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Worlds of Rhun - Back for 2018

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Worlds of Rhun - Back for 2018
Worlds of Rhun is back online after a 2 year Hiatus. - for our forums
Direct Connect:
Features: (Assuming I remember most of them)
Vampire Bloodline System - 
Sire other players into your bloodline / sire line. 
Gain XP as your childe levels up, making you even stronger - typical pyramid scheme. More childe you sire, the more powerful you become.
Bloodline System allows you to purchase upgrades for your bloodline, to make your clan unique in its own strengths.
Bloodlines are visible here:
Forge of Olonwi - Sacrificial Crafting
The forge of Olonwi is a forge system that allows you to sacrifice one item, to take a random property from that item and place it on another.
Such crafting is expensive and balanced in the form of using Star Sapphires as currency.
StarGate System
Using a realistic dialing system, akin to the Film and TV Series, you can travel to other strange new worlds using the Star Gate.
Our housing system even gives you the chance to get a personal house with an indoors Star Gate with the address of your choosing.
Dynamic Spawning System
The stronger you are, the stronger your foes will me.
This system will detect powerful players, then adjust the spawned in enemies to have ability scores around +10 of the players values.
This is capped at either 30 or 50 above the creatures base value.
This results in monsters that are scaled - because they cannot go above their CAP, but they can adjust to give more challenge to players of various strengths.
Ability Score bonuses upper and lower cap is -/+ 30 instead of the base 12.
Custom Built Incantation / Ritual / Cauldron System
Verbal spell casting of incantations and rituals:
Craft using blood from enemies, other players, even your own blood - different subraces and species can be used in different recipes.
Many reagents are undiscovered - until someone discovers them.
Some of the rituals even summon characters from other universes - Ever wanted the Dark Phoenix to fight for you in a semi-scripted battle sequence? 
'I am fire made flesh, power incarnate.... I am DARK PHOENIX!!'

(If you use the Rhun Downloader- you actually hear that audio when she is summoned. :D)
God / Diety System
Players who explore forgotten ruins and complete ancient puzzles may earn the right to become a God themselves.
Doing so will grant them the ability to convert their character to be a Diety.

Diety / God characters play the game in a completely different way.
They have the ability to generate divine energy per minute.
Earning more followers will increase the Divine energy generation rate.
They can use this income, to offset the cost of maintaining a strong physical body.
Eg: If they wanted to - they could level up to level 40 via dialog menu.
However, they would be charged a certain amount of Divine energy per minute to maintain that level.
This balances the god - between Warrior Gods and Magical Gods.
A God who sacrifices their physical prowess, can instead divert that energy into his spell like abilities.
Throwing bolts of divine energy, flame waves, portals and teleporting.

The other fun aspects of the God system
  • Players can follow a god
  • Players can pray to that god - the prayer will actually be sent to the God if their email address is setup
  • Players can receive divine intervention from their god - even if the god is offline.
  • Gods can choose up to 3 portfolios they will assume.
    For instance: Primarilly I am a God of Time, but I also dabble in Death and Energy.
  • Gods can manipulate the dreams of Players - sending them cryptic or disturbing messages (customizable) to players in their dreams (For RPG)
  • Gods can curse players with elemental powers. The elemental powers can be dangerous to everyone around the player, including the player, but a 'learn as you use' system is in place, that makes your Curse more managable the more you use it. Keep practicing your elemental curse powers and you will master them.
  • Gods can transmogrify items using an internal forging system- they target the item, and 're-roll' item properties on the item. They can then modify the name and description of said item.
  • Gods have limited creation abilities- They can make Chests, Bookshelves, Corpses, mark them as indestructible or not, as well as creating a key for the placeable as well. Once again - this is for Gods to run their own Quests.

As you might have started to surmise - the God system was developed to be an 'in-game DM mode for players'.


We are currently actively fixing bugs that have arose after we moved from Server 2003 to more up to date server technology.
Specifically - some memory corruption issues associated with nwnx_chat, nwnx_areas and nwnx_funcs

Until the nwnx_chat bug is resolved - SIMTOOLs is disabled - as there seems to be some sort of recursion going on when speaking in languages.

The Rhun Downloader application is also being updated to use the IPFS network for content delivery.

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