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Your Choice for March 2017 CCC Theme?

Why So Serious?
14% (6 votes)
19% (8 votes)
Not Just Walking XP
14% (6 votes)
16% (7 votes)
Blast from the Past
23% (10 votes)
Gnome Stuff
7% (3 votes)
Make Them Feel Special
7% (3 votes)
Total votes: 43
The Amethyst Dragon
Theme Descriptions

Why So Serious?: D&D is not always a game of serious topics and deadly combat. Sometimes things just end up a little bit (or a lot) obsurd. This decade old game could use a few more things that are just plain silly or carefully considered D&D humor. A gazebo monster, or a door that looks like a large jar. A band of gnome pickpockets that steal footwear. An overly curious NPC that just follows PCs around until they leave the area. A jester that tells random jokes. A longsword model that looks like a Chainsaw of Bloody Dismemberment. A set of prefab books with humorous descriptions and titles. Apprentice-scribed spells scrolls that have unforseen effects. A short quest that just ends up ridiculous halfway through before having a normal ending. A henchman that has a 25% chance on seeing any human (or elf, or dwarf, etc.) of voicing a crude insult about said being. Be creative!
{ Suggested By: The Amethyst Dragon }

Dinosaurs!: Dinosaurs of all types (maybe even completely original fantasy Dinosaurs), plus other prehistoric reptiles (pterosaurs, mosasaurs, pelycosaurs, etc), prehistoric fish (Dinicthys and other placoderms), extinct invertebrates (Eurypterids, etc), and even extinct mammals - imagine an Andrewsarchus roaming the streets of Neverwinter!
{ Suggested by: PLUSH HYENA of DOOM }

Not Just Walking XP: Make goblins more interesting than just two-dimensional walking XP for many low level PCs. They should have goblin-made lairs (placeables, tiles), they should have goblin-made/found weapons, armor, treasure (item models or prefabs), they should use devious traps (scripts), they should use underhanded tactics (ai scripts, encounters, etc.), they should have interesting pets (prefabs, models), they should have better quests for them (beyond "bring back 10 goblin ears"), and they should have more personality (conversations, one-liners, etc.). Goblins also have ancestral enemies (such as ugly, hairy, grumpy dwarves) that might have spells/items that target goblins. Kobolds should also be included in this theme.
{ Suggested by: The Amethyst Dragon }

Machines: Any crazy contraptions, gizmos, doodads that might be useful for something. I know those gnomes have created more than just a "gnomish contraption" since NWN came out. Things like: Mechanical horse, Wagon car, and an elevator that would fit nicely into some of the small interior rooms.
{ Suggested by: GhostOfGod }

Blast from the Past: Make a single new thing that fits a past Custom Content Challenge theme.
{ Suggested by: Carcerian }

Gnome Stuff: Gnome body knows the trouble's I've seen.... Gnome body knows the sorrows.... How about some gnome stuff? We've had elves, halflings, and half orcs. Might be nice to give some love to the lil popeye-armed, big-nosed tinkerers and pranksters.
{ Suggested by MannyJabrielle }

Make Them Feel Special: New items, feats, and more for characters with different prestige classes. Maybe create new prestige classes.
{ Suggested by modderpunk }