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Tileset 1001 Arabian Nights Tilesets 2015-04-09 09:34 While looking through some tilesets on NWN vault I found one which looks very interesting-namely that of an Arabian City created by MGSkaggs. Buildings made by MGSkaggs under the no-expansions NWN version are very realistic and reflect the appearance of Arabian City buildings’ architecture as they show flat roofs or buildings with no roofs at all. Unfortunately all objects made by the author are very simple, have very large textures and lack windows. Additionally, some objects such as City Walls, Temples and Castle/Palace are (in my judgment) not climatic at all. But still there is always something you need to start from, therefore all parts of the Tile-set Desert City of MGSkaggs, which in my opinion are worth working on, can now be found in the new Tile-set. What else? Quite a lot: City Tile-set evolved to a SuperSet; now it can be used in building deserts, palm tree groves, seashores, fully animated water, sea cliffs etc. I have also merged the textures together with the no-expansions NWN hacks to make their size as small as possible and at the same time to leave many possibilities opened to mod makers. Of course when working on such a large project it is hard to have everything done perfectly, without any errors. Please report any errors you notice-I will try to correct them as soon as possible. I would also like to use the opportunity to express my gratitude and thank the people who motivate me to run this project: Ving and Asgraf - The best script writers I know on the NWN scene V3par - My adventure with object modeling wouldn’t have even started without this guy. and Doodec – who helped me with the translation into English. Finally, Many thanks to the teams of the most popular Polish NWN Servers – Consulare Draconis & World in the Shadow Lands of Damned. PS. I’m looking forward to any suggestions you might have. PS2. This is an alpha version so please don't kill me if you find it awful :o)
Original Hakpak 11 Creature Races 2015-01-17 06:07

Version 2.0

Placeable 112 Placeable paintings 2014-08-29 13:52

This is a pack of 112 paintings for Chanteur and Mr.X 's placeable paintings. ERF included to import them all into the toolset.

Gameworld 12 Dark Secrets 2020-03-23 15:09

12 Dark Secrets is a persistent world featuring action and player vs. environment gameplay.

Combined 12 in 1 - Exotic Creature Pack 2014-12-01 15:10 This is just a mix of all my hak pak creatures. You get: Water Umber Hulk Water Frost Giant, Water Troll,Ettin(You may not see a difference on my picture publisher you looked illumunous, but it just looks like an ettin without muscles, I am compressing a Version 2.0 with the snow ettin, sorry) Lava Giant, Forest Camo Panther, Forest Camo Bat, Forest Camo Badger, Red Devil Orc, Red Devil Ogre Berserker, and Pop Art Ogre Mage. Enjoy.
Original Hakpak 128 Food and Crafting Icons from Witcher 2019-09-04 06:42

Hey there,


Combined 13th Monkey Developer HAK 2014-12-01 15:10 This hak contains 2 new tilesets (A generic dungeon and a Rural w/hills + forest combo), over 70 new creatures, including various new cows, scorpions, beetle resizes, mushroom creatures, and more; plus over 400 new placables, including debris, additional chairs, path, road, and railway placables, many new vegitation placables, and some more placables that I have never seen before such as glowing crystal placables, a cannon, and a guillotene. This hak is reccomended for any new mod builder who just needs to get a nice hak without much work, and it includes things that everyone could use. An .erf is included with MANY, but not all, of the things needed. See the web site for more information.
Portrait 13th Warrior 2015-10-28 04:57 ANTONIO BANDERAS AS ahmed ibn rashid in 13th WARRIOR. Great movie, Great actor .... and great PORTRAIT
Portrait 142 Oriental portraits 2015-01-17 06:07

A pack of 142 oriental portraits for nwn2.

Put the tga files in your Override folder.

