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Area Home_Interior_002_Squalor_2x2 2014-04-09 14:10

This is a 2x2 interior area that depicts a filthy home. YUCK!  Enjoy!

Area Shop_Interior_Smith_001_1x1 2014-04-09 14:10

This is a tiny blacksmith shop.  She sells weapons and armor to interested adventurers.  Enjoy!

Area Kamals_Temple 10x10 2014-04-09 14:10

This is a 10x10 ruined temple.  I made this at Kamal's request.  Enjoy!

Area Swamp_002_4x4 2014-04-09 14:10

This is a small 4x4 swamp area, great for an encounter!  Enjoy!

Area Wasteland_001_8x4 2014-04-09 14:10

This is a 8x4 wasteland area.  Small but great for an encounter.  Enjoy!

Area Dead_Forest_001_8x4 2014-04-09 14:10

This is another 8x4 area that depicts a dead forest.  Nice area for an encounter.  Enjoy!

Area Savannah_001_8x4 2014-04-09 14:10

This is an 8x4 area that would be good for an encounter.  Enjoy!

Area Desert_001_8x4 2014-04-09 14:10

This is a 8x4 desert area.  Great for an encounter.  Enjoy!

Original Hakpak Boxing Gloves 2014-04-09 14:10

They're gloves, there's small versions and big versions for each race and gender, go crazy!

Original Hakpak Walkable Docked Placeable Ship 2014-04-09 14:10

An example on how to use an animated docking ship placeable so that players can walk out onto the ship once it has docked.

Module Baldur's Gate [unfinished, left for next builder to finish] 2014-04-09 14:10

This module is in French, but one could easily insert English or any other language conversations, descriptions etc. .

Soundset Groanless PC soundsets override 2014-04-09 14:10

A simple override that removes the endless groans from PC soundsets to be less intrusive in combat with sounds enabled.

Module Castle Defense 2014-04-09 14:10

Castle Defense is a module intended for multiplayer team-play, where the players have to defend the king in various maps against endlessly sp

Area Mountain_001_24x24 2014-04-09 14:10

This is a 24x24 mountainous area.  It is very detailed and loaded with cool decorations and points of interest.  Enjoy!

Area Wasteland_002_8x8 2014-04-09 14:10

This is an 8x8 Desert/Wasteland area.  Great for encounters.  Enjoy!

Area Frozenpond_8x8 2014-04-09 14:09

This is an 8x8 area depicting a winter pond in the center of some mountains.  Enjoy!

Area Ruins_Mountain_001_8x8 2014-04-09 14:09

This is an 8x8 area depicting desert ruins.  Enjoy!

Area Forest_003_8x8 2014-04-09 14:09

This 8x8 area depicts a small forest area.  Enjoy!

Area Swamp_003_8x8 2014-04-09 14:09

This is an 8x8 swamp/bog area.  Enjoy!

Item Energy Bows 2014-04-09 14:09

~ Features:

- 16 different colors for the energy bows

Item Gas Masks 2014-04-09 14:09

The models sit at around 700-1200 polys, depending on whether it is hooded or not, they come with inventory icons, and use color channels: le

Area Pirate_Cave_&_Cove_24x24 2014-04-09 14:09

This is a 2-pack of the same 24x24 area with different lighting.  The first area has lighting for that of an Exterior Cove.  The second is li

Creature Neverwinter Nights 2 Character (unique) 2014-04-09 14:09

Marissa Swift (Unique Model assigned to NPC Kana)

Human Female

Level 1 Favored Soul of Torm

Lawful Good


Area Farm_001_8x8 2014-04-09 14:09

This is an 8x8 area depicting a Farming Village.  Lots of fields and rural housing.  Enjoy!

Tileset Generic Castle interior 2014-04-09 14:09

A very generic looking castle interior tileset!

Item NWN2 Warlock Armor for Human Female 2014-04-09 14:09

Restores the original appearance of the Human Female Warlock Armor, in addition, the left arm accessory has been removed and the right bracer

Area Graveyard_004_16x16 2014-04-09 14:08

This is a 16x16 area depicting a large Graveyard.  There is a lot of detail and tons of room to play in.  Enjoy!

