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GUI UI 4 1280x800. Chat + Server boxes 2015-01-15 07:08

Nothing huge, just that I noticed a lack of UI organisation for widescreens.

GUI uimod - no_paperdoll_invetory_below 2015-01-17 05:31

took the idea and part of the bgtexture from morian_a's "Simple Inventory" uimod cause i liked the no paperdoll idea but not the inventory on

Other United Colors 2das 2015-01-17 05:31

This is an updated set of 2das for Gaoneng's United Colors for use with Kamigoroshi's Races of Faerun Pack v2.3.

Other Unrestricted Ability Scores 2015-01-17 06:07

Have you ever wanted to make a Palladin or Ranger with 8 Wisdom, but the game forces you to have 11?

GUI Updated Playermenupopup.xml 2015-01-17 06:07

Now includes Charlie's Item and Appearance Modifiers, World and Area Maps, "Retire".

GUI Updated Size Changer for United Colors 2015-01-17 06:07

Size Changer hasn't been updated in a bit, or for SoZ, and the file to combine it with United Colors was busted when I tried to download it,

Other Uthgardt Totem Icons 2015-01-17 05:28

While working on my upcoming Persistent World I found a need for deity icons representing the various Uthgardt barbarian tribal totems.

Other Walkmesh Setup Script for InnoSetup 2015-01-17 06:07

This is a setup script for InnoSetup ( that just needs to

Other Warlock Reworked 1.02g 2015-01-01 11:47

Total reworking of the Warlock, including new invocations, new and reworked shapes and essences, reworked save DC for eldritch blasts, epic f

Other Wild Elf and Ghostwise Halfling 2015-01-17 06:07

Listen up, folks !!!!
This is very experimental !!!

Combined Wild Mage and Overland Buff Preservation Merge Patch 2015-01-17 06:07

This is a combination of the Wild Mage Class Mod by

Original Hakpak Wild Mage Class 2015-02-01 21:57

The Wild Mage Class was updated for SOZ and is being maintained by Artemis Absinth. Please pay him your respect. ~2DruNk2FraG

GUI XP Bar 2015-01-17 06:07

This is a little GUI box that adds an XP bar to the player's screen.

Other XP Character - Foam's Fork 2015-01-17 06:07

This is a fork, or 'branch', from kungfoowiz's excellent XP Character plugin for

Other XP CRAFT 2015-01-17 06:07


XP_Craft is no longer a PROTOTYPE plugin for nwnx4.

Other XP INI 2015-01-17 06:07

= Description: =

Other Yatt - Tutorial 1 (ESP) 2015-01-01 11:29

Spanish translation of useful information about this great plugin named Yatt.


GUI [D.T.E.] Better QuickChat UI 2015-01-01 11:48

Enlarged Quickchat Window(NWN1 style dislog box);
Colored Speaker's Name, Ease to notice;

Placeable Dragonlance Pack #1 2015-07-31 11:01

A collection of models for your use. Below is a list of some of the models.

Texture All NWN2 Cloaks Retextured (Hi-Res & Bumpmapped) 2014-11-21 09:39

TITLE: All NWN2 Cloaks Retextured (Hi-Res & Bumpmapped)
E-MAIL: NeilM100 (AT) Hotmail (DOT)co (DOT) uk

Patch Critical Rebuild Spanish 1.69 HotU Update 2014-07-22 03:38

This is the critical rebuild for the spanish version of Neverwinter Nights.

GUI Fire&Ice's Big Fonts UI 2014-07-05 06:30

Version: v1.23 NWN2/MotB/SoZ only (older patches will n

Other German/English interleaved dialogue for language learners 2017-04-18 09:20

This modification of Neverwinter Nights 1 makes it possible to see the German dialogue together with the original English dialogue.

Other Italian/English interleaved dialogue for language learners 2017-04-18 09:23

This modification of Neverwinter Nights 1 makes it possible to see the Italian dialogue together with the original English dialogue.

Other Japanese/English interleaved dialogue for language learners 2017-04-18 09:19


Tool Neverblender 2.8 2020-07-24 16:39

This Blender add-on enables support for the MDL file format used by NWN.

Original Hakpak Placeable Paintings (Rectangle/Oval) 2015-01-01 11:05 This is an upgrade to the Chanteur and Mr.X placeable paintings hak. It also allows you to put the portraits up 'on' the wall (its a bit difficult to get it perfect, but with a bit of practice you'll be doing it in now time) and provides frames for the portraits as well as making them higher off the ground. There was a problem with multiple placeables. This HAK has 108 placeable objects [paintings], yes 108. 58 rectangle and 50 oval (each with own picture- resused between them, but a total of 58 unique pictures). Readme file explains how to create your own placeable portraits. Templates are included in the ZIP.
Texture Real Oak and Mahogany Textures (Hi Rez & Bump-Mapped) 2014-11-22 10:50

Real Oak and Mahogany Textures (Hi Rez & Bump-Mapped)


Gameworld {EE PW} Anphillia Chronicles Gameworld 2018-12-03 11:00

The Definitive edition of the server world Anphillia Continuum, now Anphillia Chronicles, is now on Enhanced Edition.

