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Project Q Lite

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Project Q Lite

Current Build is 01072018 - Requires NWN Enhanced Edition and Project Q v2.2

1) What is Project Q Lite? 

Prioject Q Lite is a tophak project intended for Builders that wish to use a more limited version of Project Q. It is NOT intended for modules that already have Q installed. This project should ONLY be used with new modules or modules that do NOT already have Q installed.

2) What Q resources are used with Project Q Lite

Project Q Lite requires that the following Q haks be attached to the module: q_creatures, q_placeables, q_portraits, q_sounds, and q_tilesets. ProjectQ.tlk must be set as the Custom Talk Table. 

3) Does Project Q Lite work with the optional Q haks?

Project Q Lite has not been tested with the optional haks.

4) Will Project Q Lite work with NWN 1.69?

Yes, it should, but it has not been tested on that platform.

5) Why did you omit q_items, q_race, and q_robes?
This was a conscious choice on my part brought about from a fundamental change in my thought processes regarding how single-player modules are constructed and what resources belong in module specific resources (HAKs) and what resources are better left to individual player choice (e.g. Overrides).
After watching my daughter's frustration with exporting a character from a CEP module to play in a non-CEP module, it became apparent to me that resources that can be exported with a charatcer BIC file do not belong in a single-player module. Custom items, phenotype alterations, and PC parts are exceptionally problematic as they often contain model geometry that may not be present in other modules unless they use the same HAKs. Thus, as their seems to be NO standardized package that works in ALL cases, I decided it was best to avoid the issues presented by such content all together. That being said, if you wish to include such content, then you downloaded this package for nothing.
6) So you omitted a lot of overriding content but left the creature, placeable, and tile overrides in?
Yes. Creatures, placeables, and tiles are static features that cannot be exported from the module - they are part of it. Changes to such resources have NO impact beyond the module to which the HAKs containing them are attached.
7) So what files are included in the hak?
  • AmbientSound.2da
  • AppearanceSndSet.2da
  • ambientmusic.2da
  • appearance.2da
  • doortypes.2da
  • environment.2da
  • footstepsounds.2da
  • loadscreens.2da
  • placeables.2da
  • portraits.2da
  • skyboxes.2da
  • soundset.2da
  • surfacemat.2da
  • tailmodel.2da (modified to remove q_items model references)
  • tcn01_edge.2da
  • tdc01_edge.2da
  • tde01_edge.2da
  • tdm01_edge.2da
  • tic01_edge.2da
  • tin01_edge.2da
  • tni01_edge.2da
  • tni02_edge.2da
  • tno01_edge.2da
  • ttd01_edge.2da
  • weaponsounds.2da
  • wingmodel.2da (modified to remove q_items model references)
  • it_torch000.mdl
8) WAIT A MINUTE! You included a model and texture file? Doesn't that go against Q-Lite's philosophy?
No. The torch model overwrites only the original Bioware model and texture. Since the same model number is used, there is no issue with exporting torches as part of a character's bic file.
9) So if exporting torches doesn't cause an issue, then why not other items or PC parts that overwrite only the core Bioware assets?
Good point, and one I weighed heavily before deciding to just include the torch override. Many of the item overrides and additional PC parts added with Project Q were greeted with a mixed bag of feelings by the community. For example, while many people liked the multi-part shields, an equal number, myself included, did not. Other points of criticism were the choice of the hand pack that was included (many users preferred Kurairyu's Hands), some of the additional phenotypes that were added (especially those limited to specific races), and the inclusion of a large number of heads (that created additional work for Builders wishing to add their own custom heads), among others.
With these points in mind, it made more sense to sacrifice these resources for the benefit of keeping the package "lite." Furthermore, as far as PC parts are concerned, I see little point in including overrides for such models without addressing the entire PC model - in short, a blocky PC with excellant hands and a hi-poly head, is, at the end of the day, just a blocky PC with some minor improvements that might have been better spent on other resources.

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