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Your Choice for October 2018 CCC Theme?

Make Them Feel Special
2% (1 vote)
Colonial Times
22% (12 votes)
Combinations for Variety
6% (3 votes)
The Show Must Go On!
24% (13 votes)
For the Dogs
11% (6 votes)
Ninja, Samurai & Kung Fu Masters
35% (19 votes)
Total votes: 54
The Amethyst Dragon
Theme Descriptions

Make Them Feel Special: New items, feats, and more for characters with different prestige classes. Maybe create new prestige classes.
{ Suggested by modderpunk }

Colonial Times: Content that would help a builder bring NWN into the time period of the colonial era and Revolutionary War. Possible examples might be forts, cannons, muskets, clothing and uniforms, blockhouses, printing presses, and flags.
{ Suggested by Wall3t }

Combinations for Variety: Gestalt/Combined Classes (Custom classes with features from two different classes, like Bard/Rogue, Cleric/Monk, Fighter/???) and Creature Templates (Vampires, Lycanthropes, Lich, etc...)
{ Suggested by Soul_Thievery }

The Show Must Go On!: Theater, carniaval, freakshows. I was thinking decor placables, masks, throwable rotten tomatoes, ridable people in a horse costume.
{ Suggested by modderpunk }

For the Dogs: Dog collars, leashes, and armor, like the equipment for horses. Amateurs/non-modelers could try making a prefab pet store or animal shelter, perhaps adapting the horse and hench scripts to make the pets purchasable.
{ Suggested by: Sir Adril }

Ninja, Samurai & Kung Fu Masters: Ninja characters, Ninja clothes, Ninja moves, Kung Fu clothes, special Ninja spells, Ninja Weapons (different from Oriental Challenge 1), Ju Jitsu kimonos, Dojos, tatamis, Bruce Lee paraphernalia, ShaoLin monks, shrines, etc. Feel free to borrow ideas from the many existing martial arts Manga (Naruto, Bleach, name your own...) and movies (Bruce Lee's, Jacky Chan's, Kungfu Master...).
{ Suggested by CaveGnome }