Module "Alangara - New Dawn Rising" Persistent World. 2016-11-11 11:14
Greetings all :)
This is the modulefile and some overridefiles to add to the server.
Observe Al
  • Alangara - Balders Homestead
Module "Bob's dungeon crawl" 2019-11-14 11:44
Bob's Dungeon Crawl
by Mannast
  • City of Bath
Module "Eternal Darkness" of the Spotless Mind 2016-11-10 17:54 While traveling across the land, you stop at a tavern to spend the night. Woken up abruptly, you need to figure out what happened and who or what did it.
Portrait "Krazy" Kass 2016-09-06 07:13 Human bard I play on A Tale of Bone and Steel. Original art is by Anne Pogoda. You can find her art here.
Music "Les Catacombes" 2015-08-31 16:33 Here`s a composition that I used for a slideshow regarding the catacombs of Paris a while ago. I`ve tested it in some modules, and I think it fits a dungeon quite nice. I have several more compositions. So if somebody is interested, don`t hesitate to contact me!
Visual Effect "Let's build us a little fort"-tutorial 2015-01-17 05:20

While building an iron-age/middle age inspired ring-walled fort for a friend I made some notes that can be used as a tutorial.

Original Hakpak "Nerf Boots" override 2015-01-17 06:07

WARNING: These boots may severely unbalance your gameplay. Use with caution.

Script "Quatre-Vingt-Un" (421 Dice Game - French) 2015-01-17 06:07

Script for popular european dice game 421 "Four-Twenty-

Original Hakpak "Skinless" warlock 2015-01-17 06:07

This is a minor skin alteration to the "warlock" leather armour (P_HHM_LE_Body06) that was requested by Zeshin on the forums.

Script "Speak friend, and enter!" 2015-01-17 06:07

This module shows off a few scripts that resemble the 'Speak friend, and enter' scenario from LOTR.

Titlesort descending Updated
A Tale by the Fireside 2015-12-13 07:20

'There was an army of undead beneath that monstrous tomb.'

Kereen merely rolled her eyes and swallowed deeply from her mug as her partner, Salorn, told the tale of their conquest that he was calling 'The tomb of Evil'. Easing back in her chair, she thought of the day's events rolling them through her mind. They had entered the mound that morning, and in the musty tomb, stumbled across several zombies. The gash in her thigh from the encounter still pulsed, as the healing potion she'd had got to work on the flesh wound.

Character Design 2015-12-13 06:42

In previous articles I’ve talked a lot about plot, the use of realism, and started some discussion on the use of puzzles in games (which I intend to come back to with a synthesis of the discussion) but let’s get to the front of writing an RPG – characters.

Decisions 2015-12-13 07:20

Zenyth Bloodstone looked at the smoldering remains of the rural tavern. Watching the thick gray smoke rise to the overcast heavens, the shrouded drow wondered how things could have gone so wrong, so quickly. The recent turbulent events rattled inside his hooded head.

ERROR: NO RIGHT BRACKET ON EXPRESSION from Lilac Soul's NWN Script Generator When Using CheckPartyForItem Function 2014-12-08 10:58
If you're getting an ERROR: NO RIGHT BRACKET ON EXPRESSION error on compile when using Lilac S
In the Footsteps of A Hero 2015-12-13 07:20

As always I follow, one step behind.

Along dusty road, through field, over mountain, down valley I carry the gear that he cannot carry. Tirelessly I carry his plunder, the wealth from his latest adventure. Some gold pieces and a few gems. A rune encrusted war hammer and a jet-black shield with an unholy design. Gear for the camp and food and water for him and for me.

Loftless 2015-12-13 07:20

Days had been falling in drops as they vaporized, into weeks carved to nothing distinguished from the humid dungeon fog that served his breath. It was a murder of time itself, the energetic maker's strength sapped by the manacles that kept him from his quill, though he knew that even with the instrument in hand, its point could pierce none of his adversary's shields. Doom was readying its fist for descent to press him into the ground, as the light of his burning flesh shall bless the circle of his followers, lift smoke and screams towards the ravenous hand that would bring down his spirit.

Markshire Storyteller - A Harrowing Story 2015-12-13 07:35

We developed a new section for our world. If you try to open a locked door there's a chance, a small chance, you may just find yourself in a nightmare.

NWN Linux issues / Problèmes avec NWN sur Linux 2017-04-25 11:08

Recently I decided to replay the NWN series, and this time I used my Linux computer.

The Crossbow 2015-12-13 07:35

Sylvia "Silk" Ssavanthos, priestess of Tymora, follows a suspicious stranger on a little adventure.

"After the War" - Chapter Two (Demon Days) 2015-12-13 06:47

The second part of my 'After the War' series. In this week's exiting episode:

Bishop gets beaten up by guess who!
Fade discovers there are consequences to delivering the last blow against a creature of the weave, and why does Neeshka think that Fade is related to her?

Blog entry
Titlesort descending Updated
"Underdark teeming with activity," says Drow Ranger 2017-06-23 13:11

Word of my demise in the NWN community has been somewhat misleading.