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Webarchive's list of all NWN1 and NWN2 files!

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Webarchive's list of all NWN1 and NWN2 files!

I've rummaged around for their archived content of the old vault, and have uncovered these "magic" links to what appear to be their lists of all content / all downloadable content they have available.

Please, remember to be courteous with your use of's bandwidth. smiley


This link appears to be the list of all *files* captured from the old vault's file-servers. It's easiest to filter by either (or both) the old vault IDs when looking for a module or hakpack you need.*/*

This link appears to lead to all module screenshots in the archive. You'll need to filter by the screenshot's ID from the old vault (different from the module's id) to see if the one you need is there.*/*

This link displays as much meaningful (imo) form data as possible. (The Download.php filter is interesting, as it seems to list all download links according to the old vault's conventions. Most don't work though.)*/*


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