Item 147 Mixtured Potions Pack 1.69 PL ENG 2018-09-29 08:40

A pack of 147 custom edited (old and new) potions mixtured by the pattern of spellschool color, range shape, counter-spellsc

  • 147 new, custom edited and rewritten mixtures and potions shopkeeper for Neverwinter Nights
Portrait 15 Female Portraits 2016-09-06 07:18 Heres a selection of female portraits for you to enjoy including a few rare halflings and some nice oriental ladies too. If compressed them in RAR format but if people want other formats let me know.
Module 15 Minute Maps Presents - A Night at Crows End 2016-11-16 18:27 You have decided to stay a night in the lands most haunted hotel... Enjoy your stay!
Module 15 Minute Maps Presents - The Quest for the Sword of Elemental Fury 2016-11-16 18:27 The first in a series of short adventure maps aimed at providing quick and easy entertainment.
Module 16 Cygni 2018-05-19 02:09

Human Datation: 2261.
Young Lieutenant Junior Grade, you are a new crew member of Epsilon Eridiani, a frigate class exploration ship, heading toward the 16 Cygni triple star system, about 70 light years from the Solar system. State of the Art vessel, Epsilon Eridani is one of the first ship of the Fleet manned by a multi racial crew. As a matter of fact the ship belongs to the Orion's Arm Fleet, an organisation which groups different races living relatively closed to the Solar system on the Milky Way's spiral arm named Orion's Arm. Around 16 Cygni B, one of the two Sun like yellow dwarves of the system 16 Cygni, orbits a giant planet, 16 Cygni Bb. One of the 16 Cygni Bb moons, of the size of the Earth, might have got an atmosphere and water, hence might support life...

International 16 Cygni 2 2015-12-05 13:37 Face new adventures, new surprises and new challenges with your character and his/her teammate of the Epsilon Eridani, in a universe where science fiction, heroic fantasy and medieval history mix. All the Cygni 1's features are available in 16 Cygni 2, such as dynamic choice of class for the companions, highest social and crafting skills of the party automatically taken into account.
International 16 Cygni 3 2015-12-05 13:37 Face new adventures, new surprises and new challenges with your character and his/her teammate of the Epsilon Eridani, in a universe where science fiction and medieval heroic fantasy mix. And now the conclusion!
Module 16 Cygni : Strike Back 2018-06-30 01:48

16 Cygni : Strike Back ---- Bilingual Français / English (Description en français ci dessous) - By Claudius33.

  • Vue de haut
Portrait 16 Portraits 2016-09-06 07:13 A collection of 16 portraits that I made for my own personal use. Credit for the artwork goes to Michael Komarck and Kerem Beyit. Please let me know what you think, and if you download the pack, please vote. Thanks!
Portrait 16 Portraits Pack 2015-10-28 04:57 It has 16 new portraits, it dosen't include any other portraits that can be downloaded sepretly.All of em were converted and stuff by me.Extract all the .tga to your portraits folder.
Prefab 1600 + Module Items 2014-07-21 22:35

Module Items v1.1
By Sharon Tipton
1600+ Items

Item 1600+ Module Items 2015-12-05 13:37 Included in this prefab is over 1,600 items. They do not require any haks to use which makes them easy to implement into any project you may undertake in NWN. Included items are weapons, armor, jewelry, crafting items, food, beverages, spell components, and anything in between. I will continue to add more and more to this prefab so keep checking back for the latest additions. This is version 1.1 which includes a new module interface and visible cloaks plus assorted new items. Included in this package is a module with all items available in containers, a .erf with just the 1600+ items and any associated scripts, and a 250+ page .doc document detailing the items.
Item 162 Various Items 2015-06-18 06:31 The B’akraka Market; A non-adventure Version 0.99 This package is mainly a collection of magical items for use in your modules, contained in an ERF. Also included is a market module. Tired of seeing the same generic shops with the same monochrome outfits in most adventures, I consolidated these items and other generally useful gear into a unique market that has been a helpful mid-way point between adventures for the characters I play. These items were made using SoU and HotU, NWN version 1.61. I'm not sure it will work without HotU installed. There are approximately 162 items (weapons, armor, potions, other) in this ERF. All items have a history and description, and are detailed in an included file. Enjoy! Comments welcome.
Script 169 Auto-Emotes 2.0 2014-09-18 19:40

A simple system to interpret *emote* text into Animation

Script 169 Equipment, Tail & Wing Toggler ComboTags 2014-09-18 20:03

A ComboTag Based Item System for Subrace, RDD, RP and Magic Item use.

