go -- remember that not all servers use all of these different types of files. The only thing that all servers will require is the "PWC" file. 

a) Files ending in PWC go in My Documents\\\\Neverwinter Nights 2\\\\pwc

B) Files ending in TLK go in My Documents\\\\Neverwinter Nights 2\\\\tlk

c) Files ending in HAK go in My Documents\\\\Neverwinter Nights 2\\\\hak 

d) If the file ingamegui.ini is included, it must be placed in My Documents\\\\Neverwinter Nights 2\\\\ui\\\\default

6. Special files

a) Some servers will have Campaign files. The Campaign files must go in a folder within My Documents\\\\Neverwinter Nights 2\\\\Campaigns. The folder name to use will be provided to you -- usually it can be found in the information on the server's download page. 

B) Some servers will have files that must be placed in Override. Extract these files into My Documents\\\\Neverwinter Nights 2\\\\Override. Always remember that placing files in override can have unpredictable results, especially if you play on other servers, play other single player modules, or are still playing the official campaign.

Common Questions

Q. There is no web site listed in server details. Where do I get the downloads from? 

A. Unfortunately, unless the server admin has provided you with the location of the downloads, you can't play on this server. You might try locating the web site by searching the web for the server name. 

Q. There is a web site, but I can't find the files on it anywhere. 

A. This is all too common. The best thing you can do is email the server administrator, explain that you could not find the downloads, and politely request that they direct you to the server downloads page. 

Q. The server description is cut off. I can't see the full web site!

A. Unfortunately, many server admins don't seem to be aware that there is a limit to size of the Description field. Unless you can find the web site and file downloads through other means (such as searching for the server web on the web), you will not be able to join this server. 

Q. What are these fields "Module Website" and "PWC File" for? Wouldn't that be easier than having to type in the web site myself?

A. If the server admin has set their server up properly, these fields will contain the web site of the server, and sometimes a link directly to the file you need to download. Currently, this only works if a server is in your History list, or your Favorites list. It will work from the main browser with a future patch. 

Q. What is a PWC file? 

A. This file contains the map information for the server that you are trying to connect to. 

Q. When I download the PWC file, I have the whole module? 

A. No. You have only the minimum files needed in order to log into a server. You don't have the creatures, items,scripts, and other resources that make up a server.

Q . When I look at the server list, some servers are red, and some servers are grey. What does this mean? 

A. Red servers require a password to log in. You will most likely need to register at that server's web site in order to receive the password and download the needed files. Grey servers are running a different patch level than you have. This happens most commonly soon after a beta patch is released (some servers upgrade early); and after a final patch is released (some servers are slow to upgrade). 

Q. I made a character and tried to log in, but was immediately sent back to the main menu! What do I do? or

Q. I made a character and tried to log in, and NWN2 crashed! What do I do? 

A. If either of these two things happens, this means that you have have not installed this module's PWC file. Refer to section titled Downloading Required Files for details on downloading and installing this file and others that you may need. 

Q.After making a character and trying to log in, I received an error message: "Could not Load the Module: Missing Required HAK File" . What do I do? or

Q.After making a character and trying to log in, I received an error message: "Could not Load the Module: Missing Required TLK File" . What do I do? 

A. You must visit the server's web site, and download and install the require HAK or TLK file(s) before you can connect to it. Instructions for that are in section Downloading Required Files

I'm finally logged in -- now what?

A. Some things that can help you get started: 

- movement is the same as it is in the single player

- to speak out loud to people, hit the "enter" key then begin typing your message. When you're done, hit the "enter" key again. 

- the starting areas of many worlds include signposts and NPCs that you can speak to in order to learn more about the world. If such resources are available, you can often learn a lot by taking the time to explore them. 

- always respect the posted rules of the world you're visiting. If you find them to be too restrictive, there are many other worlds out there for you to explore.



 Selene Moonsong

Post 8

Port Forwarding for Hosting NWN2

If you wish to host a game, you must set up port forwarding on your router/firewall options depending on the configuration you are using. Players do not need to set up port forwarding.

In Windows XP with only a Cable Modem, no router:

1. Open Windows Firewall and select the "Exceptions" tab.

2. Click the "Add Port" button.

3. In the name field for the "Add a Port" form, enter a name for your application; In chart 1, I use the naming convention N2 followed by a sequence number that reads as N201 so that I know it is NWN 2 and is my first port entry for NWN 2.

