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Sound 2 Sound Overrides 2014-04-09 14:27

I wanted to create a module using the Will'O'Wisp / Lantern Archon creature appearance, but the ambience was destroyed by the sound it made a

Hakpak 2 Statues 2014-12-01 15:10 I posted at Bioware Forums about placeables needed. I came up with a bunch of items that are wanted from the community. These are just ripped from the tilesets, but it fills the bill so here they are. I am posting them separate because I was asked to. That way they don't have to download items they don't need. These are also zipped up mdl's. so you can add them as you see fit. Thanks and Enjoy
Item 2 Sun and Moon Rods 2017-03-09 11:51

2 Sun and Moon Rods by FantasyObsessedRPGer

Item 20 New NWN2 Potions 2014-12-01 15:08

20 usable potions for use as treasure and/or store inventory for module builders.

Portrait 200+ Portraits of the Vault 2016-11-01 14:27 Lots of good stuff on the vault and it's time to contribute some, even if my effort, in this case, is minimal. Don't let the number 200+ (currently 222) give you any worries over the quality of the portraits. Check the screenies and you'll see. These are the portraits I gathered over the years for my personal use and imho they are the best ones in the vault. I created none of the portraits, only collected and made into this portrait pack.
International 2075 Enquête dans la Galaxie 2016-11-28 15:30 En cette fin de 21ème siècle, la survie de l'humanité est menacée. Vous allez vous embarquer pour un voyage spatial qui vous fera visiter la Lune, Mars, Io, Europa et que sais-je encore... Deux fins différentes vous sont proposées. Que vous soyez aimable, serviable et bon ou que vous préfériez être odieux, égoïste et mauvais, n'oubliez-pas : Votre survie, mais aussi celle de toute l'humanité et peut-être de toute la Galaxie dépend de VOUS !
Area 20x20 Rural Town 2015-06-18 06:31 This is my first ever entry on NWVault, so I hope I did this right, lol. It is basically: A 20 x 20 Rural Town, it has a handful of buildings, Inn's, houses, farms, etc. Plus a pile of other stuff, like placeables, as in butterflies, etc. to make it a more 'peaceful' feel. I have made this town hopefully, with enough room to customize it, and have also added a Healing fountain (heals when you drink out of it), and also added a little meeting area, with seats to sit down on. Hopefully this can be used and will be useful for people. I think of this town as a good starting area. Althoug, there are no doors, as I find some people would rather give them a seperate tag, and a few other things are missing, so that people can customize it as much as possible. So hope you all enjoy it, and leave some feedback, then maybe I could add more prefabs in the future.
Original Hakpak 21 New Containers 2015-05-10 05:19 7 Containers in High, Medium & Low versions. Their 2da entries are from 1000 to 1020 in the placeables 2da. The small one is best used just for jewels, gold and other small stuff.
Portrait 216MB of Portraits 2016-03-25 15:44 My whole collection of portraits, you might have some and you might miss some. I hope we can all just ad pictures in it so that there will be only 1 big portrait pack instead of several thousands...
Portrait 23 Female Portraits 2015-01-15 06:21

This is a sample of 23 female portraits for NWN2 I found on the net...

GUI 23slots_1x6_old_windows 2015-01-17 06:07

- Game resolution: 1280x1024.

- New fit for information windows.

Combined 25 in 1 - Tileset Pack 2014-12-01 15:10 Content : Jungle 1.0 and Drylands 1.1 by Baronrage, The Desert tileset was created by Xahlt The Winter 0.6 tileset was created by Labtek and Kenbok (aka Loremaster Q). The Egyptian tileset was created by Runemaker, Swamp 1.5a by Nighthawk Tree City by geekgirljess Vally/mountain/underground 2 'with water incl.' by spoonmerlin Drowcity 1.3 by Demona Undersea 1.1 by Runemaker Desert Interior (Interior2) by Athasian Nights Desert Mountains Valley by Spoonmerlin Snow Mountains by Spoonmerlin Desert and Desert City by Bodangly ------NEW------------ Dungeon by Eldonorian Lava Mountains by Mad cow Shadow City by theMountain Shadow Castle by theMountain Shadow Forest by theMountain Shadow Crypt by theMountain Shadow Interior by theMountain Shadow Mines by theMountain Shadow Rural by theMountain Shadow Sea by theMountain Shadow Sewer by theMountain Shadow Dungeon by theMountain Other Items/Placeables : Cloaks by Kinarr Greycloak Black Balor by Snakeeyes. Dracop´s Sheild by Dracop Black Sun Orcs by K´sarul Dragons Pack by Snakeeyes Dracolich by Overdroid Beholder by unknown
Original Hakpak 25 Paintings 2014-09-05 17:51

25 pictures from artists like Gustave Boulanger, Francois Boucher, Meindert Hobema, Paul Rubens, Hieromynus Bosch, Jacque-Luis David, Rembran

Portrait 25 Portraits 2016-11-01 14:25 An old collection of portraits I formatted. I did not create the artwork.
Script 255 known spells crash-prevention-fix 2016-08-27 01:34

The 255 spells known crash: NWN2 crashes whenever a wizard knows 255 spells or more.

