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Spires of Ravenloft - help

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Aquarius 233
Spires of Ravenloft - help

Hi all,

I am playing "Spires of Ravenloft (Revised Edition"), the version posted at the following link:

I have reached the Ravenloft crypts at the bottom of Strahd's castle. I have explored almost all the crypts, only the following ones have to be discovered:

 - a gate that I cannot pass because the statues of Lathander tell me that "I am not clean"; I have browsed into the various versions and I found that I cannot enter because my PC is not Lawful good;

 - a crypt (bottom left of the map) that I can't open because I need a specific key.

Is it possible to obtain the key someway?

I have read, on the walkthrough, that one of the crypt located in the area contains a portal which teleports me to Strahd's tomb, for the final battle. But where is this portal?

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!


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