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The Adventurer's Club

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The Adventurer's Club

A Call to Arms
Ah, a good rest, just what you needed after fighting your way out of that last dungeon. Sure, the bed could have been softer, and the noise in the taproom below could have woken the dead, but it's better than the uncomfortable half-sleep on top of rocks that you catch in the wilderness.
Just as you're about to step out the door of your inn room, you notice a fine sheet of vellum sticking out from beneath the door.
As you pick it up, gold-leafed borders gleam in the light. At first, the decorative page appears to be empty, but then, letters slowly swirl into being on the page in a smooth and even calligraphic hand.

    Dear Adventurer,  
    News of your exploits travels fast. We of the Adventurer's Club are looking for a few brave adventurers to join our cause.  
    Whether you're a first rate fighter with years of experience, or a wizard just starting your career as an adventurer, we welcome you to join us in proposing new quests, taking part in adventures, and discussing our shared   experiences.  We eagerly await your response.  
      Yours sincerely,
      The Adventurer's Club

What is this Adventurer's Club, and why did they leave a note for you?
The AC works like a bookclub, but instead is focused on modules for Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2. We solicit nominations for modules to play, vote on which of the nominations we play, and then we all play. When we've had time to play and get to know the work, we have a semi-directed discussion about it in this forum.  The goal is to build community, draw some attention to deserving projects, and provide some good feedback to builders.
If this sounds like your kind of club, come check us out at The Adventurer's Club forums on Neverwinter Vault.
— Sir Adril
The Adventurer's Club is the brainchild of Sir Adril, and is a new project that we've started at Neverwinter Vault.  We're currently seeking nominations for our first adventure club module!  Please stop by, say hello, and maybe nominate a deserving module!


What I can add from myself?
You can read the above invitation here:
We are currently nominating the first batch of modules both NWN1 and NWN2 here:

When the month ends we will have a poll and pick one module each game to play till the end of the month and discuss among ourselves. Then we will repeat the cycle.


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