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Tailoring Model Questions~!

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Tailoring Model Questions~!

Four things this go 'round!


Firstly: Assuming I had holes and gaps in the model-numbers here and there for my hak, would it be sufficient to take the Bloodsong's B2 Tailor with Restrictions from the big Mil's Script Repository here and use that to skip those respective missing numbers? Or would other alterations also need to be made to the script in addition to ensure that it neither selected missing appearances nor failed to include the full range of hak models? I'm having a difficulty understanding exactly WHAT about this script -- for example -- controls the model range that is exhausted before cycling back to #1.

Secondly: How might I modify the above scripts to include support for Helmets and Cloaks? One of the systems I've seen on the vault packaged with the Gigaschatten system and its various PW tools involved a series of superfluous "blank" cloaks and helmets that it actually just copied and pasted all the properties of the helm/cloak onto; but... that 'sort' of sounds like it's more than necessary. Is it?

Thirdly: In that same vain, how might I incorporate support for Weaponry and Shields? I am not using Project Q's Multi-Part shields. Just Vanilla NWN's standard one-piece ones.

Fourthly: Is there any other particular advice about scripting these that I should try to keep in mind in order to optimize performance?

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