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HQ Cadnav Models for NWN (Problem)

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HQ Cadnav Models for NWN (Problem)

Hello all.

I begin to learn 3ds max and modeling (only in the easy way) to convert all the models i download from cadnav to nwn (let s say HQ Creature Conversion Project or something like that), be sure this material will be uploaded for all of you. But in the way you always found problems, i was solving all those problems step by step watching tutorials etc... and finally i found that one i cant solve.  Keep in mind i m learning, maybe is the easiest one problem but i cant.

Then this is why im writing to you.

The problem is the model in game are facing bad, it face the back (turned), i checked aurorabase and ngon but i dont know whats wrong, i add you the image in 3dsmax.

Another thing i have to solve is the model are not well joint i know the way nwn joint the models, but checking other models of shemsu heru and others folks seems really the best way (for quality), i dont know how you do that. Any advice?


Thankyou all, and i hope soon i can upload some models.

PD: Really sorry for my bad english.


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