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Ancient Bioware PDF Tutorials

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Tarot Redhand
Ancient Bioware PDF Tutorials
Having uploaded the ancient Bioware modules it occurred to me that I had some other Bioware (non module) files. In addition to the modules that I've uploaded, Bioware also created a number of tutorials. Ten of these were released as both read in your browser and in downloadable pdf format. Some of these came with accompanying files. The most well known of these being the toolset tutorial. While this is already here on the vault, the only version I could find by using the search facility on this site doesn't include the accompanying module. Apart from the toolset tutorial none of these showed up using this sites search facility. The 10 pdf tutorials that I've got are -
In own folders
AuroraToolsetTutorial (Tutorial & module)
Creating a Hidden Trap Door (Tutorial & erf file)
Creating a Hidden Wall Door (Tutorial, erf file & hak file)
Creating and Importing Custom Portraits (Tutorial & 5 tga files)
#An Introduction to the Plot Wizard.pdf
Adding Custom Music.pdf
Adding Custom Sounds.pdf
Creating a Starting Movie for a Module.pdf
Neverwinter Nights Content Installer Creator.pdf
I have therefore decided to package these up and upload this collection of original Bioware tutorials here. Hope you find them of use.
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