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Snow causing Crash

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Snow causing Crash

I join the No hak underconstruction.

as soon as I got past the book my PC crashed.

So I logged in my other computer to look around and it's a tile set that doesnt make me crash, accept it's snowing so My question is How do I fix the ice caves in path of ascention, and the starting screen of Underconstruction mod. I think it's snowing in that area in POA for sure. So how do i stop it from crashing? 


also info of other crash unsolved. 

I finished killing Marag and now I keep crashing

I went thru the whole Neverwinter nights Original game with no problems.

Then I started crashing  during transistion load screen into blumberg then the desert oasis in xp ch1 interlude

Let me back up I've been playing nwn for a very long time since like 2004 or something.

I've been through all the patches and updated to the 1.69 version and have the second lastest CEP everything has always worked fine. until

just recently I decided to go through all three games with one character and see where i ended up this time.

I couldnt get my Playercharacter machine 

AMD 8320 eight-core 3.50Ghz

64 bit windows 10 to load into the blumberg area transistion.

So i cheated my way past with the DM client into deekins shop to finish the quest.

Then loading into XP-1 interlude I was fine.

I told her to go ahead and send us past after completing the find the lost guide quest. then 

My played client loaded about halfway and crashed.

I tried to cheat my way in because my DM client made  the transistion

But he PC client crashed again. 

Anyone else have this problem because in my 14 or so years playing this is a new one on me.

Any new age would be appreciated.


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