Area Lush_Cave_002_6x6 2014-04-09 14:08

This is a 6x6 interior cave with lots of lush green plant life.  Very detailed & great for a random encounter.  Enjoy!

Area Crypt_001_5x5 2014-04-09 14:08

This is a 5x5 interior crypt.  Lots of detailed destruction to explore.  Enjoy!

Area WizardTower_001_&_002_6x6 2014-04-09 14:08

This package contains two interior areas depicting what a Wizard's Tower might look like inside.  Each area is relativily the same; 6x6 demen

Area Ruins_001_6x6 2014-04-09 14:08

This is a 6x6 interior area depicting ruins using the Sunken Ruins tileset.  Lots of rubble and detail.  Enjoy!

Area Shop_Interior_Magic_001_2x1 2014-04-09 14:08

This is a 2x1 interior Magic Shop.  There are lots of mystical items you can purchase here.  Enjoy!

Area Shop_Interior_Crafting_001_5x5 2014-04-09 14:08

This 5x5 interior is a Crafting Station; loaded with workbenches and crates, boxes, and barrels depicting crafting supplies.  Very detailed. 

Script Respawnable Traps with same shape without NWNX 2014-04-09 14:08

Respawnable traps with the same shape without NWNX.

Area Shop_Tavern_001_4x4 2014-04-09 14:08

This interior is a 4x4 Tavern.  There is a kitchen, dinning area, bar area, and fireplace/book area.  Enjoy!

Script Empower/Maximize boost override for a Community Patch Project 2014-04-09 14:08

This is a custom modification of the Empower and Maximized spell feats that balance both feats to be absolutely equal for each spell as thats

Area Cave_Crystal_001_6x6 2014-04-09 14:08

This 6x6 interior is a Crystal filled Cave.  The walls are covered in crystals and there seems to be an abundance of plant life also.  Enjoy!

Area Waterfall_Beach_001_24x24 2014-04-09 14:08

This is a 24x24 exterior area depicting a large waterfall and beach/coast line.  It has a nice view.  Enjoy!

Tool Nif plugin for max5-9 & gmax 2014-04-09 14:08

NifTools plugin (max5-9 and gmax) and more.

Area Forest_004_4x4 2014-04-09 14:08

This 4x4 forest area was made using the techniques the developers used for some of the encounter areas in the original campaign and expansion

Area Interior_Church_001_5x5 2014-04-09 14:08

This 5x5 interior is that of a church or temple.  Much detail and lots of decor.  Enjoy!

Other SoZ - Vendors Unlimited (OVERRIDE) 2014-04-09 14:08

UPDATE: Converted to an OVERRIDE folder!  Simply unzip and drop into your NWN2/My Docs/Override folder and WHA-LAA - Unlimited Vendor Gold!

Hakpak Swarm Creatures v.2 2014-04-09 14:08

Swarms are dense masses of Fine, Diminutive, or Tiny creatures that would not be particularly dangerous in small groups, but can be terrible

Area Lush_Cave_003_8x8 2014-04-09 14:08

This 8x8 cave is loaded with rocks, plants, and other neat things.  I left the lighting to a minimum to give you a chance to see the decor be

Module Lanterna 2014-04-09 14:08

"Approximately 60 years have passed since The Great Battle of Charn (see "

Area Crypt_002_7x6 2014-04-09 14:08

This 7x6 crypt was designed for my other project - The Underdark Overland Map Project.  Feel free to test it out.  Enjoy!

Area Beholder_Nest_001_8x10 2014-04-09 14:08

This 8x10 cavern was designed for an encounter with Beholders.  The cave entrances you see in the screenshots, are the Beholder's personal la

Area Ruins_002_12x8 2014-04-09 14:08

This 12x8 exterior was designed for my project, The Underdark Overland Map Project.  Enjoy!

Area Beholder_Nest_002_15x15 2014-04-09 14:08

This 15x15 cavern was designed for my other project, The Underdark Overland Map Project.  It is intended to be a Raid-Type dungeon versus Beh

Area Drider_Nest_001_12x12 2014-04-09 14:08

This area was build for the Underdark Overlad Map Project.  It was designed to be a Raid Dungeon filled with Spiders, and Drider. Enjoy!