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Tonden Ockay
Looking For

Hi all I'm looking for a module or server that has most of what I would like to have.

Does anyone know of a Module or Server that has most or a lot of the following?


- Low Power Curve

- Item based (Low Numbers/ Pluses)

- Hard to get items so once you get an upgrade you will have it for a long time before getting another.

- Random spawns (Common to Rare)

- Random item drops (Common to Rare)

- Swords and/or Armor dropping off of Humanoids and not Animal/Creatures.

- Creatures shouldn’t drop weapons or armor, but that stuff could be in their lair or part of the creature it’s self could be one of the components needed to create an item.

- Finding 3 to 5 items needed to create a weapon or armor upgrade.

- Random NPC’s and Creature attacks on Cities, Towns, and Villages.

- Heat damage from deserts

- Cold damage from snow and ice areas

- More water needed in Hot areas

- May be have each race have its own starting city (Not half-elf or half-orc)

- Slow leveling

- Food and water

- Random spawns along the road, so no two trips to somewhere would be the same.

- Random supprise encounts between areas (would have a chance for one each time you are leaving an area.

- Rare boss mobs that has place holders

- Large outdoor area’s like 32x32

- It would be nice to not have maps


I'm an old school MMORPG gamer so I like slow low power/low numbers grind.

I'm not a fan of flashy, high flying, supper hero games.

I all so don't like items falling of trees I enjoy spending hours working for each and everything I get.

I love large words that you could get lost in.


Any ways thanks for your help and time. I have been and still currently looking for the right Server or Module to play.

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