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Updated: FRW Character Creator 3.0.0

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Updated: FRW Character Creator 3.0.0

After only 7 years of waiting, I have given a minor update to the FRW Character Creator.

Unfortunately, because I'm running off of a Steam installation of NWN2, the module now requires both expansions.  I have left the prior versions available as legacy files.  

Changes in this update:
* Support up to level 30 with appropriate gold.
* Ability for level 1 characters to get *some* gold (ask Chatter to make you level 1).
* A new +4 item store.
* As you advance in levels, you can access your current level's store, as well as the previous store.  This can be good when trying to buy a few low-cost items to round out your characters.
* Traps available for purchase in all stores (thanks to GCoyote for the suggestion!)
* Removed persistent companion support.  That hak unfortunately no longer works with of SoZ.

If you folks have further requests, please let me know!  I don't have many scripting skills left, but I can make small changes to the stores if they fit the spirit of the module.



Module description:

FRW Character Creator, v.3.0.0
by Berliad and ladydesire
Updated: 3 August, 2014


This module is designed to help players create balanced characters for use in other community-made modules. It will level your characters and give them an appropriate amount of gold for their new level. It will also permit you to purchase a limited assortment of items so that you can have a basic equipment foundation to take with you into new modules. The emphasis is on creating balanced, not overpowered characters that adhere to the classic D&D equipment magic standards endorsed by the Forgotten Realms Weave(link is external) (FRW) group (now defunct). It can also serve as a waystation for characters between modules, allowing you to sell off loot, empty your inventory of unwanted items, and buy new gear/potions.

Finally, it serves as a showcase for FRW modules, allowing users to meet NPC's from these modules, learn about the module offerings available, and purchase some of the custom items from these modules. 


* Level up your character & receive an appropriate amount of gold for this new level.  Supports through level 30.
* Equip your character with a basic foundation of gear that is appropriate for your level (up to +4 items). For low-level characters, these include silver & cold iron masterwork items.
* Meet with NPC's from FRW modules and learn about those modules.
* Access the Bartender's Store, which contains (at a premium price) custom items from FRW modules.
* Sell off loot from previous modules, ditch unwanted items, and re-equip your character between adventures.
* Remove no-drop items from your inventory.
* Do a limited amount of crafting (no magic station).
* Adjust your alignment.

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