Module 2600 Adventure 2016-04-11 07:17 Stupid me. I uploaded the module with the Gold Key and the Chalice laying right in the gold castle courtyard. Sorry. It's fixed now. This module is an adaptation of the original 'Adventure' for the Atari 2600 console. For those of us who are (grphfm) years old and remember the original 'Adventure' the module might bring back some fond memories. You'll find, in this adaptation, all of the elements of the original game recreated as faithfully as possible, which, I'm happy to say, worked out pretty darn well! The bat is as infuriating as ever as he flies from area to area and steals items, including the dragons! The bridge allows you to cross otherwise uncrossable areas. The dragons are impervious to all but the magic sword. The magnet pulls items to you from across the way. It's all there, even the infamous easter egg!
Portrait 270 Portraits 2015-01-17 05:31

A collection of most of my favourite NWN portraits from the Vault, mostly humans and elves.

Portrait 2D & 3D Adult Portraits 2016-09-06 07:14 Some old & new nude female portraits
Script 2DA based XP system 2014-07-19 01:24

I made this XP system specifically for PW Arkhalia in 2011.

Other 2DA Information Sheet 2015-01-17 05:28

I made this set of HTML files to help lookup the 2DA files from NWN2, MotB, and SoZ.

Tool 2DA Merge Utility 2015-01-17 06:07

This is a 2da merge utilty. It allows you to store your mod specific .2da edits seperately from the base .2da files.

Tool 2da viewer for NWN/NWN2 2015-01-17 05:19

This is a C# program I wrote to display 2da files in a grid format, similar to a spreadsheet.

Tool 2da/tlk/gff Editor aka TlkEdit2 2015-01-15 05:39

An editor for 2da, tlk and gff files written in Java.

Tool 2dilate [ob 2015-01-10 10:53

2dilate is a new (and slightly different) 2da merger. It adds a new file type: 2dx (specification below). In the hope of simplifying and easing the 2da merging process.

Original Hakpak 2DruNk2FraG's Homebrew Classpack 2015-01-17 05:18

***Version 1.4 ****
2DruNk2FraG’s Homebrew Classpack

Creature 2nd Edition Monster Manual Creatures 2015-07-13 14:47 This erf contains BluePrints for creatures missing from NWN that are taken from the 2nd Edition D&D game. Currently, they include: Smilodon Unicorn Tarrasque Wyvern Pegasus Titans But will be added to, to include many more favourites from the game.
Combined 3 Boat Placeables 2014-12-01 15:10 3 placeable boats from the tiles in the TCN tileset.
Combined 3 in 1 - Animal Forest Camo 2014-12-01 15:10 This is a good hakpak if you want to put animals in your mod without them being seen at first. It includes the Badger, Bat, and Panther. Enjoy.
Combined 3 in 1 - Water Warriors 2014-12-01 15:10 These are 3 water creatures and works well with the undersea hak, it includes the Frost Giant, Ettin, and the Umberhulk.
Area 3 interior areas 2014-12-01 15:10

A store, inn and a druid shrine. All have a "rustic" feel to them.

The inn is on two levels and the largest of the three areas.

Combined 3 Kingdoms Placeables 2014-12-01 15:09 3 Kingdoms Placeables HakPak Required for the 3 Kingdoms PW. Contains about 1000 new Placeables. 3 Kingdoms Placeable HakPak This HakPak contains about 1000 new Placeables I found on the vault. Kudos goes to all Authors for I only combined the content into a single Hak File. Contains no .ERFs so far, so you have to create a new placeable and change its appearance. Is both 1.30 and SoU ready. Its rather large (ca. 100 MB uncompressed) and designed for my PW (wich is still in early planning stages) but I think this hak could be useful for others as well. Overview about the content will be added later, its just too much stuff! Thanks to all talented custom content creators.
Area 3 Level_Lodge_5x5 2014-04-09 14:17

This is a Lodge/Inn with 3 levels:

1st Floor - 5x5 Bar & Dinning area.

2nd Floor - 5x5 Rest area.

Model 3 missing dresses for elves 2015-01-17 05:04

Ever had the feeling your female elf was missing out on something, was second class, didn't get what the others get?

