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MUD / Text Based games in Blockchain

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MUD / Text Based games in Blockchain

Anyone here into those types of games from way back then...


'Walk north'

'-- You walk north'


'-- You look around and you see a `table` with some items on it.'

'Examine Table'

'-- The table appears to have the following items

Gold Pieces (x4)


'Take Dagger'

'You pocket the dagger'



Just an example of what I mean.

A few months ago, I started a personal project to make an Online MMO oriented Text/Chat based game.
It was originally vampire themed but thats not important. It would let the players customize their characters Eyes, Hair, gender and name etc.
(Textually speaking of course)

I never released it - although I did make it to the point where it was functional. Me and a Colleague used to use it to chat and mess around at work.

The gameworld was designed on the principle of 
Gameworld -> Contains Cells (Areas) -> Areas Contain Objects

Some of those objects can be transitions to other Cells (Areas).

Kinda like a Linked List in programming basics, I was able to make it so that when a player 'uses' a door, they transition instantly from one area to another.

It was kinda fun, I was able to walk around a textually described city of my own creation. (The starting area was a bar - which had its own opening and closing times)

I've recently started getting into block chain programming and discovered that block chain programming could be used quite advantageously with this MMO Mud game concept.
Blockchain could actually be used for quite alot of concepts for game resource hosting.
Think of it as data storage with decentralized, state aware and immutable properties.
Its decentralized in that everyone who runs the blockchain hosts everyones content,
its state aware in that any changes to the gameworld are recorded as transactions meaning you can actually load the chain at a specific point in time to see what happened etc
Immutable in that its impossible to tamper with, unless you own 51% or more of the blockchain hashing power - or the contracts are coded poorly.

I was wondering if anyone else shared an interest in MUD games or Blockchain that they might want to hear what I have been working on?
Its basically the concept of hosting an entire gameworld in the block chain - further more, it would facilitate a service where players could actually generate their own game world / mud/textbased worlds without having to host them.






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