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Portrait Claude 2014-06-30 10:24

A portrait used for a paladin character. I can't find the original image at the moment, but I'm looking!

Portrait Kaelin 2014-06-30 10:24

A portrait I used for a halfling character.

Portrait Yindjibarndi 2014-06-30 10:25

<Not sure what this is supposed to be, a direrat wizard? Someone might find it useful. -V>

Portrait Merchant Lady 2014-06-30 10:25

Looking for pics, I fuond this one of a lady that looks part merchant, part courtesan, part wizard... all beautiful.

Portrait Portraits my characters use 2014-06-30 10:26

The custom portraits that I use.

<7 Portraits total in this pack. -V>

Portrait Zaelithra 2014-06-30 10:26

Generic portrait for a female drow.

Taken from a World of warcraft artwork, subject: Sylvanas Windrunner.

Portrait Insha 2014-06-30 10:26

Portrait of a human redhead with a band holding her wavy-curly hair.

Portrait Knight of the Reliquary 2014-06-30 10:26

All rights and props go to WoTC and the actual artist. This is merely a port to NWN portrait format.

Portrait Savage Fronteir and Surrounds - PC Portraits 2014-06-30 10:27

Individual Portrait downloads used by various Players on the Forgotten Realms PW - The Savage Frontier and Surrounds.

Portrait Purplemyst's Portraits 2014-06-30 10:30

My portraits for my two current Arelith chars!

  • Vaskia
Original Hakpak Creatures of the Nordic Forests 2014-06-30 11:51

Some animals of the northern climate...

OK, this HAK has a history:

Icons Goldbox Character Icons 2014-06-30 15:17

I have no idea (yet) what IceBlink is, but I see people uploading old "goldbox" icons for it.

Tool NWN Model Renamer 2014-07-01 12:55

NWN Model Renamer v1.0 is a handy little tool for *gasp* renaming your model files.

Combined Patch Update for CEP 2.4A with NWN1 Community Patch 1.71 2014-07-03 00:51 Patch Update for CEP 2.4A with NWN1 Community Patch 1.71, for use with the Land of Evermore World.
Gameworld Arenthyor, A Challenging RP World for NWN 1 2014-07-03 10:23


  • Arenthyor, A Sister of Fate
Tool NWN Server Tools 2014-07-03 12:49

Various server admin tools including an automatic archiver, a server queri

Tool NWN2 Server Lists and Server Monitor 2014-07-03 20:53

This is a front end meant to read from Skywing's NWN2 server list.

Area Plains of Blood 2014-07-04 14:23

Requirements: Nwnv1.69, SoU, and HoTU plus CEPv2.4a
Note: This prefab makes use of the cep2_add_skies hak pak.

  • Plains of Blood
Portrait Premium Module Portraits Pack 2014-07-04 17:22

Be the envy of your friends who only know how to install know portraits by dumping them into the portraits folder!

  • Masked Man (Kingmaker) at Character Select
Area Ruined City of Vardeness 2014-07-04 20:53

Requirements: Nwnv1.69, SoU, and HoTU plus CEPv2.4a
Note: This prefab makes use of the cep2_add_skies hak pak.

  • Ruined City of Vardeness
Other Dedicated Server Creator 2014-07-05 06:07

This little application will copy all of the necessary files to run the server by itself into a new directory.

Tool SoZ: Accusation in Nimbre and the Inquisitive Pig 2014-07-05 06:10

I made an attempt at restoring the Nimbre situation in Obsidian's expansion Storm of Zehir.

  • The Inquisitive Pig
GUI Fire&Ice's Big Fonts UI 2014-07-05 06:30

Version: v1.23 NWN2/MotB/SoZ only (older patches will n

Area Dream Village 2014-07-05 06:34

Hello, everyone I'm back.

Area Bluewater Village 2014-07-05 06:37

Nice village.

No interiors or npcs.

Tileset Airships! v1.1 2014-07-05 08:53

Some choose to travel by sea, others prefer to sail the

Portrait D&D Classic Elemental Portraits (2.0) 2014-07-05 08:57

Have you been playing NWN for over ten years now wishing your summoned air elemental's portrait didn't look like a genie?

  • Classic Elemental Portraits
Module The Winds of Eremor 2014-07-05 08:59

The winds came out of nowhere, relentlessly driving the tiny vessel before them. Even your ship's grizzled captain looked shaken.

Module The Dark Ranger's Treasure 2014-07-05 09:24

Suggested Level: 5-15
Number of Players: 1-4

Script SIMTools v3.0 Speech Integration and Management Tools 2014-07-05 13:08

SIMTools Speech Integration and Management tools is a set of scripting routines that all

Original Hakpak Custom_Anim.hak 2014-07-05 13:19

I have included 2 versions of the a_ba_non_combat.mdl file.

Portrait Ten Female Character Portraits 2014-07-05 13:30

Disclaimer: I do NOT own these pictures, nor take any credit for them whatsoever. I only altered some/all of these.

Original Hakpak LUSH v1.1 2014-07-05 15:25

DaVinci said look to nature for your art, and so I did. All ERFs should be available through the module.

Gameworld Dungeon Eternal X 2014-07-05 15:58

Dungeon Eternal X

- XP Banking System

Portrait Elf Portrait Pack 2014-07-05 19:04

At the request of a friend, an elven portrait was made and instead of doing just the one I decided why not do an entire pack.

  • Elf Portrait Pack Preview
Tool MDB Model Viewer 2014-07-06 08:13

A small helpful program to check the looks of a NWN2 model - especially for Gmax users, since Gmax doesn't have a renderer:


Script Choirmaster's Legacy Artifact System 2014-07-06 09:54

Ever have your PCs lament over the constant need for upgrading their equip

Script Choirmaster's Persistent Bag of Holding Storage System 1.2 2014-07-06 09:55

This is a persistent storage system that uses no database whatsoever (not

Tool NWN Dedicated Server v1.69 2014-07-06 11:18

The Neverwinter Nights dedicated server is an application that hosts a Neverwinter Nights ga

Tool NwnMultiLang 1.1 2014-07-06 11:20

NWNMultiLang is intended to help builders using the multi language feature

Script Nwnx funcs for windows v0.941 2014-07-06 11:55

Admin note: supercedes old vault entry

Tool pSpeed's Utilities 2014-07-06 11:55

A collection of tools and erfs: Ant Tasks, Custom Colors, ModPacker, zDialog 0.1

Original Hakpak Lisa's Robe Skirts - Full Version 2014-07-07 06:15

1-2-04 ***fixed a texture error with the non-human race female dragon gown 12-30 ***ADDED OTHER 5 RACES and all the LARGE PHENO**** Joco's gr

Model Ryuujin's Padded Robe 2014-07-07 07:16

his hakpack adds a simple Padded Cloth/Leather style robe with long sleeves.

Tileset Rural Tree Cliff 2014-07-07 12:02

This is a rather unspectacular modification of the rura

Combined TCC - Interiors 2014-07-07 12:49

[UPDATED]: Changed to v.05. New cellar tiles from Adam Miller. [UPDATED]: Changed to v.04.

Tileset Terria Tileset beta wip release (override) 2014-07-07 13:49

Tileset Icen Castle Redux 2014-07-07 13:55

This is an expanded version of Icenlord's Celtic Castle

Original Hakpak Placeables 2014-07-07 15:13

Everything to enrich your areas... from A to Z!  Evergreens v1 RELEASED!


Title Updatedsort descending
It's About Time part 1 (IAT1) - Time Becomes A Loop 2014-07-05 08:57

The movie (.bik file) for the module of the same title.