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D&D Animated Series - 6 NPCs

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D&D Animated Series - 6 NPCs

Dungeons and Dragons
The Animated Series

By:  Dragooneer

Included is 6 Human NPCs and their equipment.

Hank the Ranger
Eric the Cavalier
Diana the Acrobat
Presto the Magician
Sheila the Thief
Bobby the Barbarian

I needed these for a project I am working on which will utilize these characters. I thought others might find these useful.

These are very basic characters.  I tried to stick close to what the manual states for these NPCs. I assigned them to Defender faction as they will be used in a custom faction for my project.  Uni and Venger are both notably missing from this export as this does not use CEP or any other hak!  Simply import into your module and NPCs can be found in Custom/NPCs/Humans.


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