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How to start creating heads?

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How to start creating heads?

So, I have some head models taken from other game that I think will work just fine with NWN. 

WHERE do I start with changing textures into palletes and making the game recognize them as heads for certain races?

Treat me like total newb in that regard. I have access to both 3DMAX and GMAX, never really finished modeling anything. 

Any help would be appreciated. :) 

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:'D Headsing buddies??

PMed you a link.


Assuming that you already know how to export/import and create and link stuff in gmax (if not, see PMed link), what you wanna do is this:

For the model:

Set up an AuroraBase dummy named p(m/f)(a/e/h/o/d)0_head(NUMBER) - m for male, f for female, a is halfling, e is elf, h is human/half elf, o is half-orc, d is dwarf. Number should be the next number in the row after the base heads for the respective species, if you want it to show up in character creation, and not replace any of the base heads. So, example, pmh0_head001 is male human head 1. The last number is for the phenotype - 0 for standard, 2 for large.

Add an AuroraTrimesh modifier to your object containing the new head model; give it the same name the AuroraBase has, but add a "g" at the end, so pmh0_head001g. Link this to the AuroraBase. Tick Override Mat Values and Shadow active on the AuroraTrimesh.

For dangly hair, also add an AuroraFlex, and change the Color of the verts that you want to move. The darker they are, the more mobile they become. I recommend settings like 6, 3, 1.5 on the AuroraFlex - I think that's about what the standard heads use.

For the texture:

First off, depending on what you're starting out with, you'll probably wanna turn the whole thing grayscale in your image editor of choice. If convenient, separate the different parts (hair, skin, whatnot) so you can copypaste them separately from eachother.

Next, get Justin's PLTEditor.

Copypaste your grayscale texture into the PLTEditor; in individual parts, if conveniently possible. Also, ensure that there are no solid white or solid black pixels in the texture - those will automatically show up as Hair-colored. Use Tools -> Replace Colors to replace from Skin (standard grayscale) to Whatever - Hair, or Tattoo 1, Tattoo 2, etc. Copypaste back, flatten everything together again, save the texture with it's new color channels. Alternatively, you can also draw the color channels in manually in the PLTEditor, but it tends to be a lot more hassle than copypasting is.


heart we are now headsing buddies kekekekeke


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