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Detailed Maps of Faerunian Cities

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Detailed Maps of Faerunian Cities

These are some screenshots of a longterm project I work on on-and-off. I rarely have time to touch it much anymore, but today I did some minor work on Neverwinter. I have a massive PW that I used to run as a 24/7 server and one major feature of the server was detailed Faerunian cities that are accurate in size and layout down to the square foot. This is my version of circa 1376 Neverwinter. There are four planned districts, but I am working on the River District and Beggar's Nest first. You can compare this to the official Neverwinter map that was released a few years ago.

There is a version of Luskan like this as well. Recently I decided to begin working on Baldur's Gate and I believe that one will go much faster since that city is mostly concrete. These are very early-stage WIP projects, but I thought I would share since I'm surprised there are not many other maps like this already.

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