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Bioware 1.69 Scripts and .2da Files

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Bioware 1.69 Scripts and .2da Files

This is a builder resource which simply provides the latest Bioware 1.69 scripts and 2da files in zip folders.

This has several potential uses:

  • It provides a baseline for new builder mods, ensuring that the builder starts from the latest official version
  • When using old mods created before 1.69, they need to be merged into the 1.69 version to ensure that 1.69 benefits and assets are not lost
  • Using a decent file explorer (e.g. FreeCommander), it is possible to search the Bioware scripts and 2da files

Anyone can create this resource for themselves using NWNExplorer, if they take care to overwrite older versions with newer ones, step by step. These downloads save that effort.

This is primarily for builder creating new mods and modules, so the Official Campaign assets are not included.



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