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we're working on a very old persistent world that is suddenly new again. Kind of. Originally, we were a pretty old german-speaking PW; but for various reasons we just went off the deep end and decided to translate everything to english.


Since we're at it, we're also reworking all areas, and retooling many things on the software side!


Right now, it's a "tinkerers workshop". There aren't any monsters to speak of (except a very pretty winter tiger that will take your face off), no fixed or scripted quests, and very few regular players (but some).


The whole purpose of the thing is that we were always player-driven - with huge possibilities in defining and altering setting and events, by players and for players (so auto-generated content isn't high on the list).


With our retooling efforts now we want to make the building process open to anyone as well, so that it can be truly built by players, for players.


Also in the box:


  • server lore spanning some 10 walltime years, with a hardcore 3.5-focused setting and (mostly social) roleplay, rooted in the Silver Marches (FR 3E)
  • web-based tools for collaboration and live module updates (no DM/admin intervention needed) that don't suck too hard
  • some advanced scripted and NWNX features
  • a legacy module with about 550 areas that is being sourced for content
  • about 6GB worth of mix & match custom content (that still needs cleaning up)
  • a bespoke updater for game files
  • also, we're 100% open source


Again, this is still aimed at builders, tinkerers and crafters, and as such has a somewhat steep learning curve requiring some investment. This certainly doesn't mean that noone plays - we do! - but it's a dual role right now. Players not interested in creating are welcome too, but caveat emptor and so on.


So, if think this is something you'd want to check out, head over to There's some very work-in-progress setting texts, and if you click on "Spaces" you can get to the Dev documentation to have a snoop around as well.


As well, if you have any questions at all, just ask here. :)



- the gremlins

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