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Arenthyor - A Challenging Roleplay World

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Arenthyor - A Challenging Roleplay World

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Ready for something different?  Something challenging?  Something that makes you remember those heady days when you had to earn your character's success and death was around every corner?

Welcome to Arenthyor.

Arenthyor is a roleplaying server offering a balance of high roleplaying and adventure in a medium magic and slow/medium leveling environment.  It is a challenging world that will make you rethink what you think you know about NWN.  Expect the unexpected and never take your safety for granted!

Arenthyor's rich, detailed lore provides unlimited inspiration for your roleplay and a welcoming community in which to tell your character's story.

In Arenthyor, the world was literally ripped apart some 670+ years prior and is only now emerging from the dark age.  Humans have no civilization to speak of, with  most living as nomadic bands foraging the land and fleeing from predators.  However, one rumor of a 'human' city located deep in the swamps drives the foolish and mad to investigate while the other races hide in their ancestral homelands.

Elves and other fey are reviled.  Most say they caused the Riftening that tore the world apart, for just before the cataclysm all those hundreds of years ago, they disappeared and have not been seen since.

When the fey disappeared, they took their knowledge of wizardly magic with them.  Only recently have gnomes discovered and shared a new, alchemical-based magic that seems to allow the non-fey to tap into arcane energies.

Join Arenthyor today and see if you have the luck to survive and the skill to flourish.

Only CEP 2.6 is required to log-on (and for many, many areas).  Additional haks are required for higher-level areas (once you've decided to stay).



  • Over 1,700 monsters to slay you!
  • Expansive world spanning multiple servers
  • Randomized dungeons
  • Player owned guilds and leadership
  • Random merchant inventories
  • Item Creation and Enchantment
  • Unique loot system
  • Languages
  • Unique Crafting system
  • Ridable Horses, Jousting, and so much more...

See you in-game!  | Arenthyor - a challenging and immersive roleplaying world.  Come join and fulfill your destiny!
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Ongoing development continues in Arenthyor to bring the best systems and challenges to our players.

A few of our latest updates include:

1)  New search system!  Use your Oculus Loop for find more than just secret compartments in treasure chests.  Now, you can search the ground around you to find items, chests, creatures, useful information, or...wait for it....  secret doors!!  These secret doors can lead to treasure rooms or even quick shortcuts to the end of a dungeon!

2)  New Quests!  A new land has appeared off the coast of Arenthyor...the Eroded Isle.  It is said to serve as a refuge for the salty pirate clans who sail the Bloodmoor for pillage and plunder.  The isle is also said to be home to stranger (and more dangerous) denizens than just pirates, though...

If that's too much danger for you, you can try to venture out past the Lowland Swamps and into the Lowlands.  There, you'll find more adventure than you can shake your sword at while exploring the lost Stoneground Cairn, the Tainted Hall, or the Abandoned Khanstone Quarry!

3)  Item Wear and Repair system.  We've launched a new item damage and repair system.  In combat, your weapons and armor can now be damaged and actually break.  Smiths in towns can repair items and some PCs will be able to improve the quality of your items.

4)  New to Arenthyor?  Check out the following new-player protips to make your transition easier and shorten the learning curve.

5)  Check out the MAP of Arenthyor!! A hearty thanks to Laomedon his herculean efforts to travel the length and breadth of Arenthyor, braving all sorts of threats to chart the land (though we think he's gone quite mad now due to prolonged exposure to the Rift...).

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