Script 169 Item Enchantment Combo-Tags 2015-01-17 05:42

A script to Enchant Items with a legal powers check for different item type.

Script 169 Music Players 2014-09-18 19:42

Conversation, scripts, plus demo bard, harp and music box

Other 169 Portrait and Soundset Unlocker 2da's (for SoU+HotU) 2014-09-18 17:24

Enables the Portraits and Soundsets from the new 169 patc

Other 169 Soundset Browser 2015-01-17 05:45

A 6 room reference module featuring over 200 various NPCs

Script 169 VFX Machine (Visual Effect Browser) 2014-09-18 16:38

An 8 placable, 1 script Tool for browsing Visual Effects with an optional category filter.

Placable Parts :

Module 169, CEP v2.1 & CEP v2.2 Persistant World Character Customizers (for PCs and DMs) 2015-01-10 18:31

A simple but effective placeable to be put in your starti

Area 16x16 City Sewers 2015-06-18 06:32 This ERF has a 'sort of' realistic layout of the underground of a city sewer. I'm really sick of people taking sewers and turning it into a wild labyrinth/dungeon. It's just not right. The corridors and bridges have some sounds attached to them, mainly at the sludgy water. There are also climbable ladders at some little tabs of ground which are sort of like what you may see today. Light pours through the grate above. I included a script with some basic instructions to make the ladders fully functional. Ladder/Light placeables, script, and the sounds are supported in this version. Change as you see fit. Thanks, Super Midget
Area 16x16 Crypt Area #001 2015-06-18 06:31 (As Per Request) a slimmed down 16x16 Crypt Area, equipped with some sounds, various doors ready for transitions, and a HIDDEN DOOR to another room in the area. DM's/Module Creators just add your transitions, monsters, etc. and use as you see fit.
Area 16x16 Dungeon Area#001 2015-06-18 06:31 16x16 Dungeon Area with some sounds already added, a HIDDEN DOOR to an adjacent room (only accessible this way) and variously placed transition doors and a portal. DM's/Module Creators just add your transitions, monsters, etc and use as you see fit.
Area 16x16 Forest Area #001 2015-06-18 06:31 16x16 Forest Area with Tower, several Shacks, small campsite, Grove, well worn road, ruins, and a Cliffside attraction (with pit behind for descending appeal). DM's/Mod Creators Use as you see fit.
Area 16x16 Forest Town 2015-06-18 06:32 Forest Town surrounded by a stream with roads heading South, East, and West. Has a temple near the center, a lodge in one of the more 'isolated' corners, a camp on the outskirts, bridges going over the stream, a grove with a mysterious looking/sounding stone in the center, 5 tree structures for homes/shops/whatever, a ruined tower, and a greenish ambient light that works with the fog to make a deep forest-type look. --Doors & Sounds Supported in this area-- All the doors are supported, and all the sounds that SHOULD be needed are as well. All along the stream you'll be able to hear it, the bridges have some twig snaps, the camp has campfire sounds, songbirds sing in areas of the town, sometimes owls, it's all there. Change as you see fit. Thanks, Super Midget
Area 16x16 Mountainous Area #001 2015-06-18 06:31 16x16 Mountainous Area, one peak has a mysterious house at the top with waterfalls cascading down both side of that mountain, another has two magic crystals atop another peak with a smoldering fire indicating someone was there recently. Another has a treehollow and older cemetary atop it, and did I mention the two hidden caves? :) Mod Creators/DM's use as you need.
Area 16x16 Rural Seaside Villiage 2015-06-18 06:31 Very small tight nit community with seaside port (for trading and importing), fortified wall surrounding Villiage, an Inn, Guard Barracks, offshore tiny Isle with Crystal (for investigating or lore appeal), small Shrine in villiage, gates in and out, Farm/farmland on outskirts with a ruined Tower and also a rather large cemetary with Mausoleum.
Area 16x16 Rural Town 2015-06-18 06:32 This is a Rural Town built south of a forest with good water access and a few hills with streams to the south. Roads are pretty well-used, and venture North and East. Lighting placeables supported (Activated torch brackets along the houses.) The town itself has 4 buildings, a farm on the outskirts, and an inn. Surrounded by walls with two gates for entry. Boat is also located in the docks. Change at your own will.
Area 16x16 Rural Winter Town 2015-06-18 06:32 This is a Rural Winter Town built with four exits; Two to the east, one to the north, and one to the west. Has 6 Turf Houses, a Tower, an Inn, a large turf house, a temple, and a cave. Water source from a lake-like body of water in the south-west portion of town. Change as you see fit. Thanks, Super Midget
Area 16x16 Sewer Area #001 2015-06-18 06:31 16x16 twisty Sewer Area with plenty of Stairway/Doors leading to your defined areas (just add transitions; and doors on the doorways if you want them). Dm's/Mod Creators, use as you see fit.
Portrait 175 Portrait Pack (Revised Version) 2015-10-28 04:57 This portrait pack has been modified, and it should no longer contain any duplicates. Also, it has been fleshed out a bit and there is now something for each gender of each race, although it is still far from balanced (heavy on human and elf female portraits, and drow portraits). Thus it now contains 188 portraits from various artists; none of the artwork is mine. This is in hak pak format, with a midified .2da based on the HotU .2da, so it can be used for NPCs. NOTE: For those of you only interested in portraits for PCs, I have posted the 188 Portrait Pack which is not in hak pak format.
Portrait 188 Portrait Pack 2015-10-28 04:57 This is the PC (non-hak) version of the 175 Portrait Pack (updated version). There are 188 portraits in this pack. While almost every race and gender is represented to some extent, the pack is certainly far from balanced (heavy on human and elf females, and drow). None of the artwork is mine. All you need to do is un-rar the file and place in your portraits folder, and they will be available in character generation. NOTE: If you would like these to be available for NPCs in module-building, please download the hak pak version.
Script 2 and 3 Seat Sitting Benches 2015-01-17 06:07