Original Hakpak 3 Part Couch 2014-12-01 15:10 This includes 3 placeable parts of a couch that can each be set on so 3 players can sit together. Or the ends can go together for a loveseat. Add hak pack and then import .erf and place as needed.
Portrait 3 Portraits 2016-09-06 07:16 Three portraitsI use for charaters I play on MERP UK. All three are originaly from downloaded packs. The characters are: Sadronaraw, elf of the Greenwood Frain Hairylobes, Hobbit Bofer Doreg, Dwarf.
Portrait 3 Sexy Female Portraits 2016-09-06 07:15 3 very nice female portraits.
Area 3 Small Interiors 2014-12-01 15:10

3 small interior areas:

Original Hakpak 3 Tables 2015-12-18 09:38 Here are three wooden tables of varying sizes. I thought a little more than the dilapidated table included in the toolset was needed.
Combined 3 Werewolf Reskins 2014-12-01 15:10 I needed some different looking werewolfs for my module (The Linvak Tukal Valley) so I decided to reskin em :) I used GIMP for redrawing the skins and ObsidianSS to apply the skins (Thanks lllsnakeeyeslll!!!). There are 3 different werewolfs in this hak pack: 1 which just looks scarier then the original, 1 which is all gold (can be used for a good hero that was turned into a werewolf :) ), and 1 that has green stripes (good for swamps and jungles!). Enjoy!!
Hakpak 3.5 AD&D Rules (HotU Version) 2015-03-02 08:16 The hak pack for SoU is now avalible for HotU. This hak changes all the classes' spells, feats to make them more like the AD&D 3.5 edition rule system. Current version 2.3: A new update for the summer! This version features turns Protection/Resist Element into radial spells and increases there power among other great changes. On top of that, 3 new systems (each that can be turned on or off at your leasure) have been added: Bard Light Armor Spellcasting, Druid Metal Armor and Shield Restriction, and Medium/Heavy Armor Speed Reduction. I also went through the hak and tested just about everything and fixed a large number of bugs. Enjoy!
Hakpak 3.5 AD&D Rules (SoU Version) 2015-03-02 08:16 For SoU. This hak pack and the new custom.tlk file makes several changes to the classes in NWN by adding new feats and programming to scripts. Check the Read Me for more information. This hak pack will be updated as time goes on. Current version 2.3: A new update for the summer! This version features turns Protection/Resist Element into radial spells and increases there power among other great changes. On top of that, 3 new systems (each that can be turned on or off at your leasure) have been added: Bard Light Armor Spellcasting, Druid Metal Armor and Shield Restriction, and Medium/Heavy Armor Speed Reduction. I also went through the hak and tested just about everything and fixed a large number of bugs. Enjoy!
Hakpak 3.5 Edition (Balance Changes, Bug Fixes, AI Improvements, and More) 2015-12-05 13:37 NWN pseudo 3.5 edition D&D with emphasis on making modules more fun and balanced for multiplayer. See faq.txt for the installation instructions, see readme.txt for the game rules customization, see changes.txt for the content. Changes include major reworking of cleric domains, significant AI improvements and lock up fixes, pale master undead armies, RDD bonus spell slots, spell sneak attacks, etc. Much customization allowable thru editing customization.2da.
Original Hakpak 3.5 Edition PNP 2014-09-05 17:52

Simply place the files into your Override directory to have them take effect in the main campaign.

Hakpak 3.5 Edition Ranger (HotU Version) 2014-12-01 15:09 This is an update of Grey Wolf's 3.5 Ranger, with HotU's new skills, feats, and epic levels added. - Everything is as Grey Wolf's original except the removal of Armor Proficiency (Medium) as a free feat at level one. - See readme for details.
Hakpak 3.5 Edition Ranger (SoU Version) 2014-12-01 15:09 This modifies the Ranger to use 3.5 Edition rules. To see what this does, specifically, read the list of changes in the readme. The download listed under '2DA patch' is the HotU version of the hak, but it might also be required for SoU 1.61.
Module 3.5 Multiple Summonings 2014-09-05 17:51

Summon up to 10 creatures at a time choosing from a gui listing 4 per spell level. Standard summoning spell still works and is untouched.

Creature 3.5Ed Drizzt pack 2014-06-26 18:33

16th level CG Drow ranger with dual scimitars and all applicable feats, stats(including SR) and items

Soundset 30 Sword Coast Legends Monster Soundsets 2017-12-28 11:09

Here are 30 creature soundsets from nSpace's ill-fated Sword Coast Legends and a couple extra sounds like Beholder beams for builders to use

Portrait 300 Portrait Pack 2016-09-06 07:17 This is a portrait pack from the movie 300 hundred I hope you love the pack. Enjoy.
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2020: A Fresh Start 2020-01-12 18:04

I have collaborated with a fare few people in and outside the vault.