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The Moonsea - a new NWN PW

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The Moonsea - a new NWN PW

Greetings adventurers! Today we launch The Moonsea, a new persistent Role Play world set in the Forgotten Realms around the harsh and very dangerous Moonsea. It used to be called The Sea of Dragons, for dragons of all sorts came to mate there and they still do. 


It is a war-torn area with some of Faerûn's most dangerous villains and cities - Manshoon and Fzoul Chembryl of Zhentil Keep and Maalthiir of Hillsfar, just to name a few.


You need CEP 2.4 and a couple of custom haks


The Direct Connet IP is:


A temporary forum excist, so we invite all of you to try the Moonsea and give us feedback. Remember, it's still BETA, so you can have an impact on how the server should be.



Happy gaming!



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