4. For Port number, use the port number listed in Chart 1 Below under "Start"

5. For the Protocol, Shown as Radio Buttons as TCP or UDP, Select TCP or UDP as appropriate fo the port under "Protocol" in chart 1.

6. Click the "Okay" button on the "Add a Port" form.

7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 until all the required ports are opened.

Note: For other Firewall Applications, plese see the documentation for your Firewall settngs.

Chart 1: Port Numbers

These are the standard port numbers and protocols that need to be opened...

Start: Protocol
5120 : TCPUDP
6667 : TCPUDP

Port Range Forwarding with a Router:

Most routers use a similar means of opening ports referred to as Port Forwarding. However, the router identifies the specific IP address of the computer being used to host a game, such as NWN 2. Chart 2 below is based on a Linksys BEFSR41v4 router and is similar for most other routers.

To set up portforwarding for games or other applications, open your router administration interface; usually via a web page built into the router's firmware. 

For example: will open the login screen for administering my router from my local network (not accessible via internet). 

Open the Application & Gaming administration section for your router and fill in the appropriate information for each port.

Note: The IP address used will be the *static* IP address of your hosting computer; Check your TCP/IP settings for your network card and ensure that the IP address is manually entered rather than dynamically set by DCHP. See your Windows Help files for setting up your static IP address.

Once you complete filing in the the appropriate port settings and IP address for your host computer, save your settings, which will likely require your router be restarted.

Chart 2: Port Forwarding with a Router

NWN2A 5120 to 5129 TCPUDP
NWN2B 6667 to 6667 TCPUDP


Need More Help?

Alasaari originally posted this little gem on the Legacy BioBoards forums


Posted 08/05/07 16:44 (GMT) by Alasaari

If your internet connection is through router/modem and you do not have it's manual or have lost it, etc., look if it is listed listed .

If it is there, select it and then look for Neverwinter Nights 2 entry.

Then follow the guide's instructions



 Selene Moonsong


Post 9

Basic Hosting The OC or MotB via Internet Using your 


Before attempting to host the game for the first time, you will 

need to set up Port Forwarding for your system for others to be able to join in. 

Please see Post 8 above for Port Forwarding details.

1. Launch NWN

2. Click on "Multi-PLayer"

3. Enter your BioWare Community Name

4. Enter you password (or create New Account if you don't have a Bioware Community Account).

5. Click on "Sign In"

6. To launch a new game (starting from the beginning with either the OC or MotB), Click on "New Game", to launch a saved game from a previous Multiplayer session, click on "Load Game". The Server Info form wil appear on the screen.

7. Setting up your server info...

7a. Enter a Server Name

7b. Enter a password that will be required by players if a closed game in the Player Password field. Don't forget to let your fellow players know what the password will be.

7c. Enter a DM Password, even though you may not have a DM.

7d. Enter a Server Admin password, even though you don't need a server admin.

7e. Select as desired for PvP; None, Party, or Full.

7f. Set Max players to 4

7g. Set Level Range to be from 1 > 20 for the OC, from 1 > 30 for MotB

7h. Select "Game Type", most tend to use "Team" for team play of the OC/MotB though some of us use "Role Play".

7i. Set the Server Port to 5121, or what ever number you used in your Port Forwarding setup on your router for the server, usually your computer.

7j. Either check or uncheck Item Level Restrictions as desired.

7k. Either check or uncheck Player Pausing as desired.

7l. Either check or uncheck Enforce Legal Characters as desired.

7m. Either check or uncheck Allow local characters as desired. Note: Allow local characters permits a player to bring his or her own character from their own local vault to play. Unchecking this box forces the players to create and use a character in the host computer's server vault.

7n. Check Only One Party. The OC and MotB only allows a single party of characters.

7o. Check Post Game to Internet. If this is unchecked, it means for use on a Local Area Network (LAN).

7p. Click "Next"


Click "New Campaign"

7r. Select Neverwinter Nights 2 or Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer by clicking on the Campaign name

7s. Click "Start Campaign"

At this point, the new campaign should start and offer the host to create a new character, select an existing character, or to cancel. Either create a new character or select your character from the list an, when done, the game will start just as it does with NWN 2. You need only wait for your friends to join in with you to begin playing.

The same applies to loading and existing game, but once the initial setups have been made, you whouldn't have to set them up again.

Unlike the Single-player mode of play, the game will not Auto-save at specific points and it is up to the host to save the game manually through the options.


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