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Thay PW  one of the more "livable" PW's.  Your character's can grow and follow their path at their own pace.  You can actually own a merchant and make money, you can own a home and actually furnish it  and it has a very complete banking system.

Thayan creator and admistrator, has incoporated actual Thay events in game so players are a "part" of the Thay lore.  Its is self sustaining meaning  there is no need to wait around for DM's to advance your character which allows DMs to play as players but gives them more freedom to surprise players.

It does not use CEP but you do need to download two haks which are worth it.  The new updates give and old game new life.  Also Thayan has been generous in allowing players to add to the world.   It is a world where one can be a slaver or an assassin, be enslaved or stalked by assassins. 

I have been playing there going on four years now and have made some design contributions.  It is an evil  place but thats not to say non-evil alignmants can not do well.

It is a world with many factions for players to join as the requirements and membership are determined by NPC's rather than PC's or DM's.  However ,through extensive RP players can create factions and have them included. 

Here is the website:


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