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AME Migration to the Neverwinter Vault

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AME Migration to the Neverwinter Vault


The demands of my job over the last year made it necessary to set aside my efforts to work through our planned integration of the Academy for Modding Excellence into the NeverwinterVault. As a result, unfortunately, nothing has progressed on that front for quite some time. I believe that I should have enough time now to finish that task now and am moving ahead with it.

The information needed to continue the GDAs for the NWN Awards has now been posted in the GDA section of the forum. Once we finalize how to start up some the new voting polls I'll take care of that, and then migrate the NWN2 awards as well.

To vote on the awards you'll need to have a Neverwinter Vault account with the "AME Fellow" attribute. Anyone with an active account here will be welcome to join. Feel free to post here or PM me if you're interested and I'll work with the admins to get that set up. :)



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