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The Indanthrine Prince: Video Walkthrough & Commentary

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The Indanthrine Prince: Video Walkthrough & Commentary

I suppose this counts as a promotion, so here goes...

Whilst working on the final part of my trilogy of modules, I have been revisiting the module that started it all off; The Indanthrine Prince. It is set in an adaptation of Middle Earth (this is not a Middle Earth simulator, its more along the lines of the Iron Crown PnP adaptations - a sort of happy medium between D&D and ME). Anyway, fluff aside, my intentions with this revisit is to gather plans for some updates and to re-familiarise myself with my earlier efforts. So, to that end, I have turned the entire exercise into a collection of 30min (ish) videos. I dare call it a Let's Play - go here for those. But it can certainly be described as an "Official walkthrough" with commentary (or babbling, perhaps).

Perhaps my series may entice you to play - see my signature for the file links.

Here is the link to my YouTube channel where you can watch the walkthroughs. I also occasioanly make "Let's Build" videos and have recently started some plugs of new/interesting content for NWN2 - Something I wish to do more of, as social media could be better utilised to spread awareness of our unique community.


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