This pair of scripts placed in the 'onused' event of a

Item 2 Legendary Armor & Weapon Sets 2017-03-07 18:47

What the label on the tin says. More specifically....

Area 2 levels of a catacomb 2014-12-01 15:02

Here are two small underground area prefabs for you. They have (or at least should have) a dark face and yes..

Item 2 Life and Death Rods 2017-03-09 11:53

2 Life and Death Rods by FantasyObsessedRPGer

Hakpak 2 New Children 2014-12-01 15:10 These are two new children. Adds more kids to the toolset. I was asked to do this about two weeks ago. Just got around to it. I used to two children from the athasiannight.hak. Just reskinned them so they can be used in any mod. Set so it can be ripped from the hak and placed into yours. The readme has the two lines of text to be added to your appearance.2da. The lines are already in place. Cut and paste. If you need any more help with placing the two lines of text. Email me and I will give more in depth details on how to change out the 2.da so they work correctly.
Hakpak 2 Placeable Sarcophogii 2015-10-27 07:07

As requested by CaveGnome, 2 placeable Sarcophagii textured to look like King Tut's Sarcophagus. Both are useable as containers.

Prefab 2 Player Archery Game 2016-08-05 06:44

2 Player Archery Game


GUI 2 Row Minimalist Hotbar pack 2015-01-17 06:07

This hotbar pack is based on the original 2 row minimalist hotbar by Nygle.