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That dreaded Windows update...

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That dreaded Windows update...

My laptop complains daily about some Windows updates I should do. Some are most likely things I should update, but there's also the dreaded update to version 1703 or something, the Windows Creators update. 
Last time I did that (last spring or summer), I had to have Microsoft assist me in removing it again as it completely messed up all games on my computer. No video or sound... you know, basically nothing working as it should. 

Hopefully now things are better, but before I run this update - can someone tell me of their experience? Does NWN2 play well with Windows 10 Creators update? Are the new sound and video drivers working as they should?

For the record I have a Clevo P170S I think, with an intel integrated graphics for non-game activities, as well an Nvidia GeForce GTX 780M for gaming, and a Realtek sound card. As I understand it, the current driver for the Nvidia card is 390.77 and for Realtek it's 10.0.24. 
Note that last time I updated there were NO video or sound drivers that worked... I'm not worried about that now, but I do want your opinion about HOW WELL they work, if you can. 

- fkirenicus -

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