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nwn server hosting idea

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nwn server hosting idea

after serious playing with nwn server, I concieved an idea.

about server persisting nwn modules most cost-efective and eficient (on linux).

generating unionfs images for nwn base and additional content will work in layers (another unionfs modules) + module "userspace" (chars, etc)

technical aside...

- upload your module over web

- database support pgsql-mysql-sqlite

- run it with status + over the web console to server (restart, kick etc)

the idea is that it would be nice to have ancient modules present and runnable with low resoucers cost.

because of layered filesystem design there is low overhead of most disk + ram operations no matter how many modules are ran.


please let me know if you would like to have such sevice to exist .


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I don't understand the technical side of it at all....

If it means brining back more neverwinter nights servers then...

Why not? 

who is 

Age Of Mortals beirutnwn

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