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Gameworld DungeonRunners (NWN:EE required) 2018-12-03 10:10

DungeonRunners v01c public release.  Was made in EE, if that matters.

Hakpak Mulmaster - City of Danger - NWN:EE PW haks 2018-12-03 10:09

NOTE: Neverwinter Nights:Enhanced Edition ONLY!

  • Mulmaster docks
Model EE Steamworks Tileset Crash Hotfix 2018-12-03 10:08

UPDATE: The two tiles edited in this hotfix no longer crash the game due to fixes from Beamdog.

Hakpak Experimental EE Celtic Knots 2018-12-03 10:08

Works only with EE.

Just an experiment with the new feature in NwN EE.

  • Experiment Pic 1
Tool Hex Calculator for spells.2da (Excel) 2018-12-03 10:07

This is a simple Excel worksheet that calculates and generates the hexidecimal values you need when creating or modifying spells via spells.2

Tileset Retexturable Lava Tube Tileset 2018-12-02 15:35

A fully retexturable and tintable version of the Lava Tu

  • stock texture
Gameworld Layonara 2018-12-02 12:16

Layonara is a place you come to create and explore stories in a sword-and-sorcery style fantasy world.

Model Hands for Trinital 2018-11-29 20:28

On Discord, Trinital asked that someone post these here, so here they are.


bare hands "glove" with painted nails.

Module Swordflight Chapter One 2018-11-29 14:55

The beginning of an epic series, you begin this tale as a novice adventurer looking for work in the bustling city of Calimport. A chance meeting in a tavern may provide more than you bargained for, leading to a dangerous journey through desert and dungeon. This module provides a combination of challenging combat, numerous opportunities for the use of non-combat skills, and frequent occasions for role-playing and character interaction.

Module Swordflight Chapter Three 2018-11-29 14:53

After departing Calimshan, you sail north to the Nelanther Isles and Tethyr, fighting pirates and monsters, as you search for a book valuable

Model Stonehammer's Body Rebuild Large 2018-11-27 17:11

Ever wanted to play a robust character in Neverwinter but cant get over the odd blocky appearance...

Model Stonehammer's Body Rebuild 2018-11-27 16:44
Another Body Rebuild? Why?
I know there are a lot of Neverwinter Nights body rebuild content, and some are very good.
Patch Improved Camera Mod for NWN HotU 1.69 + Camera Height Control System 2018-11-27 09:04

UPDATED 2015-10-24: Improved Camera Mod v1.3 (no more fisheye distortions!) + Camera Height Control System v1.1 (now riders-friendly!)
Fully compatible with the great majority of NWN modules, no matter: custom, or "Premium" ones!
The manual for the applying Improved Camera Mod v1.3 to the Linux version of NWN client (HotU-1.69) - also included.

Tool Forge Financial Data (from NWN1 OC) 2018-11-26 13:06

Playing again through the original Neverwinter Nights campaign, inevitably I have to face the dilemmas that the Forges pose, in both Chapters

Hakpak rar.hak for Beyond Dungeon of Graves 1.1 2018-11-26 02:28

Was trying to play the Beyond Dungeon of Graves 1.1 for the NWE EE, spending time instaling the CEP packs manualy, but this file not part of

Hakpak rar.hak for Beyond Dungeon of Graves 1.1 2018-11-26 02:25

Was trying to play the Beyond Dungeon of Graves 1.1 for the NWE EE, spending time instaling the CEP packs manualy, but this file not part of

Hakpak Lord of Worms Tilesets and Arbor Falls PW Server Haks 2018-11-26 00:38

Uploaded for after IGN Vault Shutdown, pending new vault backup restoratio

International Base Caledorn 2018-11-23 13:15

El proyecto de Caledor tiene como objetivo crear una campaña para 1 a 4 jugadores, con distintas tramas, subtramas y compuesta por multitud d

  • Caledor
Module WillSteel 2018-11-21 17:50

A powerful artefact named WillSteel threatens the freedom of the realms... In the middle of the night you hear some noise inside your castle. You immediately wake up from your deep slepp. Your father, the magician Farsheed Volkerin, wants to leave in a few hours for Thay. For your entire life, he has been training you and you are lying in wait for this moment: The trip to rescue Willsteel, a powerful artifact that is able to control the minds of all the races. Your aim is to destroy it so that the Faerun will never fall into the hands of the red wizards, the villains who dominate that far land.

International Les Terres de Thanos 2018-11-21 16:04

la description originale :

International Les Terres de Thanos Ch.2 2018-11-21 16:03

description originale :

Module Desperate Measures: NWN2 Edition 2018-11-21 15:12

You are on death row. You have only a short time before you are to be executed. There are up to four others on death row with you.

Other NWN2 Multiplayer Guide - DMFI 2018-11-21 15:12

This guide is intended for anyone who wants to host or play a multiplayer NWN2 game. It includes two references:

Module Swords & Sorcery: NWN2 Edition 2018-11-21 15:12

Swords & Sorcery is an old-school action/fantasy game, designed to be completed in a short, single play session and to be replayable.

Module B2: Keep on the Borderlands (NWN2 edition) 2018-11-21 15:12

Keep on the Borderlands is a conversion of paper and pencil module written by Gary Gygax, first published by TSR in 1979.

