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Ravenloft - POTM - Halloween 2017 Play-A-New-Character Event

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Ravenloft - POTM - Halloween 2017 Play-A-New-Character Event

Salutations all roleplayers!

Darkness looms as summer draws to an end, and once again that frightening night of horrors and haunting approaches us: Halloween, All Hallows' Eve, the night of the dead. And since there is no D&D setting more befitting for the exploration of the themes Halloween celebrates, we at "Prisoners of the Mists" would like to use this occasion to once again invite everyone to take part in our recurring server and community initiative - the "Play-A-New-Character-Event".

For those unfamiliar with the concept, this is an event where all participants roll up entirely new characters, providing an equal start for all in an exclusively low level environment. This isn't just an excellent opportunity for new players to join in and quickly get involved in the shared narratives, but it is also a simply but effective way of naturally generating an abundance of both exciting, frightening and immersive gothic horror roleplay.

So come join us for a treat of some of the best online roleplay there is, while meeting with new and old friends alike! Hardly any tricks involved!

The event will be running from October 27th (Friday) to November 6th (Monday) (2017).

Expect a number of DM events and special occurrences to appear in game during the period, but we also invite you to use our forums for pre-planning things with other players.

To read more about this event, follow this link where we will keep you updated with all relevant info:

Looking forward to seeing you there,

- The Ravenloft POTM community and staff.

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