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Area Transition Crashing Server!

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Area Transition Crashing Server!
Disclaimer: I solved this problem by setting the nwn2server.exe options to "Run as Administrator" and Compatability Mode: Windows XP (Service Pack 3). 
It works, but I don't know how well it works. I want to know if there's a more reliable fix.

So, this is a particularly weird thing I've only ever recently encountered with NWN2. Simply put, when a character transitions from one area to another, the server crashes. As you'd expect, this is a particularly nasty problem, that I may have fixed, but I want to ask about it regardless.

The problem first arose in the single player game that the toolset runs when testing a module. Whenever you transition, you crash your game. I've built a transition script that teleports a player to a waypoint when a placeable is used. If I do this with a server, the server itself crashes (Unless the Client Extender is installed)

The normal Area Transition will function in singleplayer, but it still crashes the server when used online.

My script is pretty simple:

(This is the only code in the script. I couldn't find the code button)

object oPC = GetLastUsedBy();
object oDestination = GetWaypointByTag(GetTag(OBJECT_SELF));
if(GetIsObjectValid(oDestination)) {
AssignCommand(oPC, ClearAllActions());
AssignCommand(oPC, ActionJumpToObject(oDestination, FALSE));
The end waypoint is in a clear area with plenty of space to land, and the area can be loaded if the module starts in that area, or the Client Extender is used.
I thought I'd ask here to avoid future nasty surprises, to see if I can fix my single player (the above fix doesn't work on nwn2main) and find out why this is happening, and if I can't apply a fix. I've used this machine to develop on NWN2 before, and I've not encountered this problem. I have recently started using the GOG version though, perhaps that is involved?
Thank you to anyone who can offer any help on the matter. 
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