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Returning PW builder. Need help

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Returning PW builder. Need help

I used to run a custom NWN1 PW from 2003-2009 (ADRP if anyone remembers it). I have retrieved my old module and reinstalled NWN1 but I am unable to log in locally (ie test it as a stand alone module). It tells me the game and the module are different versions. Specifically that the module is running a more recent version and that I need to update NWN1.

I am running 1.69.8109.

I have the nwnenglish1.69hotuupdate (from here
After I ran it, and pulled up the updater the updater just tried to connect to bioware and timed out.

I also have nwnpatch171_4, which I updated the game to and still receive the mismatch error.4

In any event, after looking through the toolset I cannot for the life of me determine which version of NWN1 the current module was built under. Any help would be most appreciated.

It's been 10 years, I could really use a nudge in the right direction.



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