Combined Toril Heads HAK 2018-11-21 15:10

This contains the necessary files to place in the NWN/override directory to enable the heads hak to work.

Combined Toril Master HAK 2018-11-21 15:10

This is version 2 of the master hak pack for the persistent world TORIL, The Forgotten Realms Chronicles. Authored by Shade Shadowbane, the hak provides all-in-one support for the Spiderhaunt Woods and Mistledale regions of the Forgotten Realms. Contains tilesets, creatures, portraits, items, and other content appropriate for a wilderness-based campaign. Version 2 updates the master hak to work with 1.30 patch and adds additional community content, including heads and Lisa's clothes. Files included: toril_2da.hak toril_clothing.hak toril_creatures.hak toril_heads.hak toril_items.hak toril_misc.hak toril_placeables.hak toril_portraits.hak toril_tilesets.hak ------------------------------ This pack 'patches' the original TORIL: The Forgotten Realms Chronicles Master Hak. It also adds new community content, including Lisa's clothes and new head models, for which which we thank the originators. NOTE: the master hak is being updated separately as well, for those who have not yet downloaded it. Files updated/added: toril_2da.hak toril_clothing.hak toril_creatures.hak toril_heads.hak toril_items.hak toril_placeables.hak

Module DM 101 for NWN2 2018-11-21 15:10

DM 101 is an entertaining self-teach module designed to give you all of the skills necessary to become a NWN2 Dungeon Master.

Original Hakpak Eurgiga's Shield Pack 2018-11-21 12:14

One-hundred and forty (140!) new shield appearances, some new and others from previous work I've done but haven't posted on the Vault.

Original Hakpak Aenea: Poison Item Type with Icons 2018-11-20 13:21

Created for the World of Aenea PW several years ago, these inventory icons were made so that poisons could have their own 3-part inventory ic

  • New poison icons
Music Star Wars: Legends of the Old Republic Optional Music Pack 2018-11-19 17:12

This is an optional music pack for the SWLOR server. You'll place this in the music folder within your Neverwinter Nights directory.

Other CCC Catalogue 2018-11-18 21:51

This is simply a standard .xlsx spreadsheet with 5 worksheets.

  • Catalogue Pages
Original Hakpak Office Tileset for NWN2 2018-11-18 15:34
Presenting the first tileset for the Neverwinter Nights 2 game that is intended for a modern setting.
Gameworld World of Sanctuary (Diablo II - Lord Of Destruction) 2018-11-18 13:51
Original Hakpak Custom Content Challenge: October 2018: Ninja, Samurai & Kung Fu Masters 2018-11-18 12:37

Here are the results of the "Custom Content Challenge" for October 2018 that took place here:

Other QBranchXVI's Base 2da Override 2018-11-17 20:09

This is just a few files to enable a more interesting NWN:EE experience.   Encumberance.2da allows a Strength of up to 255 now with no encumb

Original Hakpak Cormyr Dalelands PW Haks 2018-11-17 13:43

Cormyr Dalelands PW Hak files

We're a long running server, that's been up consistently since late 2005.

  • Arabel Plaza
Model metro car 2018-11-17 09:57

Two metro car models (or carriages for an underground train, as TR pointed out)., suitable for modern enviroment.The idea was sugges

Patch IPRP Feats 2018-11-16 10:28

This project provides a modified iprp_feats.2da file which increases the number of feats available as item properties from vanilla 63 to 818. New properties can be easily managed in the toolset and with scripting. With exception for few minor cost tweaks, changes introduced by this project are backward-compatible with vanilla NWN.

  • Graphical abstract
Model Stonehammer's Lord Nasher 2018-11-13 13:03
I have always found the OC Lord Nasher model to be an underwhelming model, which is odd considering he is in the intro cinematic.
Music MP3 To BMU 2018-11-08 21:37

Edited 11/9/2018

Module Mortari Riseth (module) 2018-11-08 12:48

This module is a short story set in a fictional land made up especially for this story.

Original Hakpak Eurgiga's Neck Pack 2018-11-08 12:29

Ten new neck slot appearances, some new and others from previous work I've done but haven't posted on the Vault.

Original Hakpak Hollyphant 2018-11-08 08:57

A furry little winged elephant for your module. The Hollyphant is a NG golden-furred elephant with white wings.

Original Hakpak Merfolk 2018-11-08 08:57

Four new mermaids (Three models, one palette swap) for your module. Uses the air elemental animation set.

  • Do you like fish sticks?
Original Hakpak Lim-Lim 2018-11-08 08:57

Lim-Lims are small insect-like creatures originally found in the Outlands. They are very loyal and friendly, and enjoy being pet.

  • In the toolset
Original Hakpak Eurgiga's Helm Pack 2018-11-08 08:55

Nineteen new helm appearances, some new and others from previous work I've done but haven't posted on the Vault.

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Custom Content Authorship Guidelines 2018-11-27 05:52

Here at the Neverwinter Vault, we celebrate a long history of creativity, collaboration, and generosity.

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Enhanced Edition v1.78.8186 NOW LIVE! 2018-11-20 13:32

Blog entry
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Roads of Flinrock 2018-11-14 05:51

No Project Page: Download at - https://neverwintervault