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GUI Lockpicking & Trap Disarming UI's 2015-01-17 05:29

**New & Improved + with Trap Disarming**

Improvements to Lockpicking UI:

Other Magie infinite e nessuna restrizione (Infinite Spell and no Class restriction) 2015-01-17 05:56

Con questo file tutte le classi non avranno nessuna restrizione e in oltre gli incantesimi diventeranno infiniti

Other Making a Better Quest 2015-01-15 06:56

Ever wanted to improve your quest making skills? Want to understand what goes into making a truly memorable quest?

Other Making A Custom Voiceset 2015-01-17 05:56

The first thing you’re going to have to do is download some stuff, and as with anything new there is a little of a learning curve.

Model Male human/thiefling head, new hairstyle and toggable eyepatch 2014-12-23 12:54

New male human/tiefling face, including new hairstyle and toggable eyepatch.

GUI MANY hot bar slots 2015-01-17 05:30

I ran over Razio´s 23 hot bar slots, so i deceided to make a hot bar containing 40 slots at once. A realy LONG one ;-)

Script Marauding Mayhem: A script set for bandits, marauders, and other nasties. 2015-01-17 05:28

These scripts are designed to help module makers implement automated bandit raids on homes, encampments, villages, or what have you.

Other Markshire II: Rise of the Titan - Players Handbook 2015-01-17 05:56

Markshire is pleased to release the Players Handbook for Markshire II: Rise of the Titan.

Other MeeSoft Utilities 2015-01-15 07:07

Image Analyzer

Advanced image editing, enhancement and analysis software.

Script Merchant in a Bottle 1.0 2015-01-17 05:56

Have you ever had a lot of items laying around and a merchant was nowhere in sight to sell it to.

Other More complete creaturesize.2da 2015-01-17 05:56

Hey all, my name is EnigmaWolf, call me whatever you like.

Other MOTB level adjustment remover 2015-01-17 05:56

This is the 2da file that removes the ecl of all races, the hagspawn and half celestial to.

Original Hakpak Mounts BETA 2015-01-17 05:56

This is the beta of mounts.
This release is the following weapon stances WITHOUT combat animations or death animations.

Other Multibrush Tutorial 2015-01-01 11:29

This is a tutorial for using the Multibrush available here:

Other Multiclass OC Companions 2015-01-17 05:56

Update: I forgot to modify Monk Khelgar so you can multiclass him. Corrected.

Other NeverWinter Nights 2 Server Protector 2015-01-17 05:56

NeverWinter Nights 2 Server Protector is a watchdog for nwn2 server.

Other Neverwinter Nights 2 Tweak Guide 2015-01-01 11:47

All of these features make NWN2 unique, but also potentially problematic.

GUI New Container Window 2015-01-17 05:56

My first mod. Changes the container window to display more items at once.

Model New Hood Models 2014-12-26 15:30

I never really liked too much the original hood that came with the game, so recently i decided to modify it.

GUI No more "z" key! 2015-01-17 05:16

Don't want players being able to highlight all usable objects and creatures with a single keystroke?

GUI NumGet 2015-01-01 11:47

This is my first attempt a playing with the GUI.

Other NWN 1&2 Icons 2015-01-17 05:04

Well i got bored and decided to make new icons for nwn

The Zip contains 2 48x48 icons made out of the nwn 1&2 logos

GUI NWN 2 Message Box Patch 2015-01-17 05:56

This small, but nice patch changes the size and position of the 2 messagesboxes.

Other NWN 2 Server Online Player PHP Web Status 2015-01-17 05:35

Generate a live server status webpage with a list of all players in a sortable grid. Easy to add additional fields.

Other NwN1 style colours for NwN2 script editor 2020-06-23 03:30

This is a replacement XML file for altering the colours in the NwN2 script editor to the NwN1 equvilents.

Other NWN2 Colour Chart 2015-01-15 07:08

A chart showing the predefined colour names as per NWN2_Colors.2DA, for use in item names or descriptions. Eg:

Other NWN2 Feats Quick Reference 2015-01-17 05:56

A spreadsheet formatted for ease of reading for NWN2 Feats.

Other NWN2 Forge Plugin 2015-01-17 05:56

This plugin provides seamless integration to NWN2 Forge directory for native toolset content (not zips and stuff).

GUI NWN2 Inventory Sorter 2015-01-15 06:56

Neverwinter Nights 2 is a great game with many interesting features, but one thing it lacks is control over inventory sorting.

Other NWN2 Japanese Font 2014-12-01 15:11

Japanese fonts for NWN2.

Other NWN2 patch 1.23 content autodownloader guides 2015-01-15 07:08

These are the toolset and server administrator guides for the content autodownloader coming in patch 1.23

Other NWN2 Sound Setup Tutorial 2018-04-15 15:30

Having troubles figuring out how the sounds work in the toolset?

Other NWN2 Tome of Building 2015-01-17 05:36

Current Version: 1.00

Other NWN2 Toolset Anleitung 2015-01-17 05:56

Deutschsprachige NWN2 Toolset Anleitung, wird regelmäßig erweitert.

Other NWN2 Toolset How-To Creating Items 2015-01-17 05:56


This HowTo discusses the basics of items and how to create them.

Other NWN2 Toolset How-To Map Making 2015-01-17 05:30


Map making is a rewarding part of creating your module.

Other NWN2 Toolset Introduction 2015-01-17 05:18


The Neverwinter Nights 2 (NWN2) toolset is a powerful utility that will allow you to create your

Other NWN2 Tutorial: Building an exterior area 2019-12-31 05:33

Trying out the NWN2 toolset for the first time?

Other NWN2 Tutorial: Building an Interior Area 2019-12-31 05:33

A NWN2 Tutorial for the toolset for building interior areas.

Other nwn2mouse 2015-01-01 11:29

** instructions as seen upon program launch **


Other NX2 Tutorial: Overland Map 2015-01-17 05:56

One of the primary new features of Storm of Zehir is the Overland Map - which itself consists of several subsystems.

Other NX2 Tutorial: Party Creation 2015-01-17 05:56

The Party Creation and Party Conversation systems in Storm of Zehir have been implemented not only to improve the quality of Storm's single p

GUI Obvious Voice Icons 2015-01-01 11:47
This package replaces the generic voic
Other Official NWN2 Wallpapers 2015-01-17 05:56

Here are two official Neverwinter Nights 2 wallpapers to use. Included are formats ranging from 800x600 to 1280x1024

Other Okku Multiclass Upgrade 2015-01-17 05:56

Are you playing MotB with a companion multiclass mod?

Portrait PC Portrait pack 2015-01-15 06:20

Here you are a compilation of original portraits made by me.

Other Persistent Zombie: A Tutorial for Working with Creatures 2015-01-17 05:56

This is a quick to tutorial I wrote while exploring creatures and scripting in the toolset. It will show you how to:

Original Hakpak PHB & DMG 3.5 Armors - Masterwork armors and special materials with correct stats 2015-01-17 05:56

DMG 3.5 Armors - All Masterwork armors and special materials with correct stats by StephenSpann

Other phpBB NWN2 Server Monitor 2015-01-17 05:56

This was originally a Joomla module I shamelessly ripped from another vault contributor,

GUI Player Menu/Rest Icon Removal 2016-03-31 13:50

All this does is remove the Party Menu and Rest Icons from the UI.

I find I have never used them and they just get in the way.